Is Augmented Reality the Futuristic Way of Living?

augmented reality

Futuristic Augmented Reality

By the inauguration of Augmented Reality to this World, many fields of research, invention and innovation have been brought into considerate action. This technology allows the user to experience an atmosphere that only lies within one’s perception or imagination. It is an immersive methodology to manipulate a person’s milieu with advanced features via various sensory equipments.

The main ambition that Augmented Reality delivers is easing down human lives in many peculiar ways. On the other hand, an ambiguous set of equipment regarding this intelligence requires extensive training for pragmatic outcome. Moreover, it can be concluded that sometimes, it tends to bend away human mind characteristics away from mere existence of reality.

However, there are humongous amount of possibilities that gadgets regarding this scheme, could turn out to be hazardous regarding a person’s vitalities. There is an organized research that divulges to us that alterations caused to a human sensory organ more than the critical time, could manipulate the brain in such a way that the brain might consider these changes long term and amend human organic function accordingly.

As we already acknowledged above that, Augmented Reality is exquisitely capable of toying with the human minds, we might as well consider ourselves familiar to the fact that, no matter, by how much precision, accuracy, perfection and divinity a device is being constructed, there is always a hunch of presence of error. Thus, as there is flaw, there might be present a considerate amount of possibility of the device turning in to a fiasco. While, there are a lot of machines that comprise of robotics segments and sensors which are very well presumed to be harmless as well as pragmatic and beneficent to the Homo sapiens World.

Augmented Reality: Ways Toward Innovation

A gigantic amount of sensors, devices, equipment and gadgets have been brought into existence specifically to be manipulated via Augmented Reality. Illustrated below is a list of projects, strategies, schemes and ventures that are a part of possibilities and present at the very moment, as we speak.

1. Automated Robotic Arm Using Leap Motion Controller

Leap Motion sensor is ubiquitously manufactured by an American organization which usually runs by the name of Leap Motion, INC. It is an external computer hardware sensor that pragmatically operates via hand and fingers gestures as input. Unlike a mouse, it requires no physical contact. The production company is known to generate innovative software in 2016, which was specifically assembled for arm tracking through virtual reality. The Leap Motion sensor is a type of proximity sensor that visualizes hand and its every minuscule joint movement.

As per proposed statement this configuration required a robotic arm that is usually agile and has a high tensile strength in order to uphold stronger grip. Furthermore, the robotic arm was needed to be interfaced with the Leap Motion controller via an ARDUINO chip which is preliminary connected to a PC.

The PC utilized IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) and implemented the program codes accordingly. Succinctly saying, the code was comprised in such a manner that, the robotic arm in reality was capable of mimicking the motion of a human arm that was placed within the bounds of the Leap Motion controller’s spherical range. Such projects play a vital role in various types of manufacturing industries.

2. Visual Augmented Reality Equipment like SmartEyeglass, HoloLens & Google Glass

Ocular gear has now become an eminent part of the research leading affluent countries. They anticipate upcoming obstacles and hurdles and simultaneously provide vigilant information on how to react accordingly.

Apparently, this technology tends to be exquisitely efficient but, a person might also consider the uncertainty of risk. It may be extremely beneficent to the pilot swaying a fighter Jet in order to overcome any conditional circumstances but, how well do they place a verdict on a speed of an incoming car? With even abated possibility of error, it could become inevitably fatal.

Undoubtedly, such gear could be of immense importance as it is capable of acquiring the user with a bunch of information related to the atmosphere, society and milieu. Moreover, it can also be linked to a smart phone or a PC to contain updated information.

As a matter of fact, we also need to have a glance at the insidious view of the optical AR devices. The Google Glass for example, contains an embedded microcomputer, a head-mounted display, a touch screen, speakers and voice recognition equipment. Accordingly, it can be pragmatically used as a mobile phone.

3. A Writing Robotic Arm that Copies Text Images

Another majestic feature constructed in the field of Augmented Reality. This project is quite similar to the one demonstrated in the first one among the list but, the motive it holds is a quite varied one. It simply captures a live image using an infra-red camera and by distinguishing black and white appearances on a piece of plain white paper, it is able to decipher the text written on it. This phenomenon is also referred to as Object Recognition.

Advancing further, the robotic arm is compiled together with two servo motors that control its trolling along the (X-axis and Y-axis) Cartesian coordinate system. A pen is attached to the tip-end of the robotic arm design and as it propels, it jots down the very word that was conspicuously witnessed on the image visualized on the paper.

Summarized View

The Augmented Reality applications and inventions might have brought down drastic variations to the technological World. Moreover, such inspiring mechanization was not even presumed to exist in the early ages. It has conclusively broadened the area of technological research and also opened innovative ways to operate more productively and informatively within the digital World.

But, the most dominant question that rises is whether, we should blindly commit to these devices with absolute trustworthiness and confidence? Or, we should take precautionary step back and let time takes its troll until these machines reach to a distinctive level?

The only significant answer that shines light into this matter is that, we should walk along with the time of the World. We should use every type of gadget that enhances or ease up the way of our living but, we should initially read the safety instructions provided along with it in order to prevent any type of recklessness. Also, we should first practice such types of equipment at optimum or isolated places so no harm prevails. Consequently, Augmented Reality has showered down as bliss of a technology in the presence as well as the upcoming World, whereas, it should be handled with all the conceivable security measures, being conquered.


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