8 Best Smart Phones for 2016


It is essential to know what mobile phones or smartphones are getting launched in 2016 before you sign that 24-month phone contract. After all, you deserve only the best and the latest technologies.  This why we have come up with the list of the best new phones on this page that you can browse through and get an idea of what to expect this year, as well as make well-informed choices. These smartphones carry signature specifications which not only differentiate them from each other but keep them ahead in the market competition. Different brands are coming up with innovations to woo their customers and impress them with impressive features and unique quality.


 Check out the list of the best new phones in 2016

  1. Apple iPhone 7

    The iPhone 7 will come with a range of new features and is certainly to top the list of best new phones this year. It is expected to be more of a revolution than evolution. Apple has totally redesigned the handset but has kept most of the details under wraps as yet. Thus, one can only wait till the giant comes up with a relapse date sometime in September. There are rumors that there might be an iPhone 7 Pro.

  2. LG G flex 3

    LG G flex is believed to be the next big game changer in 2016. The successor to the LG Flex 2, the new model, carries u-shape body and is expected to carry a smooth finish. Equipped with Snapdragon 830, the upgraded processor is sure to up its performance. A 20.7-megapixel rear camera records 4K videos, now that the 4GB are getting older. The bigger and juicier 3500mAh battery will offer more time for more backup. Other features include 128GB storage option and 6GB RAM and a fingerprint scanner.

  3. Galaxy Note 6

    Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 is another of the best new phones to keep your eyes peeled for this year. The company has yet to announce a release date officially, but the rumors are already doing their rounds. Here are ideas of a whopping 6GB of RAM, Android N, USB Type-C plus a 256GB of storage in the smartphone. The phone is sure to win hearts with the rumored 5.77in, 2K Super AMOLED display.

  4. Xiaomi Mi 6

    The buyers have started expecting a lot more from Xiaomi Smartphones. After all, the brand has become famous for its cheap budgeted but high-end Smartphones. Thus, the buyers are sure to expect something unique from the upcoming models, and one expects the Xiaomi Mi 6 to be a killer model. The previous model has already been really impressive when compared to other devices in the market. Expect to get has 128GB storage space, latest Snapdragon 820 processor and a 16MP camera in the latest model. Thus, there are some good reasons to place Xiaomi Mi 6 on the list of 2016 best new phones.

  5. Sony Xperia X – release date TBC

    Sony has announced three handsets under the ‘Xperia X’ signature, Xperia XA, Xperia X and Xperia X Performance. The smooth metal back of Sony Xperia X sems to be a nice change from the previous Z models with the glass-panel backs. The new AF and 200GB should be a huge improvement. Get more internal storage at 64GB with the single- and dual-sim options. Sony makes a bold claim of two-day battery.

  6. Huawei P9

    Buyers are understandably super excited about the arrival of next major flagship from Huawei, the Huawei P9. The powerful Android phone carries the powerful Kirin SoC and the massive 4GB of RAM. There are two versions of the P9, P9 with a 6.2in QHD display which is known as P9 Max and other P9 with a 5.2in 1080p display. Enjoy an excellent battery performance with an impressive 3900mAh battery. No wonder it is considered among the best new phones this year.

  7. Google’s 2016 Nexus Phones

    According to reports , Google is set to release two Nexus handsets this year and the company is keen to get HTC back on Nexus-building duties. The two handsets will come with 5in display and a 5.5in display. Google’s Nexus handsets are simply essential to watch out for. It still remains to be seen as to what the Nexus will unfold.

  8. Nokia’s Android Phone

    The Finnish Company is planning to start making handsets again and the NEW Nokia is expected to bring an Android-powered phone to 2016market. It will certainly be very interesting indeed to see what Nokia comes up with, but it is expected that the company will bring only the finest in the market. There is still plenty of room for Nokia, and the giant will make sure to get the specs and hardware right.


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