8 Most Romantic Things to Do in Orlando Florida- Unforgettable Activities for Couples

Published On: April 18, 2024Last Updated: April 18, 2024
Romantic Things To Do In Orlando

Honestly, everyone wants to spend quality time with their loved ones, right? Then, that is all the more reason why vacations, especially romantic trips are important! You can plan with your partner a retreat to the mountains or a cruise adventure. Or even a candle-lit dinner at Fort Lauderdale luxury hotels! Not just these, but many more options are out there waiting for you! Speaking of which, you will find many romantic things to do in Orlando. Why? Because statistics show that it is one of the most visited places in the world. With over 74 million tourists each year! Being a state of Orange County, central Florida, U.S, it is situated in a region surrounded by lakes. From air ballooning to nature and sky rides to romantic lakes and hot springs, it has everything you need!

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8 Fun Things To Do In Orlando With Your Loved Ones

Confused about where to start? You only need to take a look at these romantic activities in Orlando to reignite that spark with your partner!

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride In Orlando

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Orlando

Has anyone ever said that a hot air balloon ride is boring? No one has! What better place to go on an adventure as a couple? Experiencing a hot air balloon ride over Orlando either at dawn or dusk is definitely a good option. Therefore, there’s a reason why it’s listed as the top most romantic thing to do in Orlando, Florida.

“The state of Florida is filled with an array of attractive options for visitors,” says Rachel, director of the Eric-Friedheim Institute. Hence, the reason why people mostly choose Florida for vacations according to Rachel’s survey. The breathtaking view of the city, the shimmering of the lakes, and the majesty of hills more than 340 feet. All of this packed-in-one experience in one balloon ride with your beloved is like a dream come true.

Speaking of which, hot air balloons are one of the most popular businesses to have in Florida near Orlando. Each company caters to its specific itineraries that are all romantic. First, you have hot air balloon rides over the entire Orlando area. It provides panoramic views of the theme parks, orange groves, and forests below. And of course, the balloon rides over the Central Florida area, including Orlando, Kissimmee, and Disney World. All of this while providing stunning views of the sunrise and the landscape below.

2. Lake Fairview Sailing By The Sunset

Lake Fairview Sailing By The Sunset

How can sailing on a crystal clear lake with your spouse accompanied by the sunset not be romantic? It sounds wonderful!

Although Lake Fairview doesn’t have public sailing facilities, you might consider renting a sailboat or a private sailing charter. You can find these booking services on nearby lakes like Lake Eola or Lake Conway. Lake Eola and other water parks in Florida, in particular, offer swan boat rentals too! Which could also make for a charming and romantic outing.

3. A Must Lake Eola Park Romantic Picnic

Romantic Things to Do in Orlando - Lake Eola Park Romantic Picnic in Orlando

Believe it or not, everyday life in Orlando doesn’t revolve around the tourist zone or the special attractions. It is also a favorite among the best cities to avoid the worst climate change impact and to enjoy a green environmentally friendly vacation. There are vibrant neighborhoods beyond Southwest Downtown Orlando worth visiting. There you’ll find a perfect ambiance of nature, nightlife, delicious food, and plenty of romantic things to do.

Who doesn’t want to do free romantic things in Orlando? This downtown includes neighborhoods like Winter Park, Milk District, and Winter Garden. But one of the most romantic places among these is the famous picnic spot in Lake Eola Park. It even holds the signature fountain that has become the official symbol of the city.

A Lake Eola date includes shopping at the Sunday farmer’s market and taking a swan boat ride at sunset. For those who might not know, there is also a festive picnic area in the park. It offers themed activities, food trucks, and an outdoor movie experience. Therefore, don’t hesitate to spread out your blanket near the water’s edge. As the sun sets, the park comes alive with the city lights creating unforgettable experiences for you and your partner!

4. Romantic Private Time In Tampa Bay Orlando

Romantic Private Time In Tampa Bay

Likewise, sometimes you and your partner may feel like going on a romantic retreat to connect with nature. This includes romantic horseback riding, which is among the most fun things to do in Tampa Bay. It allows you to trail ride on horseback into nature’s beauty and clear air. The trail is not just limited to pristine family beaches in Florida and surrounding areas or lush forests. It also provides an opportunity to interact with the children-friendly wildlife. Additionally, It is also one of those places that offer fun things to do in Tampa with kids. Thereby making it an all-rounder place to have fun!

Also, there are several stables and ranches in the area that offer guided horseback ride tool. They consider and cater to all skill levels. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about being a beginner! Rather, you and your partner can easily go on a sunset ride during the day or go for a ride beneath the stars during the night. It definitely has a top place as one of the most romantic things to do in Orlando at night. As a result, this place perfectly captures the beauty of West Orlando and has everything needed for a romantic retreat.

5. A Potterhead Date At Universal Orlando Resort

Potterhead Date At Universal Orlando Resort (Romantic Things To Do In Orlando)

Who can say no to a magical date, quite literally? A romantic Harry Potter date at Universal Orlando Resort is at the top of the list. You can start your day with your Potterhead partner at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Diagon Alley. This place in the theme park lets you explore shops, and even enjoy a butterbeer together. There’s also an Ollivanders Wand Shop where you can pick your wand at!

Likewise, another significant attraction is the Hogwarts Express train ride. It takes you over to Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and more.

Additionally, you also have the option to dine at the Three Broomsticks. When night comes, there’s a projection show on the Hogwarts Castle, along with nighttime lights and music. Lastly, you can end your trip with a romantic stroll through the parks. Hogwarts magic and a lifetime of memories of romantic things to do in Orlando are waiting for you there!

6. Sky Riding At Icon Park

Sky Riding At Icon Park

Sky riding at ICON Park is a romantic experience not to be missed in Orlando. The ICON Orlando is a 400-foot tall observation wheel and offers climate-controlled capsules. They provide a comfortable and intimate setting for your adventure. You get to Skyride high above the cityscape hand in hand with your loved one.

Additionally, you can choose to ride during the day to admire the city’s beauty. Or even at night to see the sparkling city lights below! It is absolutely a top-rated attraction amongst the best romantic things to do in Orlando, Florida for couples.

You can also partake in the ICON Park attraction’s sky bar experience. Just pick up two drinks at the deck bar before your flight and you’re all set. You can make any ticket a sky bar experience. That is by grabbing a drink of your choice before your ride, including wine and champagne. Therefore, like enjoying nature parks through the Tampa Bay trail-ride, a sky-ride at ICON Park also promises a romantic experience!

7. Can’t Forget The Disney Romance

Can't Forget The Disney Romance Orlando (Romantic Things To Do In Orlando)

The Disney magic is real! A romantic Disney date in Orlando is definitely a dream come true for many couples. Many even consider this as one of the best honeymoon destinations for unforgettable romance. You can start your day at the Magic Kingdom park. What to do there, you ask? Simple. Just stroll down Main Street hand in hand and experience the charm of the park. Iconic attractions like the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion are one of its significant rides.

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Likewise, the ever-famous enchanting fireworks show known as Happily Ever After takes place in the evening to deepen the magic. Even as a married couple, you can enjoy the romance as there are plenty of things to do in Florida with kids!

But, if you want a romantic Disney dining date, then you have many dining options you can choose from. That being the case, The popular options are either the California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Or the Cinderella’s Royal Table in the Magic Kingdom.

Lastly, and as another option, you can partake in a stroll around the BoardWalk downtown area. You can even consider a romantic carriage ride at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort. Research even says that their theming and event designs are capable of enhancing visitor experiences. Hence, With its ambiance and opportunities for romance, a Disney date in Orlando will definitely go down in the books!

8. A Couple’s Soak In Natural Springs

Seaworld Orlando

Orlando is known for its association with lakes. They dot down the entire countryside. The natural springs are among the best things to do in Seaworld Orlando. These crystal clear springs have inspired legends like the fountain of youth and are a delight to old and new alike.

What better place for a romantic retreat than the cool and beautiful lakes? Wekiva Island, for one, is the closest spring to Orlando. You can rent a kayak and paddle and enjoy yourself with a water adventure.

On the other hand, you can enjoy a romantic date at Silver Springs! These Hotsprings are the only springs in the world with wild monkeys and manatees. Many people visit Longboat Key Island Sarasota because it offers many clear and relaxing hot springs for you to enjoy. Likewise, A glass bottom boat tour is also an option worth exploring on your itinerary!


There’s really not much to think about here. It’s either your mundane life or romantic things to do in Orlando with your partner. The choice is very obvious, isn’t it?

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