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The Ford F-150 is a powerful and popular truck and has been for a long time now. It appeals to a wide section of the American public and is used for everything from high performance to a reliable vehicle for commutes and vacations. When it comes to modifying the truck for enhanced performance and cooler looks there are hundreds of options. Here are 5 smart ways to upgrade your truck.

  1. Oil Separator. An aftermarket oil separator decreases carbon buildup in the engine, resulting in higher performance and a reduced chance for engine damage. It is relatively simple to install and can be found at car parts online.
  2. Intercooler. This aftermarket upgrade reduces intake temperatures, bringing denser air to the engine and boosting power. It typically can be installed quickly by using the same factory mounting locations and the part may be eligible for auto parts coupons.
  3. Cold Air Intake. An aftermarket cold air intake component holds a few advantages over the factory installation. It boasts better tubing and air filters and the filters are washable so they can be reused. It’s an easy way to add power to the truck.
  4. Cat-Back Exhaust. This aftermarket upgrade improves engine performance and the sound coming from the pipes, giving the truck a more aggressive roar. It can also enhance the look of your truck.
  5. Programmer. Any time you do significant modifications of your F-150, it pays to invest in a quality programmer. It helps your machine coordinate components and results in a suite of improved functions: better fuel economy, higher horsepower, enhanced monitoring of critical engine parts and improved reading of diagnostic codes.

Shop Now for Aftermarket Upgrades

Once you locate the closest “auto store near me” you can begin to make the smartest upgrades on your F-150. With the right choices, you can turn a great truck into a unique, high-performance machine.

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