5 Quick And Easy DIY Projects

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The best part of DIY projects is that you can choose from millions of different projects and personalize them to match your tastes. Plus, most of them are easy and yield a gorgeous, designer-esque end product. Whether you’re new to DIY or are a self-proclaimed professional, here are some top DIY projects that are not only easy to make but can be completed in under an hour.

Candle Art:

Perfect for a wedding, party or matching your interior home decor, this project is the epitome of DIY. All you need are candles (as many as you want), duct tape and scissors. Simply lay your candle down, line the top of the candle with the top of the duct tape edge, and pull – roll – press – repeat. It’s really that easy. Once you reach the bottom, make sure that there is some excess tape hanging off the end that way you can fold underneath. One reason this project is so great is that you can choose any duct tape color you want. From metallic to animal print to neon, choose whichever one your heart desires. Important burning note: once the candle has burned below the tape by about an inch, make sure to cut off the excess tape.

Envelope Flair:

Speaking of duct tape, another great use is to outline your envelopes by 1/8 up to 1/4 of an inch with any style or color tape. This is a great and fun way to customize those party invitation envelopes.

Mailbox Swag:

Quick And easy DIY Projects

Image by Flickr

It’s time to match your mailbox with your tastes. From holidays to special occasions to seasons, there are plenty of different opportunities to dress up your mailbox in a unique and natural way. One favorite is adding seasonal, festive flair around the base, post and atop the box. Think holly and evergreens for winter, flowers for spring, brightly-colored mesh for summer and pumpkins for fall. Add simple touches or go all out with many festive decorations.

Wall “Paint”:

Wall Paint

Image by Flickr

A unique approach to painting your wall is to opt for a paint swatch wall. This way you can choose all the colors of the rainbow or just all the shades of your favorite color. Simply pin those free paint swatches to the wall of your desired room with straight pins. A big pro to decorating your room this way is that you can change the color whenever you want.

Pillow Talk:

Turn those drab pillows into something fab! Sew on buttons, tie a ribbon bow or add iron-on vinyl words. Whatever style you want to incorporate in your pillows, there’s a way. Important tip to remember is to add these decorations to a pillow case without the pillow; that way it’s not only easier to move around, but the pillow fluff won’t get in the way.

From inexpensive ways to helping with efficiency to an easy afternoon activity, there’s a huge variety of DIY projects just waiting for you.

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