From Bold Styles to Pastel Colours: Top Wedding Dress Trends For 2023-24

Published On: December 11, 2017Last Updated: October 26, 2023
Wedding Dress Trends

It is always the most exciting time of the year for fashion enthusiasts and upcoming brides. Although the Bridal Fashion Week has just ended, the designs presented are still buzzing in the fashion world, setting the tone for wedding dress trends in 2023-24.

It has given a new look to the bridal dresses. So, if you want to design your destination wedding dress or are a fashion enthusiast who wants to know the latest designs trending, the following is the list for you!

Wedding Dress Trends To Look Out For In 2023 – 2024

Wedding Dress Trends

While some of these are a continuation of trends that we have already seen in previous years, many are actually new and have not been experimented with in recent times. Soft and pastel colours instead of nude shades, lace, transparency, florals, bell sleeves, bold designs, capes, and feathers are some of the exciting trends to watch out for.

1.  Soft Pastel Colours

Compared to the nude shades that were popular in 2017, we can expect to see a return to softer and more neutral colours, such as lilac, pink, baby blues, and peach. Although white still dominates, people are now inclining toward soft and subtle shades that complement the traditional colour, instead of over-powering it.

grown weary of seeing the same nude shades and want new wedding dress trends. These shades add a touch of brightness without being over the top, which is what most brides and designers are aiming for. Moreover, they are also easily complimented by satin, lace, and embroidery of various types.

2.  Bold Splashes

The main style that has taken all the spotlight is the bold and daring bridal dress designs. They are loved by all the brides who like to add some personalized touch to their dream wedding dress, defying traditional boundaries and embracing their real selves.

3.  Ethereal Layered Transparency

Possibly one of the biggest and most defining wedding dress trends of 2023 is going to be the layered transparency look. We can expect to see more wedding gowns made with layer upon layer of transparent material. Tulle, batiste, organza and chiffon are the best transparent materials. They are also lighter than non-transparent materials which allows designers to play around with the design easily. These materials help designers to shape the overall wedding dress according to the body shape of the bride.

Moreover, it adds a seductive and stunning touch to the style that perfectly matches every theme of the wedding. Combined with the luxurious makeup look, it can make your special day more memorable.

4.  Statement Shoulder Designs

Just like in the 80s era, elegant shoulder designs are trending again because they give off a stylish vibe. With a modern touch, these shoulder styles feel like something new. Every bride can carry this style in her own unique way.

5.  Deeper Necklines

While most brides prefer the classic when it comes to wedding dresses, many designers as well as brides like to push the envelope. As seen in many other styles you can use lace and transparent layers to play around with the neckline to a level where you are comfortable. Lace and other transparent insert can help to soften overly deep necklines.

6.  Oversized Florals

Wedding dresses are a celebration of feminity, and brides love to symbolize it with florals. Applique and 3D design that incorporates floral patterns will be in trend for the upcoming year. Lace and tulle are the perfect materials to make the most of this trend. Of course, the trend to watch out for is floral appliques that will add a whole new dimension to your wedding dress. With the latest design techniques, this style has got a new life.

7.  Skin Show

Several designers have opined that one of the biggest trends is going to be skin exposure. More gowns are going to feature openbacks, off-shoulders, and other bold styles. Of course, the classic slit leg is going to be the mainstay of this trend. All of this also has an element of comfort, making it easier for brides to move around.

8.  Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves were all the rage in the 60s, and are slated to make a comeback wedding dresses. Delicate lace is being touted as the most suitable material for designing bell sleeves, which is a good idea by the way because the weight of the lace with help to give a more definitive shape to the sleeves, preventing them from flying all over the place. These sleeves will also complement bohemian and layered wedding dress trends.

9.  Capes

The increasing popularity of capes indicates suggests a desire for new and more elegant design elements. You can go for capes of all lengths and materials, preferably a material that complements the material of your wedding dress.

They can be attached at the shoulders and allowed to fall behind the back or over the front as well. In the new styles, designers have given them a fresh look by incorporating them in sleeves. This innovation is truly loved by many brides who love things to be a little different.

10. Princess Ball Gowns

Since many old styles have revived this year, why would Disney princess-style ball gowns not be in again? It is ideal for brides who want to feel like a real princess with a long dress.

Floral embellishments, light feathery designs, and layers are taking centre stage for ball gown designs. Shoulderless and backless designs are also becoming famous again. Moreover, it is a great option for an open-air wedding destination.


Wedding Dress Trends

2023 and 2024 promises to be an exciting year for getting married. Designers have shown a clear ambition to really push the envelopes and experiment with new trends while bucking off the conventional path. It’s a great opportunity to share your wedding dress fantasies with your designer since anything that celebrates your individual spirit is up for the game. Go ahead and pick from these 10 amazing wedding dress trends.

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