10 Best Sushi (すし) Restaurants in the US | From Japanese Seas to American Kitchens

Published On: April 1, 2024Last Updated: April 29, 2024
Sushi Restaurants In The US

From coast to coast, the best sushi restaurants have become a rapidly growing part of American cuisine. In the US, it offers a delightful fusion of Japanese tradition and the innovation of native chefs. Adopted from Japan, this simple and healthy sushi can cater to all your food cravings.

According to unverified sources, nearly five million Americans eat sushi once a month. You can find sushi restaurants in every metropolitan. These restaurants adopted and evolved to cater to the diverse tastes of American food enthusiasts.

List of Top 10 Authentic Sushi Restaurants in the USA

From the most expensive restaurants in Chicago serving sushi to all over other American states, here is the list of 10 best authentic sushi restaurants in the US.

1. Hayakawa, Atlanta Georgia

Sushi on a plate. Hayakawa, Atlanta Georgia

If you are a traditional sushi lover, Sushi House Hayakawa is among the best Sushi Restaurants in Atlanta. Experience the most delicious and healthy sushi made with master chef Atsushi Hayakawa, who picks the finest fish from Atlanta, Tokyo’s Toyosu market, and worldwide.

It is a serene place where Chef Hayakawa is the primary host, presenting you with the most authentic sushi. The only eight seats in front of the leading sushi counter make you feel at home. This delicious 16-course dinner starts from $315 but is not a big deal if you eat the omakase of Hayakawa.

2. Sushi Masa, New York City

Sushi Masa, New York City

This traditional sushi restaurant presents the world’s authentic sushi by Chef Masa Takayama. He embodies the Japanese adjective shibui, the most simple or aesthetic. The key theme of Masa’s sushi is purity and distinctiveness. Chef Masa gives authentic tastes to omakase with the perfect seasoning and number of toppings for a single sushi. You will feel the melting fish taste that is the originality of Japanese fish.

The omakase starts at the price of $750 with the artistry of Chef Takayama. With the world-class dining experience, you wish to revisit the place no matter how much it is worth.

3. Sushi Taro, Washington DC

Sushi Taro, Washington DC

Washington, DC, has long been the foodie destination if you love seafood. Sushi Taro perfectly fits a country’s capital, where Japanese diplomats and dignitaries frequently visit. The Sushi Taro restaurant has worked since 1980, making its identical reputation with every plate.

Chef Nobu Yamakazi presents the kaiseki meal as a full-on experience. It is a fresh sushi restaurant where boxes of chilled fish are brought to every diner to select the preferred fish to be turned into sashimi or nigiri on the spot with steamed rice in bamboo. After your reservation, you can also enjoy Omakase sitting at Taro’s six-seat sushi bar.

Cost: $275 per person

4. Kai Zan, Chicago, IL

Kai Zan, Chicago, IL

Kai Zan is polished but has yet to be extravagant, modern, or pompous. You can experience the breathtaking Omakase menu that can be scored for under $100—a rarity in the world of the best sushi restaurants in the United States.

Sushi may not make it to the list of superfoods but it provides similar nutrients to Kai Zan’s Japanese red snapper. The salmon-wrapped orange rush, scallops, or a platter loaded with deliciousness gives an incredible experience. Moreover, the clean, sharp daily specials like quail egg cracked over torro maki are silky enough to put a smile on your face. Unfortunately, this Japanese restaurant does not offer breakfast. For the best breakfast in Chicago, visit Kasama, or Lula Café.

5. Uchi/Uchiko, Austin Texas

Uchi/Uchiko, Austin Texas

Finding the best sushi restaurants in Austin is as easy as finding tasty brisket. Uchi and its spinoff, Uchiko, has some of the best sushi in the US. Chef Tyson Cole spent ten years studying in Tokyo and America. He has also received a James Beard Award for his efforts for the delightfully small Uchi. Since 2003, the Bangalow has been the destination for those seeking a non-traditional taste of unique sushi.

Selections from the Toyosu menu have arrived at Tokyo’s premier seafood market just to be present in your meal. Uchi means “house,” and this meal makes you feel at home.

Cost: $100 per person

6. O Ya, Boston

O Ya, Boston

You can’t forget to mention Boston in any conversion because it is an unrivaled seafood destination. Over the decade of O Ya business, the originality and experience of uniqueness presented by chef Tim Cushman is unparalleled. The name O Ya is derived from the Japanese term curiosity.

The Omakase-style sushi menu ranges from 17 to 20 courses for $295, each exploring what is possible in the world of sushi. At O Ya, the cuisine is creativity. To provide an encompassing experience, co-owner Nancy Cushman became the city’s first sake sommelier.

7. Akikos, San Francisco, California

Akikos, San Francisco, California

Since continuing business in 1987, Akikos has always maintained the quality and freshness of seafood. That’s why it is considered the best place for sushi lovers in San Francisco. Here, you can easily find an omakase-style menu by the expert chef Shinsuke Hayashi.

The sashimi platter includes Ji-knimedei, unimasu, Misaki, scallop, mirugui, hamachi suna Zuri, and mebechi maguri.

The Uni is the most fantastic dish made with fresh sea urchins in the omakase menu. The mouth-melted tuna, sashimi, and nigiri are perfectly made seafood that you never stop from bursting.

8. Shuko, New York City

Shuko, New York City

The two chefs at Shuko, Jimmy and Nick, master the art of sushi. The Uni with the folded seaweed gives you a delightful experience. At Shuko, the Omakase (sushi) and Kaiseki (sushi served with hot dishes) menus, with the daily menu at the sushi bar, are based on traditional Japanese flavors and techniques.

The Omakase menu is especially a chef’s selection presented with the edomae sushi in its natural and purest Japanese form. The Omakase menu costs $270, but you don’t feel it harder in your pocket when you find the best dining experience at Shuko.

9. Sushi Nakazawa, New York City

Sushi Nakazawa, New York City

You can eat the world’s best and most authentic sushi at Sushi Nakazawa. Chef Daisuke Nakzawah tailors the art of sushi by spending 11 years under Jiro Ono’s tutelage. In the New York West Village at Sushi Nakazawa, he offers a 20-course Omakase menu in which he delicately presents the traditional sushi flavors.

The Omakase menu is a mixture of sushi-nigiri exclusives. At Nakazawah, they source fish from Japan and worldwide to give an authentic and healthier taste. The Omakase menu costs $150 in the dining room and $180 at the sushi bar and Lounge counter.

10. Oguma Sushi & Seafood Buffet, Torrance, California

Oguma Sushi & Seafood Buffet, Torrance, California

If you are looking for the best sushi restaurants and seafood buffet in California, come to Oguma, where you can find a fresh buffet at a very reasonable price. You will enjoy the Chen art gallery while sitting at Oguma. The delightful sushi, sashimi, and nigiri made with fresh and Japanese fish give you authentic Japanese flavors. The price of this buffet here starts from $10 to $25.


Finding the best sushi restaurant in the US is not a hassle anymore. These top 10 places have top-quality variations of sushi and other cuisines that you can try when you are exploring the food scene of America. The skilled chefs and creative menu options will satisfy your sushi cravings at the most economical prices.

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