For many people looking to travel to Disney World, the winter months are considered to be an ideal time to plan a trip.

While many people associate vacations to tourist attractions like Disney World with summer, many travelers and Disney enthusiasts believe that there are many benefits to taking a trip to Disney in the winter, including smaller crowds, more bearable weather, and the ability to travel due to time off from school and work at Northwest Surgery Center around the holidays.

While it is true that taking a trip to Disney in the winter can be better than visiting the park at any other time of year, there are a few things that travelers should know before heading to the Disney parks.

Holidays Can Bring Crowds

Holidays Can Bring Crowds


If you are looking to travel to Disney this winter because you believe that the crowd sized will be minimalized leading to shortner lines for your favorite attractions and an easier time navigating the park, be sure to avoid traveling to Disney too close to the holidays.

At Christmas time, Mickey’s Christmas Party brings tens of thousands of visitors to the park each day, resulting in some of the biggest crowds that the park will see each year.

Additionally, the park’s New Year’s Eve celebration brings in a similar sized crowd as well. If hitting the park in an off season is a priority to you, try to avoid visiting from late November through early January.

The Weather is Unexpectedly Cold

Weather is Unexpectedly Cold


Many people do not worry much about the weather when planning a trip to Florida in the winter months, since the Sunshine State is known for having relatively mild, pleasant weather year round.

While this is true, the weather in the dead of winter can reach lows that are surprising to many travelers. In the winter, the lows can reach 30-40 degrees, leaving some travelers in a pinch due to underpacking and under preparing with appropriate clothing.

Visit Disney Springs

Visit Disney Springs-Disney World in the Winter


No matter when you travel to Walt Disney World, visiting Disney Springs is a great way to get a taste of Disney magic without paying the price of admission to a park.

Many travelers advise that traveling to Disney Springs in the winter is the best time to do so, due to the many deals and opportunities to save money on merchandise and experiences at many of the Springs’ shops and restaurants.

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