4 Ways to Have Pets Even if You Have Allergies


Ways to Have Pets Even with Allergies

Adopting a puppy, kitten, or other type of domestic animal can add a lot of love to your home. It can also add a lot of pet dander that causes allergic reactions in some people. You don’t have to kick out your new pet just because you have coughing and sneezing fits. Following these four ways to have pets, even if you have allergies, could create a home where humans and animals are welcome.

Dust and Vacuum Often

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Many people think that pet allergies are caused by fur, but they’re actually the result of dander (tiny skin cells that the animal sheds). Getting rid of dander usually requires more effort than cleaning up fur. Dusting and vacuuming often, however, will remove most of the pet dander from your home. You may still have some allergic reactions, but frequent cleaning will reduce the problem significantly.

Install an Air Purifier

Pet dander can accumulate quickly in your home, so dusting and vacuuming may not eliminate your allergies. Having an air purifier installed, however, will filter pet dander and fur from the air constantly. Every time your heater or air conditioner comes on, the air purifier will remove unwanted dander from the air.

A purifier will also help reduce the presence of other allergens in your home. Dust, mold, and cockroach droppings are common household allergens that leave people sneezing and coughing. Improving your indoor air quality (IAQ) will create a healthier environment for everyone in your household.

When it comes to preventing indoor allergies, getting an air purifier is one of the most effective things you can do.

Give Your Pet a Bath

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An air purifier will eliminate most of the pet dander in your home, but you may still have allergic reactions after snuggling with your favorite feline or puppy. Giving your pet a bath will wash away most of the dander that causes allergies. Your pet may resist at first, but it will learn to tolerate the experience as long as you follow some smart bathing tips. It may even become a bonding ritual between you and your pet. It just depends on how well your pet responds to water.

Designate a Pet-Free Zone

If you have severe allergies, you may need to designate a pet-free zone in your house. When you start to feel a case of the sniffles coming on, retreat to the pet-free room to recover. Many people choose to make their bedrooms pet-free areas so they can get sleep through the night without getting disturbed by their allergies.

This strategy only works when you make sure that pets never enter the area. Keep the door closed at all times or put up a baby gate that prevents the pets from entering.

Whether your kids want to get an animal companion or you like to snuggle up with a furry creature at night, caring for a pet is often a rewarding experience. As long as you follow these four tips, you should find that you can control your allergies.


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