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Published On: February 28, 2024Last Updated: February 28, 2024
Most Expensive Steak In The World

One of the world’s most expensive foods is steak. People worldwide enjoy their steaks differently. While some people like their medium-rare food, others want it cooked perfectly. If you appreciate steak, this post is for you, regardless of your sentiments about meat. The top five most costly steak cuts in the world will be looked at in this article. You may have tried any or wish to try one of the most expensive ones.

Top 5 Most Expensive Steak Cuts Around The World

Although many different kinds of steaks are available, each has a different price range. These prices could be because of the availability of these steaks or how they are processed. Below are the world’s most expensive steaks:

1. Japanese A5 Kobe Beef – The Most Expensive Steak in the World

Japanese A5 Kobe Beef

The priciest steak cut is the Japanese Kobe steak. This is generally the most expensive steak cut on the planet, though the exact cost varies depending on where you are. Indeed, Japanese Kobe steaks are often hailed for having the best marbling of any steak that can be bought.

A rigorous grading system is used for Japanese Kobe beef, and only 3,000 animals are considered natural Kobe beef each year. You can thus assume that you will pay a hefty price for a single serving of the priciest meat per pound if you see this cut served at a restaurant.

Price – $480 – $691
Serving Size – per pound

2. Olive A5 Wagyu

Olive A5 Wagyu

If you are wondering what is the most expensive steak after Japanese A5 Kobe Beef, it is Olive A5 Wagyu. Because so few cattle are produced in any given year, this is one of the rarest steaks in the world. The cows are bred only on Shodoshima Island in the Kagawa Prefecture, where they are fed a mulch of roasted and dehydrated olives.

Because of their unique diet, the cows have higher levels of oleic acid, which gives the beef subtle aromas of olive oil.

Price – $284 – $542
Serving Size – per pound

3. Miyazakigyu A5 Wagyu

Miyazakigyu A5 Wagyu

Miyazakigyu wagyu, in the traditional way, originates from the unique region of the same name in Japan. One of the four official breeds used to raise Wagyu is the Japanese Kuroge (black) cattle variety. It is safe to state that Miyazaki Japanese Beef is among the highest quality steak in the world, comes with an official certificate, and provides a fantastic dining experience.

The Miyazaki Wagyu A5 grade denotes the maximum flavor, softness, and marbling degree. It is so expensive because Japanese Wagyu cattle are fed over five times more than the domestic beef in the United States. Hence, it is considered one of the most luxurious steaks in the world.

Price – $189 – $268
Serving Size – per pound

4. Takamori Drunken A5 Wagyu

Takamori Drunken A5 Wagyu

The Japanese breed Takamori Drunken Wagyu is renowned for its flavor and softness. It is grown only on sake mash, produced from the leftover rice of the Dassai Sake Brewery, producing some of Japan’s best sake. Because of this reason, the world’s most expensive steak, Takamori Wagyu, is known as “Drunken Wagyu.”

Takamori Drunken A5 Wagyu ought to be at the top of your list of things to do if you appreciate experiencing things only available to a select few people!

Price – $233 – $251
Serving Size – per pound

5. Australian Wagyu Steak

Australian Wagyu Steak

While Australian Wagyu steak differs from the famous Japanese type, it is nevertheless ranked among the priciest steaks. It has every gorgeous feature you could want in a Wagyu, like its distinct flavor, juicy texture, and marbling.

Japanese Wagyu cattle sent to Australia are the source of Australian Wagyu. It’s interesting to note that purebred and mixed Australian Wagyu are available. The very uncommon purebred variety has just Japanese Wagyu bloodlines. However, the more popular crossbred cattle is a cross between Australian and Japanese cattle.

Price – $100 – $200
Serving Size – per pound


Within the culinary arts realm, exploring what’s the most expensive steak is an adventure of unmatched extravagance and culinary mastery. These steaks are more than just a dinner; they are a monument to the heights that culinary perfection may achieve.

Savoring these succulent steaks as a special occasion or a way to celebrate leaves a lasting impression on the taste buds. Now that you have explored some of the most expensive steaks, it’s time to try them out.

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Which steak is considered of the highest quality?

U.S. Prime is the highest grade of beef that makes up only two to three percent of the steak market. It’s usually supplied to high-end hotels and restaurants and can be expensive for personal use.

Which is the rarest type of steak available?

The world’s rarest steak is Olive Wagyu. It’s one of the most expensive meats, sometimes costing over $500 a pound. An olive-wagyu cow is worth over nine thousand yen, or 1.2 million yen.

Why is A5 Wagyu beef so expensive?

Wagyu cattle are kept happy and healthy by feeding them a particular high-energy diet that helps them keep their renowned marbling. They are given Three meals a day, most of which are imported from other nations.

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