Best Street Racing Cars That’ll Leave You in Awe!

Published On: May 7, 2024Last Updated: July 11, 2024
Best Street Racing Cars

Ready to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush that comes with driving super fast? Not just experiencing the fastest car on the road but being a part of the growing subculture where your world revolves around street racing models.

Indeed, it’s accurate! Despite being against the law in many parts of the world, including North America, street racing has surged as a significant trend in the US.

In Japan, street car races also happen but secretly and underground. Thanks to the rising popularity of video games, animes, and Hollywood movies, street racing became a phenomenon.

Street racing vehicles are symbolic of neck-breaking speed and high performance. The engineering prowess is the driving force behind the best street racing cars.

With innumerable models available today, there is a common ground linking all. Each model is designed and engineered with enhanced driver-centric features, extraordinary interiors, racing gears, and, most importantly, supercharged engines.

If you are a racing enthusiast, you may have stopped by to read our list of the best supercars in 2016. Now we are back with the top fastest street racing cars. So tighten your seatbelts, and let’s get started.

7 Most Popular Street Racing Cars in 2024

Best Street Racing Cars

A Flexible Family Car Model

1. Honda Civic Type R 2024

Honda Civic Type R 2024

Price: $44,795

We start the list with this popular family car, the Honda Civic Type R. The simple sedan is one of the most powerful and agile cars from the Honda family.

While the brand has manufactured some iconic Honda sports cars, the Civic Type R undoubtedly has premium handling features with the four-mode drive system, allowing it to tune as per the owner’s needs.

If you possess one, you can redesign the interiors to tune it for street racing. While it has a tamed exterior, the suspension, and exhausts can be upgraded with engineer tuners and programmers to convert it into an intelligent, top-racer car.

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Engine Features:

Engine2.0-liter VTEC turbocharged engine
Horsepower315 hp
Torque310 l b-ft
0-60 MPH5.3 seconds
Top Speed170 MPH
TransmissionSix-speed manual transmission

Other Notable Features:

  • The four-mode drive system features +R, individual, comfort, and sport.
  • Lightweight chassis
  • Commendable power-weight ratio
  • Suspension modifications
  • Incredible handling with an R-exclusive shift link mechanism
  • Center-mounted Active Exhaust Valve on Triple-outlet exhaust
  • Dual-axis McPherson front suspension
  • Multi-link rear suspension
  • Adaptive Damper System
  • Four-piston front brake calipers from Brembo
  • Limited-Slip Differential
  • Electric power steering
  • Michelin Pilot Sports 4 S 265mm wide tires
  • Lightweight components like sports seats, aluminum hood, resin-made hatch, flywheel, and crankshaft.

Key Competitors:

The main competition for the Honda Civic Type R is the BMW M240i and Toyota GR Yaris. What makes the Honda Civic Type R an avant-garde street racing car is its skill and the choice of converting the sedan into a racing vehicle on a budget.

A Cult Legend

2. Toyota Supra MK IV

Toyota Supra MK IV - Best Street Racing Cars

Price: $ 100,000 – a brand-new car.
Between $39,000 and $70,000- 1993 model

While the 4th generation Toyota Supra MK IV might not hold the tag of the fastest car in the world, it has secured legendary status in the street circuit zone.

This one has become a craze after franchise Hollywood movies, the likes of Fast and the Furious (that’s true – the Supra featured with another rocking model – the 2000 Nissan or the Brian’s Skyline) that made the Supra a demi-god as a top racer car.

With numerous tuning parts and super-power on the street, its remarkable 2JZ-GTE engine delivers a terrific performance. Like the best hypercars, the Toyota Supra MK has impressive velocity but at a reasonable price.

Engine Features:

Engine3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE turbocharged I6 engine
HorsepowerBetween 320 – 326 hp
TorqueBetween 315 – 325 lb-ft
0-60 MPHBetween 4.7 – 5.5 seconds
Top Speed177 MPH
TransmissionSix-speed manual transmission and 4-speed automatic transmission

Other Notable Features:

  • Front engine, RWD
  • Sleek and aerodynamics design
  • Pop-up headlights
  • Double-bubble roof

Key Competitors:

The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, and the 1993 Mazda RX-7 are its closest competitors.

The fourth-generation Toyota Supra MK is the most iconic and popular of all four, probably due to the Hollywood angle.

The fact that it can be modified with a few going over 1,000 hp makes it a strong contender as the best street racing car.

An Innovative Fastest Street Racing Car

3. Dodge Charger Daytona

Dodge Charger Daytona

Price: Between $24,000 to $43,991- Dodge Charger Daytona 392

The 1969 model of the Dodge Charger Daytona might not rank among the rarest cars in the world, but its history is undeniably distinctive.

During an era when automakers emphasized aerodynamics for racing advantages, certain companies were crafting cars specifically tailored for racers. The 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona was a car that was made with this objective.

Interestingly, only 503 models were made solely for NASCAR wins. The spectacular look is a crucial feature of this best street racing car.

The exterior is characterized by a nose cone of sheet metal and huge 23-inch wings in the rear deck. These were the first cars to speed up to 200 mph, a landmark achievement.

Engine Features:

Engine7.2-liter 440-inch Magnum V-8 engine. 426-inch Hemi V-8 optional
Horsepower375 hp
Torque278 Nm
0-60 MPH5.2 seconds
Top Speed130 MPH
TransmissionFour-speed manual and three-speed automatic

Other Notable Features:

  • Sports power steering wheel
  • Bucket seats
  • Chrome driver’s mirror
  • Power brakes and front discs
  • Three-speed wipers
  • Dayona radial S/R tires
  • Locking gas cap
  • Aerodynamic exterior
  • Slanted nose cone
  • Flush rear glass

Key Competitors:

For this classic collector’s pride, the 1960 Dodge Charger Daytona, its successor, is the only competitor worth considering.

It’s the Plymouth Superbird. While both models were considered ugly initially, they were explicitly for NASCAR races with their innovative aerodynamic shapes.

The Daytona was more aerodynamically efficient, giving it a speed advantage of 1 to 3 mph over its successor.

An Expensive Bargain but One of the Best Street Racing Cars

4. BMW M2

BMW M2 - Best street racing cars

Price: $60,000 for 2021 model

Do you want value for money? Go for a BMW M2. It’s worth the price, even though it could be way expensive.

Known to be the best-made “M” car, it will wow you with its pickup from 0 to 60 mph in about 4 seconds.

The brand is busy revamping the M2, but this one will surely never fail you when it comes to street racing.

Thanks to the impressive acceleration and handling features.

Engine Features:

Engine3.0L turbo engine twin-turbocharged
Horsepower453 hp
Torque406 Nm
0-60 MPH4 seconds
Top Speed177 MPH
TransmissionSix-speed manual transmission and eight-speed automatic transmission

Other Notable Features:

  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Specially-tuned suspension
  • Chassis enhancements suitable for street racing
  • Spacious interior
  • Racy design
  • Aggressive body-hugging buckets

Key Competitors:

The Volvo XC90 and the Mercedes-Benz AMG C43 are its closest competitors. Within its competitive set, the BMW M2 is a sure-shot winner on the street racing front as the best street racing car due to its optimized features.

It offers a well-balanced ride with a high-end braking system and maneuverability. The chassis is tuned for precision, enabling convenient steering even on curved streets.

The Modern Era of Pony Cars

5. Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2020)

Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2020)

Price: $74,095 (Starting Price)

The most expensive car to feature in our best street racing cars is the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. It may not be the fastest car in reverse or otherwise, but it holds its ground regarding street races.

The rear-wheel-drive gives it a superior edge with one of the best acceleration features and a whopping 760 horsepower. The GT500 is the best in the Ford Mustang series.

Famous since 1964 as a top racer car, the GT500 has lived up to its legacy all through. The 2020 GT500 is a unique zest of style, power, and performance. Its design is out of the world, and so are its handling capabilities.

Engine Features:

Engine5.8–liter, 32-valve supercharged V8 engine
Horsepower760 Hp
Torque625 lb-ft
0-60 MPH3.3 seconds
Top Speed180 MPH

Other Notable Features:

  • 20-inch carbon-fiber wheels
  • Has quicker lap times
  • Carbon-fiber instrument panel trim
  • Leather-trimmed Recaro front buckets

Key Competitors:

The competitive group includes the Chevy Camaro ZL11LE and the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The Ford Mustang GT500 is a monster on the road, believe us! It is a powerful beast, the most robust in the Mustang series.

Iconic American Muscle Car

6. Chevrolet Camaro

Price: $72,100

Launched in 1966, the Camaro has some iconic models like the ZL 1 or the Z/28. The most popular variant nowadays is the ZL1, one of the wealthiest street racer cars. Powered by a 6.2 liter V8 engine, the Camarao is regarded as one of the strongest cars for street racing in the US. Its trim is known for an impressive performance combined with an aggressive style. The model accelerates between 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds and gains a top speed level of 190 mph or more with precision handling. Be it on the track or the street, this one is truly a legend!

Engine Features:

Engine6.2-liter V8 engine
0-60 MPHUnder 3.5 seconds
Top Speed190 mph

Other Notable Features:

  • Advanced features like rear cross-traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, and lane departure warning for driver assistance.
  • Advanced magnetic suspension technology for precise handling and control.
  • With performance traction management, drivers can optimize performance.
  • Top Brembo braking system
  • Recaro seats (optional) for spirited driving
  • Dual-mode exhaust.

Key competitors:

If speed and agility define your driving style, whether you’re racing or cruising the streets, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 stands out among its closest competitors, including the Shelby GT500, Ford Mustang, Challenger SRT Hellcat, BMW M4, and Mercedes-AMG C63 S.

Power Personification

7. Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

Price: $96,666 (Starting Price)

The SRT Demon 170 has earned the distinct reputation of being one of the first American street racing cars. Priced on a higher side it’s worth the money. A 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engine provides the power to the SRT. It can accelerate very fast, from 0 to 60 mph, almost within 1.66 seconds.

The SRT Demon 170, sadly, had limited production – about 3,300 units. However, if you are a racing enthusiast, you can feel the power of a Hermi V8-powered Dodge street racing car in the 2009 Challenger SRT8. This one has a five-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual transmission, with almost 50% the horsepower and torque of the SRT Demon 170.

Engine Features:

Engine6.2-liter HEMI V8 engine
0-60 MPH1.66 seconds
Top Speed168 MPH

Other Notable Features:

  • The TranBrake System allows the engine to rev more quickly.
  • Wider tires with an aggressive stance and better grip.
  • Functional hood air-grabber scoop.
  • Drag mode suspension for increased traction during drag racing.

Key competitors:

SRT Demon 170 is an elegant car that beautifully blends performance and power. It competes against the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Ford Mustang GT350, Dodge Charger Hellcat, and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.


We have endeavored to list the top fastest street racing models for you here. We also promise to cover others in another edition of the best street racing cars. Meanwhile, read here to find the number of Bugattis worldwide.

All geared up for a street race? Consider converting your Honda Civic Type R for a mod transformation.

If your pocket permits, you can invest in the Toyota Supra MK IV, the BMW M2, or the GT500 from the Ford Mustang.

The Dodge Charger Daytona is the best buy if you want an economical choice. Nonetheless, if you are looking for the fastest cars under 20k, we’ve some amazing recommendations for you to keep your wish and budget fulfilled!

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