Ten Cool New Gadgets to Watch Out for in 201

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The demand for cool new gadgets will continue to rise in 2016, fueled by the launch of some mindboggling devices and apps. Here we tell you about some of the most fascinating devices that will add a lot of value and utility to your life. From personal health to entertainment and managing daily tasks, here are 10 of the most exciting devices to watch out for.

First Response Pregnancy Pro Stick

It is truly amazing and heartening to see the cool new gadgets for 2016 to include applications that address women’s health issues. The First Response Pregnancy Pro Stick can be connected via a smartphone to an app that offers customized health information to the user. It is the first such app to offer Bluetooth connectivity meaning that the user does not have to be close to any device. The stick comes with an absorbent tip protected by a cap. Studs on the other end provide effective grip while a display screen presents the test results within seconds.

Pregnancy Pro Stick

Moff Pacman Band

Remember the hours of fun one had playing the addictive Pacman gave a few decades ago. Well, the Moff Pacman band is one of the cool new gadgets that will take your Pacman experience a couple of notches higher. The Moff band can be worn easily on the arm and by connecting to a smartphone or mobile app can allow one to control the movement of Pacman on the screen. Pacman’s movements can be controlled by swinging the arm in the required direction instead of pressing keys on the keyboard. While this certainly adds a lot of fun to the gaming experience, it is also a good excuse for couch potatoes to get some physical exercise.

Moff Pacman Band

Withings Thermo

As the name suggests, the Withings Thermo is part of the cool new gadgets that are equipped with wi-fi connectivity to apps. Withings Thermo is basically a device for measuring and recording your body temperature on a dedicated app. The device itself is equipped with 16 sensors to measure temperature accurately and only within 2 seconds. Based on new HotSpotSensor technology, the Withings Thermo enables the user to record and monitor temperature readings on a temperature diary on the app. It is also a more hygienic approach to measuring temperature since it only needs to be applied to the skin instead of being inserted into the ear or mouth.

Withings Thermo


Cameras and lenses that allow one to view 3D videos on a smartphone are leading the trend in 2016. The HoloFlex brings an amazing experience by combining a 3D phone with flexible technology. The HoloFlex produces holographic images in 3D without the user having to wear 3D glasses or lenses. The images can be viewed with the same quality from any angle.


IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

The illuminating eye massager from IRIS is one of the best cool new gadgets for personal care seen in recent times. The device is based on T-Sonic technology that works on the skin surrounding the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles, under-eye bags, and crow’s feet. Regular use of the IRIS illuminating eye massager increases the skin’s ability to absorb eye serums. The IRIS massager produces light pulsating movements against the skin that are similar to the finger tapping massage technique popular in many Asian countries.

Eye Massager

Speck Pocket VR

Virtual reality smartphones and lenses have already made waves in the tech market. In 2016, there is great anticipation for more advanced and exciting virtual reality products. One of the recent entrants in the world of cool new gadgets is the Pocket VR developed and marketed by Speck. The Pocket VR device is light as well as durable. It is compatible with different types of phones and can be used with Apple and Samsung phones with equal comfort. When not in use, its side panels can be folded to make a flat, easily portable package.


Samsung’s Family Hub Fridge

This is something we have been hearing about for some time now. The Samsung Family Hub fridge is basically a Wi-Fi enabled refrigerator with an LCD screen that can be used to order groceries. The fridge is equipped with three built-in cameras that are transmitted by Wi-Fi to an app on your smartphone so you can keep track of your groceries. Not only that, but the Samsung’s Family Hub Fridge comes with other cool new gadgets including built-in speakers to play music as well as a calendar feature.

Samsung's Family Hub Fridge

Lumo Run Pants

Remember the cool fitness trackers that everybody had to have a few years ago. Well, today you can have a fitness monitor embedded within your clothes. The Lumo Run pants include capris pants and shorts with a tracker in the lining to record your running performance.

Lumo Run Pants

Owlet Baby Monitor

With ever increasing numbers of households with both parents working full-time, the need for cool new gadgets that offer parental monitoring is being felt stronger than ever. The Owlet baby monitor from 4Moms is designed to monitor the vital stats of your baby and to alert you if there is a problem. It is based on pulse oximetry technology that is used in hospitals. Shaped like a cute sock, it accurately measures the heart rate and blood oxygen levels of your baby. Wi-Fi connectivity makes it a breeze to view the health of your baby on your smartphone.

Owlet Baby Monitor

Smart Feeder for Pets

If the cool new gadgets help you care for yourself and your family, why should pets be left behind? The SmartFeeder from Petnet helps you feed your pet in the right portion and at the right time simply by using an app. The device measures the portion according to the age and weight of the pet and can store up to 7 pounds of pet food.

Pets Smart Feeder

These are not the only exciting devices to come your way in the next few months. As consumers seek more tech-enabled convenience and comfort in their lives, we can expect to see more of such cool new gadgets in the following months.

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