Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago – Find the Luxurious Dining Destinations

Published On: July 7, 2024Last Updated: July 7, 2024
Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago

Chicago is well known for its high-end, luxurious dine-in restaurants, celebrity chefs, and culinary arts. Many expensive restaurants in Chicago run fully reserved for months. With the dedication to providing classy, artistic cuisine to their diners, they have won many James Beard Awards and Michelin Stars.

Since fine dining requires consistent, quality service, unparalleled taste of food, and a comfortable yet luxurious atmosphere, these restaurants give tough competition to any other world-class restaurants.

We have curated a well-researched list of top restaurants that are not only expensive but have gold-quality service as well.

Top 15 Expensive Restaurants You Should Know About

Following is the list of the top 15 most expensive restaurants in Chicago that are carefully selected on the basis of Michelin Star ratings, TripAdvisor ratings, awards they have won, and what customers have to say about them.

You can get an idea of each restaurant’s service, ambiance, and food quality by the TripAdvisor ratings below.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Alinea | 1 Fine Dining Highest-Rated Restaurant

Even if you have the slightest interest in checking out expensive foods and high-end restaurants, you must know this one. Or better, you must have seen its most viral dessert – the edible Helium Balloon (that costs $210, by the way!), which Justine Timberlake loved.

The most exquisite and lavish Alinea Restaurant is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago and is the ultimate go-to place for elites. The reason is not just the exceptional quality of food and hospitality, but the immersive experience that it offers is unmatched. This fancy restaurant in Chicago is run by Grant Achatz, who is an American chef known for his contributions to modern and progressive cuisine.

Signature Cuisines: Apple Balloons, Table Dessert, Peanut Butter and Jelly

First-hand review by its diners: A must-visit restaurant that offers artistic and immersive ambiance. It felt like a fun tourist attraction. The food was impeccable and filled with surprising ingredients.

  • Michelin Star Ratings: 3
  • Awards Won: Outstanding restaurant in James Beard Awards, best restaurant in the world by Elite Traveler
  • Cost Per Person: $295-$475
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Ambiance: 4.5

2. Oriole | Unparalleled Gastronomic Experience

Located in Chicago’s WestLoop neighborhood, Oriole restaurant offers a minimalist style theme without any extravaganza. It is an extended testing menu of executive chef & owner Noah Sandoval so that you will get a selection of his expertise.

According to the customers who have dined there, this is situated in a street-like area with no prominent signs of a high-end restaurant. But, the ever-changing menu and diversity that it offers is unmatched. From Asian cuisines to Italian, you will get a multi-course menu in this unique restaurant in Chicago. It’s like a hidden getaway from mundane life where you can spend some quiet time with your loved ones. Unfortunately, the breakfast isn’t on the menu. For the best breakfast in Chicago you have to visit Lou Mitchell’s, Tiztal Café etc.

Signature Cuisines: Norwegian king crab and Maine sea urchin, lobster dumpling, New Zealand langoustine

First-hand review by its diners: Without any show-off and boasting, the staff gracefully presents the food in a mature manner. The vibe was some sort of Scandinavian.

  • Michelin Star Ratings: 2
  • Awards Won: Restaurant of the Year by Jean Banchet Award, AAA 5 Diamond rating
  • Cost Per Person: $178
  • Food: 5 |  Service: 5 |  Value: 4.5

3. LH Rooftop | Luxurious Rooftop with First-Class Cuisine

Chicago is widely known because of its spectacular skyline. So why not experience it from the LH rooftop while having your favorite cuisine? With the view of Chicago’s iconic infrastructure as your backdrop, you can enjoy peaceful meetings or parties in a soothing environment. Along with the deck, it also has a fine indoor setting where you can unwind and relax.

With some of the most exquisite and classic cocktails, you will find delicious foods that are served in substantial portions.

Signature Cuisines: Loco Moco, Chicken Skewers, King Crab Benedict.

First-hand review by its diners: They have high-quality fresh produce cuisines. Plus, everything was Instagrammable.

  • Michelin Star Ratings: 4
  • Awards Won: Smart Stars’ Winner Of Smart Meetings 2023
  • Cost Per Person: $200
  • Food: 3.5 | Service: 3.5 | Value: 3.5

4. EL Ideas | No-boundary Intimate Dining Experience

Chef Phillip Foss, with his team, offers a great deal of unique extended-tasting menus. El Ideas has a low-key ambiance away from any overwhelming fashion. The sleek and artistic interior with modern decor is perfect for intimate parties, anniversaries, and dates.

It can be the best experience if you want to truly live the life of a traveler because it offers a communal experience with a visible kitchen area. It means you can converse with the chef and team members, which will give you stories as a wanderlust.

Signature Cuisines: Potato, Leek, Vanilla french fries, and ice cream

First-hand review by its diners: With comfortable dining space, the environment is really American. Michelin-level creativity and taste of cuisines. The aura is so homely, and the facility of hanging coats by the entrance as you walk into the restaurant gives really intimate vibes.

  • Michelin Star Ratings: 1
  • Awards Won: Best Molecular Gastronomy restaurants in the USA, Best Chicago Chef’s table restaurants
  • Cost Per Person: $195
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Value: 4

5. Mastro’s Steakhouse | A Classic and Elegant Steakhouse

Mastro’s Steakhouse is famous for its world-class and tasteful steaks that are unmatched. Combined with the live entertainment and energetic vibe, the polite and professional service fully satisfies the visitors. The menu does not only list the variety of best steaks, but they have fresh seafood options as well. Especially oysters. The grand and overwhelmingly decorated interior compliments the variety of cuisines and wines they offer.

What impresses many diners is the dimly lit environment with lazy jazz music playing in the background. The place does not seem cramped, which enhances the fine-dine experience.

Signature Cuisines: Butter Cake

First-hand review by its diners: Many visitors say that “you should visit it at least once in Chicago restaurants”, depicting the quality of food and service they provide.

  • Awards Won: Grad Award winner 2023, Best of Scottsdale Ocean Club Award 2023
  • Cost Per Person: Their cost per person varies from menu to menu. Starting from $48 and rising up to $190.
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Value: 3.5

6. Cherry Circle Room | Classic Environment in a Modernistic Appearance

Located on Michigan Avenue at the Chicago Athletic Association, the Cherry Circle Room is famous for its intricate historic designs blended with modern interior decor techniques. They have high-quality French and American wine collections to choose from. The open bar area with intimate dining spaces and lounges to have a fun time with your loved ones.

The historic designs go well with the menu, which includes various types of roasted meat. The impeccable service and ambiance make it one of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago.

Signature Cuisines: French-style epis baguette with goat butter.

First-hand review by its diners: With a fantastic walk-through, it has a luxurious vibe. The cocktail and vine selection, truffle pasta, and burrata appetizer are the favorite among its customers.

  • Awards Won: James Beard Award for outstanding restaurant design (Over 75 Seats)
  • Cost Per Person: $180
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Value: 4

7. Brindille | Experience French Cuisines in Fine-Dine

Decorated with earthy tones and soothing soft lighting, Brindille has something unique to offer. A classic French restaurant that has a traditional menu, perfect for parties, birthdays, and anniversaries. From plates to decor, they have maintained professional attention to detail so customers can experience one of the most luxurious yet fun places to eat in Chicago.

The friendly and quick staff make the experience more unique. You can get a tasting menu if you want. Plus, they have exceptional drink pairings, too.

It is headed by the award-winning chef Carrie Nahabedian and her cousin, Michael Nahabedian. They became famous through their first venture, Naha restaurant, and then opened Brindille, which is exclusively a French restaurant.

Signature Cuisines: Lobster drenched in butter, foie gras, and almond clafoutis.

First-hand review by its diners: Most people found the prices adequate for the services and quality of food that they got.

  • Awards Won: James Beard Award for outstanding restaurant design (Under 75 Seats), Best Chicago Special Occasion Restaurants, Best Chicago Wine List restaurants, Best New Restaurant in 2013 by Chicago Tribune
  • Cost Per Person: $175
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Value: 4

8. Maple & Ash | Traditional Yet Innovative American Steakhouse

Maple and Ash has elevated the level of entire Gold Coast restaurants. Undoubtedly, it can be the highlight of your adventurous and luxurious travel plan. Decorated with exquisite leather couches and dimly lit kitchens, it gives off a soft, soothing vibe. Walls covered with curtains and tables decorated with single long-stand candles feel really inviting. No doubt why it always finds its way on the list of Most Expensive Restaurants in Chicago.

All of their menu is a diverse variation of firewood dishes served with a collection vine. Plus, another thing that is grabbing everyone’s attention is the high-standard home-made pasta.

Signature Cuisines: Coal Roasted Seafood Tower, hazelnut hummus.

First-hand review by its diners: Every layer of flavor has a significant difference. The service is extremely attentive and friendly enough to recommend good dishes.

  • Michelin Star Ratings: 2
  • Awards Won: “America’s Best” by Wine Spectator
  • Cost Per Person: $300 per person (with tax & gratuity)
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Value: 4

9. Moody Tongue | Fancy Restaurant with Beer Pairings

Moody Tongue is a fancy and classy restaurant in Chicago that is famous for its beer variety combined with local cuisines. Executive Chef Jared Wentworth’s signature brews are the main attraction for people. Mainly, they have an ambient space decorated with leather sofas and intimate yet open seating. The main course varied with the seasons. It sometimes also contains the most expensive seafood options as well.

Interesting Fact: It is the world’s only two-starred brewery. Their newly introduced moody tongue sushi has the potential to make it among the best sushi restaurants.

Signature Cuisines: Hudson Valley foie gras with burnt peach dash and lightly poached Maine lobster in spiced tomato water.

First-hand review by its diners: Many visitors find it not only aesthetic from the interiors but the exterior has a minimalistic yet grand feel as well. The menu and service are exceptional. Specifically, the staff is kind and professional. According to a local guide, this is perfect for people who love a little salty flavor.

  • Michelin Star Ratings: 2
  • Awards Won: Jean Banchet Award for “Best Bar” in 2019
  • Cost Per Person: $285 (The Dining Room)
  • Food: 4 | Service: 4.5 | Value: 4

10. Next Restaurant | Exquisite Dining by Alinea Group

Next Restaurant is one of the most acclaimed destinations for all food lovers. Menus change every few months, giving a fresh taste to global cuisines. With the understanding and attentive staff, you will feel lavish and exquisite.

The soothing atmosphere and stunning decor make it preferable for people looking for fine dining. You can get an open kitchen view upon request if you want a more immersive experience of how your food is carefully prepared.

Signature Cuisines: Sweet Shrimp, Roasted Banana, Salted Duck Egg.

First-hand review by its diners: Unbeatable service and atmosphere. Wine pairing with decor and soft music feels like heaven.

  • Michelin Star Ratings: 1
  • Awards Won: Best New Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation, Best New Restaurant by Jean Banchet Awards
  • Cost Per Person: $500
  • Food: 4 | Service: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Value: 3.5

11. Vie Restaurant | Flagship Restaurant of Chef Paul Virant for Seasonal Dining

With the minimalist and clean decor, it does not overwhelm the customer. It is famous for sourcing fresh produce and keeping high standards from farm to plate. Chef Paul Virant experiments with classic recipes and comes up with innovative cuisines like never before.

Well-trained staff, homey decor, and a simplistic vibe, you can celebrate any occasion here, from parties to anniversaries. The atmosphere is soothing and welcoming, yet it is the most sophisticated option. Plus, you can enjoy a unique selection of wines and incredible cocktails. If you’re looking for a dining experience reminiscent of the elegance and comfort found at the best family resorts in US, Vie Restaurant is a perfect choice.

Signature Cuisines: Butter Cake, Beet Salad, Wood Grilled Vie Burger.

First-hand review by its diners: Excellent food and service at a reasonable price. A beautiful, family-oriented place to go to have a relaxing dinner away from the noise.

  • Michelin Star Ratings: 1
  • Awards Won: 50 Best Restaurants, Chicago Magazine, 2023 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence
  • Cost Per Person: $125
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Atmosphere: 4.5 | Value: 4

12. Aba | Trendiest Dining Experience

Aba restaurant is the best option if you want to get the best of both – the food and the scenery. The indoor seating echos warm, luxurious vibes, and is perfect for intimate dinners. Many newly-wed couples pick it as the honeymoon destination to enjoy a peaceful and romantic dinner.

A variety of Mediterranean food is served with a full-fledged bar program of wines and spirits. According to many people who dine there find this place not only aesthetic and modern, but the visitors are always so finely dressed. Plus, the staff is super nice towards their guests. It speaks about the professionalism that they always practice.

Signature Cuisines: Muhammara, Heirloom Crispy Chicken Thigh, Smoky Garlic Hummus.

First-hand review by its diners: The local people who ate there say that it is a “hybrid of Lebanese and Greek cuisine with a California twist.” The seating is a mix of indoor and outdoor, making it perfect for summer.

  • Awards Won: Best Chicago Father’s Day Restaurants, Best Chicago New Year’s Eve Restaurants
  • Cost Per Person: $50 and above
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Value: 4.5

13. Boka | Chef Lee Wolen’s Seasonal American Food Centers

Boka is famous for not only the high-class food but also the warm hospitality and fine dining experience. The dark but relaxing ambiance takes to another world of taste and elegance altogether. Their cuisines are created with utmost care and talent that complement the environment. They also have special diet options like gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian dishes.

Dining tables are well spaced so you don’t get disturbed by other’s chatting. Some diners will find vine prices a little over, but the taste is worth the cost. Undoubtedly, Boka is the perfect mix of sophistication and leisure you will hardly find anywhere else.

Signature Cuisines: Aged Beef Tartare, Duck Leg Ravioli, Roasted Chicken
First-hand review by its diners: Vines are thoroughly tested and made according to the dish, professional and attentive staff, and great tasting menu.

  • Awards Won: Restaurant Of The Year 2015, Pastry Chef Of The Year 2016, #8 Phil Vettel’s Top 50 Restaurants In Chicago
  • Michelin Star Ratings: 1
  • Cost Per Person: $80
  • Food: 4.5 | Service: 4.5 | Value: 4

14. Cindy’s Rooftop

Set atop the Chicago Athletic Association hotel is Cindy’s Rooftop, a stunning restaurant and bar boasting breathtaking views of Millennium Park. Its airy glass atrium serves as an indoor lounge, but the real charm lies on the open-air terrace, offering vistas of Cloud Gate and the Chicago skyline. Decorated with style, Cindy’s offers delectable fare crafted by Executive Chef Christian Ragano, ranging from classic comfort dishes to American delicacies for lunch, dinner, and brunch. The rooftop bar serves up bites, expertly crafted cocktails, local brews, and a fine wine selection. Though popular and bustling, early visits promise serene moments and optimal photo opportunities, so reservations are recommended for guaranteed seating.

Signature Cuisines: New American

First-hand review by its diners: “Great place to hang out with friends. Great view of the city. Drinks here are the best! Just make sure to reserve first before you go if you want to dine in.”

  • Awards Won: Although Cindy’s Rooftop itself isn’t recognized with a Michelin Star, the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, where it’s located, has received a Michelin honor.
  • Cost Per Person: $40
  • Food: 4.6| Service: 4.5 | Value: 4.2

15. Gibsons Italia

Gibsons Italia, located in West Loop by the waterfront, is a chic sibling to Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, an iconic Chicago eatery since 1989. Spread across three levels with outdoor terrace and rooftop, it offers stunning views of the Chicago River. Chef Jose Sosa’s menu blends modern steakhouse fare with authentic Italian dishes, showcasing Gibsons USDA Prime Angus and Kobe beef. Casual yet elegant, it serves lunch and dinner daily with panoramic views.

Signature Cuisines: Italian / Steakhouse

First-hand review by its diners: “My husband and I had a wonderful experience here! Amazing food and service. We had a beautiful view of the city. When we travel from Indiana we will definitely come back!”

  • Awards Won: 2018 Best Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator, Jean Banchet Awards
  • Cost Per Person: Pasta: ~$25 / Steak: ~$70
  • Food: 4.3| Service: 4.5 | Value: 4.4


Whether you want to celebrate the birthday of your loved one, propose your date, or have a business dinner, these high-end and exquisite restaurants will make your day memorable. By just spending a few hundred dollars more, you can enjoy an exclusive experience.

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