Guide to Booth Seating for your Restaurant

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Booth Seating

Booths provide more comfort and privacy for diners. They prefer eating in booth seating than other options. They can enjoy their meals better, have a better conversation and even have the desire to come back and dine at the place again. The only downside of using booths is that they take up more space. They are bigger than regular chairs.

Booth Seating

This should not prevent you from choosing booths though. In case you want other chairs, you can check out commercial chairs for sale. There are still a lot of reasons why you must have them inside your restaurant.

Be particular about the measurements

You have to start by measuring the overall space where the furniture will be placed. Check the available booth sizes and do the math. Count how many sets can fit inside the restaurant. Decide if smaller booths are better especially if you can have more of them inside the restaurant. You should also include the spaces between each set along with space for people to pass by. Don’t try to force huge furniture to fit even if it looks good and is more comfortable because the number of people you can accommodate might be sacrificed.

Consider leg room

You want people to rest well when dining. There should be enough leg room while they are dining. Choose the best tables that allow for more leg room. Those that are attached to the wall don’t have a lot going on down there. This makes it easier for legs to move.

Partner with an interior designer

You don’t have to go through this challenge alone. You can partner with a designer who will show you the plan first and do all the necessary measurements. You can decide what furniture to buy based on the design made. You can compare the costs. Just prioritise the plan first for you to have a clearer vision.

Be careful when going with trends

There are a lot of modern trends when it comes to restaurant designs. It is easy to be tempted when you see how great they look and how the said design has paved the way for the restaurant to attract more customers. However, this is not fashion. Even if fashion trends change, it is fine since you can just buy new clothes. For furniture, buying a new set each time the trend changes could be expensive.

You just have to stick with what you feel would be great for your restaurant in terms of aesthetic appeal and the number of people that could be accommodated. Your personal style must be reflected in the furniture. After all, this is your business. There is nothing wrong with having a personal touch.

If money is really an issue considering how much you’ve already spent, take a look at commercial chairs for sale online to save more.

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