15 Best Truck Accessories For Pickup Lovers

Published On: February 2, 2024Last Updated: February 2, 2024
Best Truck Accessories

We’re true truck enthusiasts through and through. Trucks, with their versatility, are ingrained in us. Whether working, off-roading for leisure, or tailgating at NASCAR, they adapt seamlessly. Towing, transporting, or loading up for various activities, trucks meet our every need. That’s why we love customizing our trucks with the best truck accessories, ensuring they’re fully equipped for whatever we have in mind.

List of Top 15 Pickup Truck Mods You Must Consider

1. Triple-Ball Trailer Hitch

Triple-Ball Trailer Hitch - Best Truck Accessories

This truck add-on might not boast advanced technology, but its ingenuity shines. Forget lugging around various hitches for different ball sizes – this one’s adjustable, accommodating all three (1-7/8 inch, 2-inch, and 2-5/16 inch). Designed for a 2-inch receiver, it comes with weight ratings matching each ball size, proving that smart design trumps high-tech gimmicks.

2. Wireless Back-Up Camera

Wireless Back-Up Camera - Best Truck Accessories

Backup displays integrated into dashboards are quite common in luxury trucks. However, if your aging truck lacks one, you can incorporate a wireless rear-view camera. It syncs with your phone or tablet, offering various models. The depicted one, using rechargeable batteries, attaches to your rear license plate frame. Simply download the companion app for a swift and uncomplicated installation of this water-resistant device.

3. Pickup Truck Crane

Pickup Truck Crane - Best Truck Accessories

Occasionally, relying on your knees instead of your back doesn’t suffice. For such situations, consider this crane and winch combo for your pickup. With a 1000-pound capacity, a 25-foot extendable cable, and a 360° swiveling base, it is one of the best pickup truck accessories for 2024. It’s ready to reach and handle whatever task comes your way.

4. 12V Car Mini Fridge

12V Car Mini Fridge - Best Truck Accessories

Bring along your snacks and beverages on the journey, and be confident they’ll remain chilled upon arrival with this handy refrigerator. Available in five colors, the 4L mini fridge maintains items 40-50° cooler than the surrounding temperature. Ideal for storing food, drinks, or medical supplies, it ensures convenience on the go.

5. Carhartt Universal Auto Seat Organizer

Carhartt Universal Auto Seat Organizer

Organize and stylize your belongings with a versatile Carhartt seat organizer for electric trucks. Constructed from robust Cordura fabric, it’s water repellent, shielding your seat from dirt. Equipped with eight cargo pockets and numerous straps, it efficiently stores essentials for extended journeys, combining practicality with a sleek appearance.

6. Car Power Inverter

Car Power Inverter - Best Truck Accessories

In a world teeming with digital nomads and mobile device users, this power inverter is a lifesaver. With four USB ports and two 180W outlets, it’s user-friendly – simply plug it into the 12V outlet. Plus, no overheating concerns thanks to its built-in fan. Perfect for those on the go needing reliable device power.

7. GPS Speedometer and Trip Mileage Gauge

GPS Speedometer and Trip Mileage Gauge

Upgrade the driving experience of your hybrid trucks with a heads-up display GPS speedometer. Engine-based speedometers are often inaccurate and hard to read. This device features a 4-1/2-inch-wide screen, recalibration options, and large, high-visibility numbers, ensuring you stay focused on the road. Additionally, it records trip time and mileage for billing, operates on a lighter plug-in, and provides an over-speed alert—no batteries required.

8. Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic Air Purifier

Enhance your truck’s ambiance with a high-tech solution – the ionic air purifier. Designed to fit into your cupholder and plug into the lighter port, this device utilizes the same technology as home purifiers. Emitting negative ions into the air, it effectively combats odors from work, pets, and meals. Plus, it features dual USB charging ports for added convenience. Upgrade your ride and keep it fresh effortlessly.

9. DECKED Truck Tool Box With Ladder

Decked's truck bed toolbox

Decked’s truck bed toolbox stands out from the typical glossy, metal, and diamond plate options, avoiding rust issues. The lid, made of high-impact resin, is dent and puncture-resistant. It’s compatible with various pickup trucks, and equipped with anti-corrosion-treated hardware. With a sturdy yet lightweight design, this toolbox offers a generous cargo capacity of 278 liters, making it a reliable choice for those who prioritize durability and functionality in their tool storage solutions.

10. Long Cord Adapter Splitter

Long Cord Adapter Splitter

Many 12V splitters, offering two or three sockets for lighter ports, are available. Their purpose is to minimize mess and enhance capacity. However, the console area may become congested with multiple devices connected. The solution is to opt for a splitter with an extension cord. Numerous options are available, featuring one to three sockets and cords ranging from 3 to 14 feet. This can be utilized to recharge tools in the rear seat or grant passengers access to a plug-in phone charger during travel.

11. All-In-One Tire Changing Kit & Tire Pump

All-In-One Tire Changing Kit & Tire Pump

Say goodbye to flat tire struggles with this all-in-one tire inflator and jack. Powered by your vehicle’s 12 V outlet, it swiftly lifts your truck in under a minute. The package even includes tools for a seamless tire change. No more hassles, just efficient and convenient solutions for on-the-road emergencies.

12. No-Drill Mud Flaps

No-Drill Mud Flaps

WeatherTech’s aftermarket mud flaps introduced a few years ago, offer a drill-free installation on trucks. This prevents damage to the vulnerable areas of the truck body. The process is quick and easy, utilizing the original equipment bolts without requiring tire removal or jacking up the truck. Custom-designed for each truck model, ordering a specific set online is a simple process.

13. Hands-Free Bluetooth Speaker

Hands-Free Bluetooth Speaker

Equip your truck with hands-free calling—it’s not just the safest, but also the legal way in many states. Opt for a Bluetooth speaker that mounts discreetly inside the cab, like the one pictured, often attaching to the sun visor. Ensure superior sound quality for frequent calls while on the road. Prioritize safety and compliance while enhancing your driving experience. It could be one of the top interior truck accessories for your ride.

14. Console Security

Console Security

Worried about truck security? Ease your mind with an aftermarket lockbox that fits seamlessly into your truck’s console. Simply search online with your truck’s details or consult your dealership. If you own a Ram, consider the Tuffy model designed for the 2010-to-current Dodge Ram for added peace of mind when transporting valuables. You should not miss these kinds of RAM truck accessories for sure.

15. Tonneau Cover Lights

Tonneau Cover Lights

Illuminate your truck bed effortlessly with peel-and-stick LED light strips, ideal for when your tonneau cover is fully closed. Powered by AA batteries, these truck bed accessories feature a convenient on/off switch, automatically turning off after five minutes. Enhance visibility by placing one strip under each bed rail, ensuring a well-lit space without the hassle. It could be one of the best Ford F-150 Truck accessories you can buy this year.

Wrapping up:

The truck accessory market has steadily grown, enhancing old trucks’ capabilities and extending their lifespan. For new trucks, the best truck accessories boost versatility and productivity, maximizing your investment returns.

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