How to Keep your Old Furniture Look New

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keep Your Old Furniture Look New

keep Your Old Furniture Look New

Everyone in Australia wants to give their house a new look. You can change the curtains, the slipcovers, carpeting or even a chair or two, but you can’t just replace your all old furniture items with the new ones, unless you have a lot of spare money at hand. So, how can you prevent your furniture from looking old and shabby? Start off by taking care of it on a daily basis, so that when you renovate your home, your furniture looks as new as everything surrounding it.

Following are some tips and tricks that you can follow to keep your old furniture look new and shiny:

Conceal the scratches and damages with walnuts and ground coffee:

As things get old, they are more prone to damaging and getting scratched. We all know how ugly these scratch marks look. Get rid of the scratches by rubbing a walnut over them. An oil layer will form over the rubbed area. Leave it to dry and wipe with a clean cloth afterwards. If your furniture is dark-coloured, clean the scratches with coffee grounds. Rub moist coffee grounds on the scratches with a cotton swab. Let it dry and clean it with a dry cloth after 15 minutes.

Clean your old furniture daily:

Dirt and grime make things old quicker than anything. Keep your furniture from looking old by cleaning it regularly. Don’t let dirt destroy the polish. If you have provincial chairs from Hudson, you need a cleaning agent. Take alcohol, olive oil, gum turpentine and strained lemon juice in equal amounts and mix them. Clean your French provincial chairs from Hudson with this homemade cleaning agent at least once a week. You’ll not lose the lustre ever!

Clean your old furniture daily

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Keep your furniture dry:

Sometimes, you have to use a damp cloth to clean the days’ old dirt from your furniture. If things come to that, make sure you dry your furniture with a clean cloth straightaway. Don’t leave your furniture moist, it will ruin the varnish.

Consider repainting:

You’re renovating your house and everything looks new and different except your old furniture. Consider repainting your furniture. It will not only increase its life, but will also make it look entirely new.

Consider repainting

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Use coconut oil to get the shine back on your old furniture:

If you cannot afford to repaint your furniture, make it look new by applying coconut oil on it. Take a clean cloth and dip it in coconut oil. Rub the cloth on your furniture in circular motion. The oil will not only make your furniture shine as if it was new, but will also protect the wood.

How about changing the covers?

Change your couch covers every once in a while to avoid getting bored of the same old look. How about keeping 3 to 4 different slipcovers and changing them every now and then?

How about changing the covers

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If you spill something on the wood, clean it right away:

Alcohol, water, tea or other drinks can leave stains on your furniture, if cleaned up immediately. These stains become permanent if not taken care of. Make sure you don’t let liquid spills stain your furniture.

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