Best Beaches in Texas For Families | Top 6 Destination You Must Visit

Published On: November 29, 2023Last Updated: May 10, 2024
Best Beaches In Texas For Families

From calm waters to soft sandy beaches, the Texas shoreline seems to be handmade by nature, especially for families with kids. Waterslides, bird watching, surfing, making sand castles, and fishing are other numerous fun activities Texas’s beaches offer to families.

Texas beaches are sort of underrated, tough! It is more famous for celebrations and live events. But still, if you are wandering around the internet to find the best beaches in Texas for families to spend a cool vacation getaway, here is the list.

Most Popular Beaches in Texas You Can Visit With Kids

1. South Padre Island Beach

South Padre Island Beach

South Padre is one of the best places to travel in summer with kids for a family-friendly getaway. The soft white sand along the shoreline and the clear water make it one of the best beaches in Texas for families.

Many people who visited this beach expressed joy and satisfaction with the quality and cleanliness. It also offers several cool activities, like fishing, boat parade, jet skiing, and more.

  • Location: Near Corpus Christi
  • Top Things to do: Eco and dolphin watch tour, Kiteboarding, Laguna Madre Nature Trail, Beach Park at Isla Blanca

2. Galveston Island East Beach

Galveston Island East Beach

Galveston Island East Beach must be on your list of top 10 vacation destinations if you want to spend a peaceful time with your family and loved ones. Away from the chaos of cities, it has everything kids and adults love alike.

From horse riding, children’s playgrounds, volleyball courts, well-equipped restrooms, birding and fishing facilities, concerts, and live events to pavilions with a stage, you will find everything.

Whether it is a destination wedding, corporate gathering, or kids vacation, Texas beach vacations for families are the best option out there.

  • Location: Boddeker Rd., Galveston
  • Top Things to do: Dolphin Sightseeing Tour with Guide, Baywatch Dolphin Tour, Old City Cemetery Tour, Galveston Island E-Bike Adventure Tour

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3. Mustang Island State Park Beach

This one is for people who love to spend quality time with their kids in a serene and quiet environment. The widely extended shoreline of Mustang Island State Park Beach is open to everyone for playing games or just bathing in the sunlight.

From bird and dolphin watching to guided fishing, it offers a variety of activities. The park is home to several species of wildlife that attract the young ones.

  • Location: Corpus Christi
  • Top Things to do: Glowing Kayak Tour, Private Dolphin Watch and Sunset Boat Tour, Party Cruise in Port Aransas, Corpus Christi Scavenger Hunt

4. Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach offers the best shoreline for kids with family-friendly hotels and resorts. With lots of seagulls, wildlife, and fun water activities, you can have a good vacation here. You can also do fishing and crabbing here with a certified license.

However, you must watch your kids as they play in the water because you might not find any expert lifeguards here instantly.

  • Location: Galveston County
  • Top Things to do: 10 Passenger Pontoon Boat Rentals, Fun Spot Waterslide, 1-hour Single Jet Ski Rental in Seabrook, Private Tour of Galveston

5. Rockport Beach

It is one of the best family-friendly beaches in Texas, but the main reason for its popularity is its clear water and clean environment. Therefore, it is called Blue Wave Beach.

You can enjoy several recreational activities with your kids, like sunbathing, bird watching (as many rare birds fly around here), swimming, collecting seashells, or making sand castles.

It is the safest beach for kids because of its calm waves and soothing environment. With live events, parties, and gatherings, its vibrant aura is the dream life of a traveler.

  • Location: Aransas County
  • Top Things to do: Fishing, sailboarding, shopping and dining, rent beachfront pavilions

6. Port Aransas

Port Aranas, or Port A, has the most pristine waters and calming waves that are perfect for picnics and having fun with kids. You will find many vacation rentals here that are extremely affordable and well-equipped with amenities.

If you love fishing and boating, it is the ultimate place for you. The communal vibe of the area, with its laid-back aura and local shops to explore, makes it preferable for many families.

  • Location: Mustang Island
  • Top Things to do: Discovery Flight, Private Dolphin Watch and Sunset Boat Tour, Crazy Corpus Christie Scavenger Hunt


Texas coastal line and well-managed beaches have something for everyone. If you are a bird enthusiast, boating lover, swimmer, or kid who just wants to make sandcastles, the best beaches in Texas for families are the perfect destination. You can analyze every option and read reviews of the visitors to pick the best one for yourself.

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