Best Breakfast in Chicago: 9 Trendy Spots to Start Your Day in Style

Published On: April 21, 2024Last Updated: April 23, 2024
Best Breakfast in Chicago

Chicago is a popular tourist destination in the U.S with its vibrant culinary culture being its main attraction. If you’re thinking about what to eat in Chicago, be prepared to be blown away, especially if you are a morning person. The Windy City has a huge variety of breakfast places offering something for every palate.

From its cozy cafes serving the best coffee and pancakes that feel like a warm hug, to its trendy brunch spots offering modern and innovative options, there’s a lot to try and explore.

So whether you are a tourist exploring Chicago’s culinary scene, or a local looking for classic breakfast options in the city, we’ve got you covered with this guide! Read on to explore the best breakfast spots in Chicago so you can start your day right.

9 Best Breakfast Places in Chicago to Explore

1. Kasama — Michelin-Starred Restaurant

One of the luxury travel activities involves eating at a Michelin Star restaurant. Kasama is a Michelin-starred bakery and contemporary Filipino restaurant located in East Ukrainian Village in Chicago.

Envisioned by chefs Genie Kwon and Timothy Flores, this exquisite restaurant features a mixed menu served via counter service every morning. It has an enticing array of sweet and savory pastries.

But since this is a Michelin Star restaurant, be ready to expect long queues. They have a first-come, first-serve policy.

2. Honeybear Cafe — Best Comfort Food Options

Honeybear Cafe is a cozy little cafe that has rapidly made its name as a top breakfast spot in Chicago. This brunch spot is located in Rogers Park and it lets you customize your breakfast meals with options like make-your-own skillets, eggs, and scramblers.

Their menu features an array of house specialties, including biscuits with andouille sausage fillings, breakfast quesadillas, and loaded waffle and pancake platters.

3. Lou Mitchell’s — Best Breakfast Downtown Chicago

Lou Mitchell’s

Lou Mitchell’s restaurant has been known for offering the best breakfast meals since 1923. This place is located in the West Loop and makes hands down the best pancakes, waffles, egg sandos, omelets, and fresh juices, among other breakfast favorites.

They open their doors at 6 am on the weekdays and are mostly crowded even that early. On the weekends, however, be prepared for a wait, as eager customers often line up outside the door for a taste of the best breakfast in Chicago downtown.

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4. Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club — An Upscale Breakfast Spot

Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club is a famous eatery in North Park offering some of the most delicious foods in the world. This place is owned by the chef Manny Mejia, who also owns Big Hill.

This eclectic breakfast spot is one of the most expensive restaurants in Chicago offering a diverse selection of kiwi and blackberry French toast, French toast stuffed with Canadian bacon, Caprese omelet, and scallion pancakes filled with pork belly and eggs.

There’s also a second branch of the Bryn Mawr Breakfast Club in Belmont Gardens. However, expect crowds and a wait on weekends.

5. Batter & Berries — A Haven for French Toast Lovers

Rush to Batter & Berries if you are on the lookout for the best things to do in Chinatown. Located in this vibrant vicinity, this haven for French toast lovers is one of the most popular breakfast spots.

The secret recipe for French toast is an absolute favorite among both the locals and tourists. You can get it in four tempting flavors, including caramel pancakes with caramelized walnuts and sumac and zesty lemon flavor. You can even get a taste of all of their flavors by ordering the French Toast Flight.

6. Lula Cafe — Sustainable Breakfast Food in Chicago

Lula Cafe

Lula Cafe has played a huge role in making Chicago popular for its culinary scene. It has even helped make Logan Square a foodie haven. The place is owned and run by Jason Hammel, who has also been a finalist for the James Beard Award for the Best Chef Great Lakes two times.

All of their dishes are cooked with organic and locally sourced ingredients. When you visit Lula Cafe, be sure to try their ricotta omelet, butternut squash, and smoked trout scramble!

7. Loaf Lounge — Best Breakfast Bakery/Cafe in Chicago

If you prefer freshly baked breakfast items like a country sourdough, English muffin, or marble rye, Loaf Lounge is the best place to start your mornings in Chicago. This place offers an indulgent selection of breakfast sandwiches with classic sausage, smoked salmon, or egg and cheese.

At Loaf Lounge, you can start your day with the comforting aroma of freshly baked and warm breakfast options, catering to every palate.

8. Tiztal Cafe — A Mexican Breakfast Spot in Uptown

If you are looking for a Mexican breakfast and lunch option in Uptown, Tiztal Cafe is the way to go. This exciting eatery specializes in daytime classics like egg dishes and fluffy omelets with a variety of fillings, such as spicy chorizo and tangy feta cheese.

However, the real star of the show is the generous plates of chilaquiles, available with toppings like chorizo, chicken, or the world-famous Chicago steak.

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For those with a sweet tooth, waffles adorned with fruits and pecans are a must-try. And don’t miss out on their heavy and sweet oatmeal shakes, a delightful morning treat that’s sure to kickstart your day.

9. Irene’s Finer Diner — A Modern Breakfast Diner in North Center

Irene’s Finer Diner

Irene’s Finer Diner is a modern diner located in the North Center. This chic place offers a refreshing spin from the traditional greasy spoons of the city. It has an innovative selection of benedicts that come with smoked salmon or short rib, in addition to uniquely flavored pancakes and omelets made from Slagel Farm eggs.

The coffee and tea at Irene’s Finer Diner is sourced from local favorites Rare Tea Cellar and Passion House. Whereas the delightful desserts come from Bang Bang.

So if you are looking for breakfast options featuring the most eaten foods in the world, i.e. poultry or fish, check out Irene’s Finer Diner!

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This guide reveals the best breakfast restaurants in Chicago. The city’s breakfast scene has a diverse and flavorful array of options to start your day right. From sustainable farm-to-table places like Lula Cafe to cozy cafes like Loaf Lounge and Tiztal Cafe serving up comforting classics, there’s something to satisfy every culinary preference and palate.

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