Most Expensive Foods Only Millionaires Can Afford!

Published On: October 16, 2023Last Updated: October 20, 2023

Oscar Wilde once said that the only way to be rid of a temptation is to yield it. Now, who are the people whose temptations lie in food? You and I. Don’t run kindred spirit, you’ve been caught!

Trying out delicious and healthy foods you crave is not a sin. Yes, there is nothing to be shy about when speaking of your gourmet palates. Researchers have time and time again stated that happiness is linked to the kind of food you partake in. Truly, eating the best of the best and for pleasure can make anyone happy. Well, everyone except maybe our pockets. But that’s okay! Money comes and goes, pockets empty and refilled, so why not use our resources to make us like our lives a little more? Here are 10 luxurious and most expensive foods that you have to try in this lifetime!

What Is The Most Expensive Food Ever?

You probably always thought that Almas Caviar was a fancy food name right? But, did you ever think of it as the most expensive food in the world? Yes, you heard that right. Almas Caviar is widely recognized as the most luxurious of its kind. It consists of the roe of the Beluga Sturgeon Huso Huso fish. But even then, it has to meet some very strict standards. The Sturgeon fish should only be the rarest Iranian beluga. And even with that, it should be an albino female, especially of a certain age between 60–100 years of age. Besides its rare origins, its creamy white and glowing appearance, and complex flavor further add to its value. Because it has buttery, herbal, and even nutty tints of flavor, it is a very sought after dish despite its high price. But the consequences of the popularity of this delicacy have also landed this species on the endangered red list.

How Expensive is Almas Caviar?

Its price per pound can go as far as $5,045.40!!!

Top 10 Expensive Foods From Around the World

Mentioned below are some of the top ten most expensive foods on earth that you might want to take a look at!

1. Saffron


A spice derived from the flower of “saffron crocus” known for its crimson stigmas and flavorful aroma. You must be wondering how a spice can be listed here. Well, here’s a quick comparison to tell you exactly how expensive it is! Shockingly, an ounce of saffron is valued more than an ounce of gold! Each crocus produces only three strands at a time and they must be carefully harvested by hand.

How Expensive is Saffron?

As of 2023, the wholesale price range for US saffron is between US$ 560 and US$ 1050 per kilogram or between US$ 253.97 and US$ 476.19 per pound(lb). If it’s being sold any less than this, then beware of buying counterfeits!

2. Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef

The beef is produced from wagyu cattle and raised only in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan. Especially, one of its kind, the Kobe beef with its marble like luminance is very much sought after. These cattles are fed five times more carefully than the domestic ones and are reared in a low intensity stress free environment. What makes this beef so special is its rich fatty flavor, tender texture, and intermittent white fat lines that give it an exclusive beauty. No wonder, the Japanese love BBQ and this is one delicacy they will not give up on!

How Expensive is Waqyu Beef?

It is considered one of the most expensive Japanese foods and is priced at $200 to $500 per pound.

3. Densuke Watermelon

Densuke Watermelon

Speaking of the most expensive meals in Japan, did you know about a type of watermelon known as the Densuke Watermelon? It has a unique black rind, an exceptionally fresh taste, and is even nearly seedless. These melons are grown only on the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan and are handpicked when ripe and are also packaged with careful gestures. Moreover, they need rich mineral soil and plenty of water to thrive. Due to the difficult growing process, only 10,000 are produced each year!

How Expensive is Densuke Watermelon?

It approximately ranges between $250 to even $6000.

4. Matsutake Mushrooms

Matsutake Mushrooms

Containing several essential nutrients, such as vitamin B3, vitamin D, and potassium, the matsutake mushrooms top as the most expensive mushrooms in the world. Also, being from Japan, this delicacy is known for its flavors and fragrance with tints of cinnamon, cedar, and pine along with woodsy and spicy. They’re a rare luxury treat found natively in Japan’s red pine forests. Unfortunately, are listed as near endangered in the Japanese environment. Since a suitable habitat is difficult to find for their cultivation process, they are very expensive in their worth.

How Expensive is Matsutake Mushrooms?

They approximately value at about $1000 per pound.

5. Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna

Amongst the seafood cuisine category, Tunas are probably the most remarkable. Bluefin Tuna, in particular, is a definite in the most expensive food in the world listing. It is a favorite of high end restaurants because of its rich taste and tender texture. Similarly, it is most often used in sashimi and in other cuisines as a staple food. Who doesn’t know that fish has a permanent place among superfoods that promote health. Sadly, its popular demand has led to an overfishing crisis and they are now an endangered species.

How Expensive is Bluefin Tuna?

Still, as a favorite of the gourmets, it ranges from $20 to $5000 per pound.

6. Iberico Ham

Iberico Ham

One of the finest pork meats of the world, Iberico ham has a curing period of about two years. Its place of origin is Spain, Portugal. Also known as the Jamon Ibérico, this produce is obtained through pigs on an acorn heavy diet. It can be eaten in thin slices on its own due to its nutty flavor with an undertone of herbs and spices. Due to its long curing and drying process, it can be quite costly.

How Expensive is Iberico Ham?

This ham is sold as $1,000 per leg, making it a truly rare and indulgent treat.

7. Beluga Caviar

Beluga Caviar

Beluga caviar is widely recognized as the most luxurious of its kind. It consists of the roe of the beluga sturgeon huso huso fish. Comprising a large size, delicate taste, and a buttery smooth feel it, this caviar makes you journey to the ocean with its visual and culinary effect making it a well sought after dish. But the consequences of the popularity of this delicacy have also landed this species on the endangered red list.

How Expensive is Beluga Caviar?

With an impressive history of 200 million years and originating from the Caspian Sea, these fish eggs sell for almost $7000 to $10,000 per pound.

8. Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak Coffee

Originating from Indonesia, this is one extremely strange and yet an expensive delicacy craved in the world. Also known as civet coffee, it consists of coffee cherries as fermented by the asian palm civet animal and then excreted. Weird right? But don’t worry. The coffee is harvested after it has been thoroughly and repeatedly rinsed and roasted. It has a smooth and earthy taste with hints of sweetness as well. Due to its high demand, civets are raised in exploitative conditions in plantations. In such conditions, only a limited supply can be produced.

How Expensive is Kopi Luwak Coffee?

Its per pound price can range from $100 to $600.

9. Oysters


Oysters hold an irreplaceable place in the seafood market. Originally being a staple food for the common people, it has now become an expensive cuisine. The maturing process for an oyster takes between 18 to 24 months. As a result of which, growing them artificially is very difficult. Likewise, natural and wild oyster beds near the shorelines suffered great declines due to overharvesting. Not to mention, processing and cooking oysters is a task that requires extreme caution, therefore,only expert chefs can handle them. This and many more reasons contribute to it being a luxury delicacy.

How Expensive is an Oyster?

The retail price for oysters in the US is between $1.81 and $4.08 per pound. The prices will continue to rise due to short supply.

10. Elvish Honey

Elvish Honey

Honey is a food that is probably available in every household as a cost effective grocery, to say the least. But there’s a type of honey from Turkey that is a luxury delicacy. The reason why Elvish Honey is so expensive is that it is extracted from caves instead of bee hives. This extraction process can only be done once per year so as not to damage the natural production environment. It’s famous not only for its sweetness but also for its raw medicinal properties that aren’t found in market processed honey!

How Expensive is Elvish Honey?

It sells for about $6,800.

What Is The Most Expensive Fast Food In The World?

Enough of natural or healthy luxury foods. Did you know that there’s a certain brand of fast food that also has the potential to be called the most expensive fast food in the world? Raising Cane’s average item price is about $22.56! While it may be pricier as compared to other fast food outlets, its dedication to quality food and effective service is second to none. Even though their menu is mostly focused on chicken, every single piece is hand cooked to perfection and with utmost attention to detail. Therefore, it’s only logical that they hold this title!


Honey, ham, seafood, fruits, coffee, and spices, are things that are present in every kitchen and are used by the entire world populace. Normally, one can’t imagine them as luxury appeal. But there are certain variations of theirs that sell for more than gold and are included in the world’s most expensive food list! Although they’ve become an indulgence, nonetheless they are foods that address certain cravings. Experts say that short term food deprivation like dieting intensifies food cravings. What is one motto that every foodie swears by? Never neglect cravings!

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