What To Know Before Traveling To Disney World In The Winter

Published On: December 20, 2022Last Updated: September 27, 2023
Disney World in the Winter

For many people looking to travel to Disney World, the winter months are considered to be an ideal time to plan a trip.

While many people associate vacations to tourist attractions like Disney World with summer, many travelers and Disney enthusiasts believe that there are many benefits to taking a trip to Disney in the winter, including smaller crowds, more bearable weather, and the ability to travel due to time off from school.

While it is true that taking a trip to Disney in the winter can be better than visiting the park at any other time of year, there are a few things that travelers should know before heading to the Disney parks.

Holidays Can Bring Crowds

If you are looking to travel to Disney this winter because you believe that the crowd size will be minimalized leading to shorter lines for your favorite attractions and an easier time navigating the park, be sure to avoid traveling to Disney too close to the holidays.

At Christmas time, Mickey’s Christmas Party brings tens of thousands of visitors to the park each day, resulting in some of the biggest crowds that the park will see each year.

Additionally, the park’s New Year’s Eve celebration brings in a similar sized crowd as well. If hitting the park in an off season is a priority to you, try to avoid visiting from late November through early January.

The Weather is Unexpectedly Cold

Many people do not worry much about the weather when planning a trip to Florida in the winter months, since the Sunshine State is known for having relatively mild, pleasant weather year round.

While this is true, the weather in the dead of winter can reach lows that are surprising to many travelers. In the winter, the lows can reach 30-40 degrees, leaving some travelers in a pinch due to underpacking and under preparation with appropriate clothing.

However, the lows in Orlando hardly drop below 52 degrees, so you’re generally safe from the cold.

Standing in long lines during the cold can lead to foot problems, especially in children. If you have Hammertoe or other foot conditions, avoid traveling to Disneyland in the winter. You can also get foot surgery at a reputable surgery center like the Northwest Surgery Center before going on holiday.

Visit Disney Springs

No matter when you travel to Walt Disney World, visiting Disney Springs is a great way to get a taste of Disney magic without paying the price of admission to a park.

Many travelers advise that traveling to Disney Springs in the winter is the best time to do so, due to the many deals and opportunities to save money on merchandise and experiences at many of the Springs’ shops and restaurants.

Some Rides Close for Maintenance

The rides at Disney World are some of the world’s safest. However, they need to be serviced regularly and the best time for this is in the winter when there are fewer people in the park. So, if you’re visiting outside specific holidays in the winter, you may not be able to try out all the rides.

The good thing about how Disney World does ride maintenance is their rotating schedule. Usually, only one major ride will be serviced at a time, so you’ll always have something to enjoy.

While the maintenance is usually short, sometimes it take many days, so you’ll just have to accept that you won’t be able to enjoy certain rides at this time of the year.

Visiting Hours are Less

Since the days are shorter and there are less visitors during the winter, Disney World parks may open later and close earlier. This is especially true for the smaller parks, as it’s not economical to keep them open for longer when demand is less.

The timings change a lot in the winter, so make sure you check the new schedule when planning your trip. While most parks will close as late as 10pm or 11pm in the summer, they can close as early as 7pm in the winter.

Getting to Disney World is Cheaper

If you’re planning to fly to Disney World, winter is the most affordable time to do so. Flights are easier to come by and you don’t have to rush to book tickets online months ahead to get a reservation. Best of all, airline tickets to Orlando are much cheaper during this time of the year due to lower demand.

The same thing applies for hotels and other services. Summer and spring may see price hikes, but most services are more affordable during the winter.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Disney World on a low budget, winter is the perfect season to do so.

Pro Tip: Even though you’ll get cheaper airline fares in the winter months, it’s best to book your flights and accommodation months in advance if you want to get even better discounts.

Resort Hop is the Place to Be

If you’re looking to get in the festive spirit at Disney World in the winter. Resort Hop is the place to be. The magical attractions have some amazing decorations at this time of the year and there are plenty of places to visit.

Using the Monorail Loop, you can visit some of the best attractions on the Resort Hop, including the famous Wilderness Lodge Resort.

So, if you want to avoid the summer rush and save money on a trip to Disney World, try visiting in the winter months.

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