Best Honeymoon Cruises Worldwide – Setting Sail for Love!

Published On: January 11, 2024Last Updated: April 1, 2024
Best Honeymoon Cruises

For those embarking on wedding planning, a meticulously planned and blissful honeymoon is a must. While popular choices like beach getaways exist, adventurous couples seeking variety find solace in honeymoon cruises. While typical options like beach resorts exist, adventurous couples might crave more. Enter honeymoon cruises, a rising trend in the past decade. With inaccessible sights accessible only by boat and the ease of staying at sea, couples unpack just once while exploring multiple vacation destinations. From the Caribbean to Antarctica, the world’s best honeymoon cruises offer a seamless way to experience breathtaking locales—all with a simple room booking.

8 Best Honeymoon Cruises For Newlyweds

1. Celebrity Cruises:

Celebrity Cruises - Best Honeymoon Cruises

Celebrity Cruises offers an elegant onboard experience with affordable rates compared to a luxury honeymoon cruise. For superior amenities, choose the Retreat cabin with a personal butler and exclusive lounge access.

Spa enthusiasts can opt for the AquaClass cabin, featuring in-room wellness amenities, Blu restaurant access, and spa privileges. The Concierge Class offers nightly canapes, priority boarding, and more without the full suite cost.

Celebrate your honeymoon with three packages: Classic (wine, flowers, strawberries), Deluxe (Champagne, in-cabin breakfast, etc.), and Premium (Dom Perignon, specialty restaurant reservations). The Premier Pass package adds priority boarding, a Veuve Cliquot, Wi-Fi, exclusive tours, and a laundry perk, ensuring a worry-free honeymoon experience.

2. Princess Cruises:

Princess Cruises - Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises are the best cruise line for young honeymooners. Indulge in VIP dining, alfresco massages, and couples’ spa treatments. Enjoy date night with diverse entertainment options, from outdoor movies to Broadway-style shows by Stephen Schwartz.

Opt for one of the two honeymoon packages: the first includes Champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, engraved glasses, and a framed portrait; the deluxe package adds robes, a Champagne breakfast, spa treatments, and a personal tour with the Captain for an extra touch of luxury.

3. Holland America:

Holland America

Embark on a delightful marital voyage with Holland America Line, where a smaller cruise size ensures intimate moments for you and your partner. Despite its size, enjoy refined suites and staterooms with ample storage and complimentary perks like 24-hour in-room dining, fresh fruit, and shoeshining.

With a 150-year cruising legacy, Holland America guarantees a trustworthy post-nuptial adventure, offering immersive culinary experiences and workshops. From blues clubs to music trivia, diverse live entertainment caters to all tastes.

Stay fit with onboard facilities and compete on the pickleball court with stunning top-deck views. Surprise your loved one with special gift packages, featuring over 100 items like champagne and flowers.

4. Norwegian Cruise Line:

Norwegian, designed for the modern traveler, stands out with its best honeymoon cruises, featuring hip and trendy experiences on the newest ships in North America. Embrace freestyle cruising, relishing diverse dining options bundled with captivating shows for a delightful journey.

Board the Breakaway or Breakaway Plus ships to elevate excitement with ThrillPlex activity zones, offering augmented reality laser tag and the largest ropes course at sea. The oceanfront promenade invites you to unwind with your loved one and enjoy scenic views with a cocktail.

With a contemporary aesthetic and personalized service, Norwegian’s accommodations cater to honeymooners, offering tailored packages that include a hassle-free honeymoon cruise registry setup for a unique and unforgettable experience.

5. Virgin Voyages:

Virgin offers the ultimate cruise experience for honeymooners, boasting a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere designed exclusively for adults. Planning is stress-free with inclusive pricing, eliminating concerns about drink packages or upsells.

Michelin-rated chefs curate top-notch menus, enhancing the culinary experience. The modern ships feature stylish designs and adult-focused amenities like private sundecks and pools. Tailored activities cater to adult tastes, providing a perfect balance of variety and sophistication.

With diverse itineraries to the best honeymoon destinations like the Caribbean and Mediterranean, Virgin Voyages ensures a romantic touch with optional packages, including priority boarding, cold-pressed juices, Thermal Spa Passes, champagne, and an exclusive Sail Away Hour.

6. Azamara Club Cruises:

Azamara stands out for honeymooners with its smaller ships, allowing access to exclusive ports. Specializing in immersive itineraries, the cruise line offers ample time for off-ship exploration. With four ships and diverse global destinations, Azamara promises excellent service, delectable cuisine, varied entertainment, spa and fitness facilities, and inclusive amenities such as complimentary events, select beverages, laundry, gratuities, and shuttle services.

7. Cocktails & Coconuts Cruise:

Barbados and its neighboring islands, including Antigua and Guadeloupe, offer an ideal honeymoon destination. Marella ships and TUI present the Cocktails and Coconuts cruise, a week-long romantic getaway with coastal hikes, snorkeling, sailing, and a catamaran cruise with a lobster lunch.

The cruise allows couples to explore various destinations, and after disembarking, they can continue their honeymoon in places like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, or nearby South American countries.

Marella Cruises offers a stress-free honeymoon, allowing guests to combine the cruise with a week’s stay at the destination, eliminating the hassle of repacking and minimizing travel time between ports. It’s the perfect way for newlyweds to see multiple places in one trip and enjoy the life of a traveler.

8. Norwegian Prima in Iceland and Northern Europe:

Embark on a dreamy honeymoon adventure in Iceland with Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest marvel, the Norwegian Prima. This 3,100 passenger ship offers a unique summer escape around Northern Europe, showcasing Iceland’s wonders, from active volcanoes to picturesque glaciers and iconic hot springs.

As you explore, marvel at Norway’s breathtaking fjords, indulge in the sophistication of Amsterdam, and meander through the charming streets of Bruges. The Norwegian Prima itself elevates the cruising experience with unprecedented elegance, featuring the first three-level racetrack at sea, a thrilling freefall dry slide, and dueling, twisting slides.

The ship also boasts spacious outdoor decks, upgraded cabins, and The Haven, an exclusive enclave with 107 suites offering a private sun deck, infinity pool, and 24/7 butler service. Indulge in culinary delights at the outdoor marketplace, Ocean Boulevard, or unwind in the Infinity Beach area with pools and stunning Oceanwalk glass bridges.

Don’t miss the chance to strengthen your bond in the Galaxy Pavilion’s escape room and explore a variety of virtual reality games. The Norwegian Prima promises the best honeymoon cruises filled with adventure, luxury travel, and unforgettable moments.

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Best Honeymoon Cruises – FAQs

Are cruises good for honeymoons?

Perfect for couples seeking a carefree getaway, cruises provide an enjoyable mix of fun, relaxation, and romance. Opt for all-inclusive honeymoon cruise packages for a hassle-free experience, with various activities and facilities included at one convenient price. No constant wallet-checking, just pure vacation enjoyment.

What is the most affordable month for a honeymoon cruise?

The most budget-friendly month for a honeymoon cruise is from May to November. However, it varies by destination, generally falling within the low season.but beware of hurricanes from August to October. European and Alaskan cruises are cheapest from November to March, except the river cruises for Europe’s famous Christmas bazaars. Consider “repositioning cruises” in spring and fall for more affordable options as ships move between locations.

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