Real Estate Business Investment Tips for Soon to Be Landlords

Published On: March 2, 2018Last Updated: January 24, 2024
real estate investment

Real Estate is definitely a business journey full of twists and turns. Sometimes it may seem like nothing goes according to your plan. What’s important is to stay flexible and to continue to look at potential opportunities presented to you.

Real Estate Investment

In this article, we’ll talk about real estate business investment tips for those looking to take the mantle of being a landlord (or landlady). Ready to take the plunge? Let’s go!

You won’t lose money unless you sell. As long as you don’t sell your property, you won’t lose money as well as long as your rent is covering the home mortgage.

This is a very good advantage of income properties. Home buyers, especially those who buy cash flow negative properties with leverage and depend on appreciation to create returns, which is the reason why many investors consider this might get distraught if the market takes a downturn, but properties that generate a good cash flow every month aren’t affected.

This is a business – not a charity. You are running a business. For that, you need money to run your operation. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad as you become successful and make a profit. McDonald’s, Toyota, Target, and Safeway all make a profit and you should as well. Don’t let your tenants or any people in your life make you feel bad about being successful.

There will be tough times. This applies to any business that has just started or has been in the industry for hundreds of years. Land lording will include moments where tenants
Land lording will have its moments. Sometimes a tenant will leave the rental house a mess when moving out or can run down the place so fast. They may also try to break their lease. You will need to stand up for yourself and your house. No one will care more about your house and business than you do!

Don’t get tempted to jump ship during these low moments. Stick with it and wait it out, as will get better in time.

Create a good, sensible lease. Take note that if it isn’t properly taken down, it won’t count. The more explicit the lease you create, the better reference and protection you get. Some have a basic 15-page lease.

Tax Advantages. You can have many tax advantages when owning rentals. This includes a deduction from all the expenses, capital gains, claiming depreciation, and just having the peace of mind of having a mode of income aside from an office career—there are many benefits indeed (ie rental property deductions).

Getting home loans. More often than not, you won’t have enough money saved to purchase a property on the spot. Regardless, now that the housing market is as stable as it gets despite the downturn a few years back, you should take advantage of home loan interest rates available from top providers like New Castle Permanent, who has been in the lending business for many years and have been the source for many investors like you.

Final Thoughts

Owning rental property is unpredictable and can present big volatile swings like most investment types in a business. There is no secret recipe, but the key is to have a plan and stick with it.

Take note that you won’t lose money until you sell. The key is to be flexible and adaptable. Your success in this business should teach you to constantly evaluate and adapt. Best of luck!

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