12 Best Family Beaches in Florida for an Unforgettable Vacation

Published On: June 11, 2024Last Updated: June 11, 2024
Best Family Beaches in Florida

Feel like going to a perfect vacation spot with your family? These best family beaches in Florida will definitely not disappoint you! A place that provides access to water parks, piers, restaurants luxury hotels, and entertainment. A place that allows you to bask under the sun, listen to the waves, and allows you a sandy adventure. Won’t it be good to have all these in one place? These top 12 beaches in the state of Florida contain everything you need to have a blast of a vacation!

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12 Best Beaches in Florida For Families to Enjoy the Vacation

1. Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne - Best Family Beaches in Florida

Key Biscayne, situated just off the coast of Miami, is a favorite amongst the best beaches in Florida for families. It owes its popularity to the white unpolluted sandy shores and waters as clear as crystal. Indeed, This island paradise offers a scenic escape for families seeking a cozy coastal retreat. Key Biscayne’s Crandon Park Beach stands out with its pleasant waves and ample recreational opportunities, from paddleboarding to nature trails.

Additionally, the family centric atmosphere is also complemented by playgrounds, picnic areas, and lifeguard stations. Which, in turn, ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all. In addition to all this, it also offers a one of its kind underwater archeological trail alongside its coastal reef. Marking it down to spend a good time with your loved ones will definitely do you good.

2. Melbourne Beach

Melbourne, Florida Beach

Likewise, Melbourne Beach is another coastal oasis alongside Florida’s coast. It is one of the best Florida beach towns you can visit. It embodies a picture of a perfect family beach retreat. Let me tell you that it is situated between the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. It has shores that aren’t crowded accompanied by beautiful landscapes.

Families can enjoy various activities. These include but are not limited to seashell hunting, building sandcastles, and partaking in various water activities. Sebastian State Inlet Park also offers a bird viewing experience. As it is a home to many types of shorebirds and migratory species. Along with its laid-back atmosphere, it also provides a short hiking trail, the Hammock Trail. Also coupled with charming local shops and eateries, Melbourne Beach makes for an enchanting choice for an unforgettable family experience.

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3. Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce

Similarly, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park is another favorite. It offers an unpolluted stretch of easy to walk shoreline as well. It is ideal for picnics shell hunting, and tortoise viewing. The nearby Jetty Park also provides a perfect spot for fishing and dolphin watching. The family-friendly atmosphere extends to the sands of Walton Rocks Beach, where domestic pets are welcome. Port St. Lucie’s nearby beaches, like Jensen Beach and Stuart Beach, further enhance the experience with calm waters and communities. They also offer beach horseback riding at Frederick Douglass Memorial Park. In short, your time here won’t be regrettable!

4. Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach

Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach

In the same vein is the iconic Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach. It is popular because it stands out as an exquisite family-friendly destination with a beautiful ambience. It is a place that ensures unforgettable memories due to its luxurious accommodations and welcoming atmosphere. Its pristine shoreline is just steps away with spacious suites providing stunning ocean views. It provides an array of family-centric amenities, including a pool with private scenic balconies, an indoor gym, and spas. Moreover, it is a perfect place to maintain your mental well-being.

Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach ensures an indulgent experience for all. From beachside fun to personalized service, this resort promises the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Therefore, solidifying its place among the best family friendly beaches in Florida.

5. Longboat Key

Further along the list is Longboat Key Barrier Island. Situated along the Gulf Coast and is popular for its white sands and blue waters. It has a gentle seaside where families can enjoy safe and shallow waters without worrying about the little ones.

It is also known for its unique ecosystems. The island’s parks and nature reserves are well-maintained and even offer exploration expeditions. Fishing kayaking or even paddle boarding is just one hand away coupled with its beautiful scenery. In addition, Sarasota City Island offers an exhibition of more than 100 marine species.

6. Tampa


Tampa is another perfect vacation spot located on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It is known as one of the State’s best family beaches. Clearwater Beach is one of its renowned sandy beaches. The little kids can enjoy building sandcastles. While the older kids and parents can engage in a variety of water and other sports. The Tampa Bay area also hosts family-friendly events and attractions. Such as the Clearwater Marine Aquarium with its water shows and Busch Gardens with its exquisite walk trails.

It also includes coming into contact with gentle wildlife all the way to thrilling roller coaster rides. Not to forget to mention all the exquisite culinary delicacies one can indulge in there! With its warm, inviting atmosphere, Tampa is a must-see vacation stop to consider.

7. Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Disney’s Beach Club Resort water park is certainly an all time favorite amongst families. It is present along the shores of Crescent Lake in the heart of Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando. This waterfront haven transports guests to a charming New England-style beach town. All the while offering direct access to Stormalong Bay, a sprawling sandy-bottom lake with waterfalls and water activities.

Families can enjoy private beach time, poolside activities, and access to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It also boasts a combination of luxury and Disney magic made possible through boat rides and its exquisite dining options. All of these and many more make it one of the best family beach vacation destinations in Florida.

8. Clam Pass Park

Clam Pass Park is another top choice among family friendly beaches in Florida. That is to say that it offers both natural beauty and recreational opportunities. The park’s wide expanse of white sand and gentle waves provides an ideal playground for children. While the lush coastal mangroves provide a beautiful backdrop for family picnics and walks.

Accessible also by a scenic cart tram ride through a mangrove forest. Clam Pass Park ensures convenience for families, complete with commodities like restrooms and beach rentals. With its tranquil atmosphere and diverse activities, Clam Pass Park guarantees a delightful and memorable family beach experience in Florida.

9. Amelia Island

Amelia Island, floating on Florida’s northeastern coast, is home to a tranquil yet adventure filled beach escape. It boosts 13 miles of pristine shoreline making it a place where families can relax amidst the gentle Atlantic waves.

Amelia Island’s family friendly atmosphere is enhanced by its attractive historic-district, captivating maritime history, and a bunch of outdoor activities. From seashell exploring on Fernandina Beach to exploring the scenic trails of Fort Clinch State Park. It’s 23 miles long with dedicated cycling lanes and rent a bike services along with fine restaurants and boutiques. Amelia Island has everything that you need to have a blast.

10. Vero Beach

Lastly, Vero Beach along the Atlantic coastline is a haven for adventure seekers and wave surfers. But that doesn’t mean it’s not family friendly as well. Renowned for its unspoiled, wide sandy shores, Vero Beach invites families to enjoy various vacation experiences. The family friendly ambiance extends to seaside parks, providing play areas and picnic spots for little kids to have fun.

Since it’s one of the best beaches for kids in Florida. Engage in water sports, spot dolphins in the distance, or embark on a nature walk in the nearby wildlife preserves. Or you could take your families and tour Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum and its subsequent theme activities. One of the attractions of this place is the story associated with it. Due to this, it came to be known as the Treasure Coast. According to legend, Spanish sailing ships, in 1715, happened to drop their loot here due to a hurricane. Hence, Vero Beach stands strong as a bonafide family vacation spot.

11. Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach

Situated on Santa Rosa’s barrier island, this coastal town is part of the nation’s longest federally protected seashore. One side of the island features the Gulf of Mexico, while the other side offers the calm waters of a cove. A section facing Santa Rosa Sound is aptly named Quietwater Beach for its tranquility, ideal for children and cautious swimmers. The Pensacola Beach Resort is highly praised by families for organizing dolphin tours, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling activities for its guests.

12. Naples Beach

One of Florida’s most famous and upscale Gulf towns is also a great family beach spot. Clam Pass Park has beautiful views, gentle waters, and a free tram ride from the parking lot to the beach. In North Naples, LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort faces Vanderbilt Beach, one of the city’s loveliest, and offers family-friendly features like pools and sandcastle-building toys. For more adventures, check out the Naples Lionel Train Museum, historic Naples Pier, and Naples Zoo, or take a trip south to Everglades National Park.


In conclusion, Whether your family wants to enjoy interacting with wildlife and aquatic life like dolphins and tortoises. Or they want to engage in thrilling games like Tram rides and Rollercoasters. Or simply want to spread their umbrella and bask in the sun while enjoying the sandy beaches. Florida is a hot spot for all your vacation desires to come to life. It is full of beautiful and relaxing beaches and there’s no end to stunning beach resorts offering you the best experiences. In fact, owning a beach resort is one of the best businesses one can do in Florida. In other words, going to these Best Family Beaches in Florida is sure to give you the vacation of your lifetime!

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