DIY Cleaning Products You Can Make and Use at Home

Published On: February 28, 2018Last Updated: June 9, 2023

There is a common misconception about house cleaning that requires the smell of chemicals to measure its sanitation. Apart from its potentially harmful effects to one’s health and the environment, chemical-based cleaning products can also make a dent in your pocket as they likely to cost a lot.

So if you are thinking of saving money and, at the same time, take care of nature, then it is high time to make a lifestyle change. Instead of investing on expensive products loaded with toxic and polluting substances, you can actually turn to your pantry and look for ingredients you can use in creating your own miracle cleaner.

There are many do-it-yourself ideas for cleaning products that can be just as effective in making your kitchen, bathroom, and any part of your house spotless, odor-free, and sanitary without putting your health or the environment in danger.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Baking Soda

With its deodorizing property, baking soda is handy to have around. From drains to grouts, kitchen sinks to bathtub rings, baking soda mixed with water can do the trick in removing grimes, odors, and stains. It is just as effective as any chemical-laden product is in cleaning surfaces to leave you with a smooth and odorless area.

A Squeeze of Lemon for Grease and Molds

Bacteria are everywhere at home, but they can be mostly found on used kitchenware and dishes. To clean grease and molds, a squeeze of lemon combined with salt can do the trick. It can polish porcelain surfaces while leaving a refreshing fragrance behind.

Vinegar as an All-around Cleaner

With its mildly acidic characteristic, vinegar can be used to dissolve dirt and other hard water deposits from smooth surfaces while it can also work as a gentle solution for floorboard cleaning. It is known to partner well with water to clean countertops and exterior surfaces of the toilet. It can go well as a disinfectant when mixed with citrus peels.

Baking soda is also good for toilet cleaning. Some toilet installations, like Saniflo, are equipped with macerating pumps that break down waste into smaller pieces before flushing it into the waste system, so the possibility of clogging is low. But for standard toilets prone to clogging, vinegar can work with baking soda in dissolving debris blocking the hole.

Olive Oil for Cleaning and Polishing

For kitchen professionals who are too fussy with the cleaning products they use to clean cast-iron pans, there’s another way to get the grease off: using olive oil. Mixed with a teaspoon of coarse salt, it can be used to soften the grease until it can be scrubbed off with a brush before rinsing with water.

Clean and Green

Cleaning is a must, but it does not mean that you have to spend a lot to make sure your home is sanitized. There are many more organic ingredients that you can use in making cleaning products that are accessible. You are not only sparing yourself from shelling out too much money for chemical-based products but are also making the most of the ingredients that you already have.

Any excess will not be a waste, as they are used for cooking and baking as well. Aside from the environmental benefits, chemical-laden products are also very harmful to your health, especially corrosive drain cleaners, oven cleaners, and acidic toilet bowl cleaners.

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