Smart Small Space Storage Ideas For an Organized Living

Published On: October 18, 2023Last Updated: October 29, 2023
small space storage ideas

Small spaces are not supposed to be always cramped and cluttered. Instead, all you need is creativity and organization skills to not just store stuff but to make it aesthetic.

Often, a bit of decluttering makes your small home look nice and neat. On the other hand, in some rooms, you would need to install some extra shelves or hooks here and there to avail the maximum space.

In this article, we have listed some smart small space storage ideas to help you make a home for all your belongings. Let’s have a read!

Top 10 Small Space Storage Ideas To Work Around Clutter

Following are some sneaky ideas to build long-lasting and genius storage solutions in small spaces. You can personalize them as you require.

1. Utilize Window Sills

install some small shelves

Window sills might be one of the most underrated small space storage ideas people can use. You can install some small shelves or put your little plant pots to spruce up the environment.

Another idea is to line up glass jars against the window to make the room look a little more alive. Not only you can store stuff in these jars, but also make them a part of the styling of your room.

2. Use Hooks


Hooks are a great way to maximize a lot of vertical spaces in your rooms. For example, the wall, the back of the room’s door, the inside of the cabinet door, and many other places.

Moreover, you can install self-adhesive hooks in case you have tiled walls. You don’t have to drill holes in the tiles and they come off easily too if you want to change their location.

3. Make Items Part Of Interior Design

You must have decoration pieces placed aesthetically at your home – even if it is a small one. The most effective way to integrate stuff is to make them visually pleasing enough that they become a part of your interior decoration.

Confused? Here are some cool ways to decorate small spaces in this manner.

  • Install cute floating shelves to store books and showcase them as well.
  • Place stylish cutlery and cutting boards in the kitchen as display pieces.
  • Spice racks or bottles can be matched with the kitchen’s aesthetic so that they also serve as a decor item.

4. Narrow Shelves

Shelves are the main item that comes to your mind when we talk about small space storage ideas. But the real twist is that you must make these shelves narrow and sleek. It will not overwhelm your space, and even the clutter will not feel like a burden.

5. Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips not only look sleek and modern, but they are the real space savers in the small kitchen organization. All the metal stuff like knives can be stored in a secure way so that their quality remains.

6. Hide the Line Of Shelves Behind Curtains

You can choose the latest designs of modern curtains to use them to hide the messy shelves. They can also act as a cover for your open closets. It is a clever way to hide away any extra storage baskets and bins you have that badly affect the visuals of your room.

7. Go Smart With Jewelry Storage

Padded boards and cork boards are great options for storing small jewelry items in small spaces. It keeps them secure and organized in a way that looks pretty as well. It is one of the most effective small space storage ideas that you can personalize in the way you want.

8. Get A Bed With Drawers

It can be a little challenging if you have already bought the bed. However, you can put the baskets or organizers under the bed to utilize that space to hide away your stuff. Another great way is to invest in convenient sofa storage. These multipurpose items of furniture are a real deal in making a home efficient – where everything serves a purpose.

9. Hang Handmade Baskets

Fabric baskets look great when you place them in the corner of your living room or bedroom. Or you can even hang them in hallways to store small items that you need on the go. Many people who love DIY can create their own customized baskets to place them even inside the closets to maximize space.

10. Design Accent Wall As a Storage Space

If your room has a focus wall or accent wall, why not use it to your advantage in creating a stylish storage unit? Install some creative slaves, open cabinets, or a ladder-style vertical storage unit on the side to use items as decor pieces.

Showcase them in a way that they blend with the room decor. You can use ladder-style shelves beside your bed as well, like a side table. It will not only create space to put your stuff but also enhance the bedroom wall decor.


No matter how small your living room or bedroom is, you can always make maximum storage units if you work a bit creatively. With the use of the latest trendy decor techniques, you can implement smart small-space storage ideas and customize them as you want.

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