6 Most Luxurious RVs That Money Can Buy

Published On: March 20, 2024Last Updated: March 21, 2024
Incredible RV money can buy

A motorhome is an ideal vehicle for travel enthusiasts. It allows travelers to travel vast distances and still experience the same comfort as at home. Modern RV models are equipped with all the necessary equipment and furniture and complemented by decorations and valuable interior items. They are often classified as “incredible” and called real masterpieces on wheels.

Top 6 Luxury Recreational Vehicles (RVs) in the World

Take a look at each of these RVs, after which you can choose the best.

1. Volkner Performance S

Volkner Performance S

This luxury vehicle is one of the most amazing RVs available. It stands out for its impressive dimensions, which make it comparable to a passenger bus. The main distinctive feature of this model is the presence of a unique platform on the roof, which more than five people can comfortably accommodate. Also adding exclusivity to this RV is the built-in garage, designed to transport vehicles up to 5 meters long. Initially, the interior space did not seem too large. However, after a small transformation (due to a retractable wall), it expands significantly and allows each passenger to feel comfortable.

Among the additional features of the Volkner Performance S is the presence of a solar battery that generates energy to operate various equipment (air conditioning, refrigerators, etc.), luxurious furniture, and many valuable interior items. To become the owner of this vehicle, you need to fork out a lot of cash. If you don’t have it, you can look for a similar model at online auctions, where many salvage RVs for sale are available. They cost much less than new vehicles. Once restored, these RVs will be almost perfect and can perform their tasks perfectly.

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2. Elemment Palazzo Superior

Elemment Palazzo Superior

This RV can easily be called the most unusual of all. It features a futuristic design that makes it look like an alien vehicle. Despite this appearance, the inside looks more standard. Everyone in this mobile home can access a vast space divided into several rooms. If necessary, you can increase it by moving the sliding section. There is expensive furniture, modern audio systems, a huge TV and much more inside. In the kitchen, owners of this RV will have access to a large refrigerator, freezer, stove, and hood, and in the bathroom, a spacious walk-in shower with many modern additions.

An important feature of Element Palazzo Superior is the presence of hundreds of useful functions. They can be activated using a special dashboard located in the driver’s cabin. A huge number of buttons open up unlimited possibilities for the user to adapt the RV’s operation to their own needs. In addition, all owners have access to the vehicle’s roof. After simple transformations, it will turn into a full-fledged outdoor recreation area.

3. Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45 DLQ

Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45 DLQ

This luxurious 13-meter motorhome is an excellent option for lovers of long journeys. It will provide each passenger with a high level of comfort and the opportunity to enjoy their trip. The appearance of this vehicle may seem standard and not very interesting to many. However, if you look closely at all the details and grasp the designer’s idea, you will be able to understand the splendor of this RV immediately.

The interior space consists of several separate rooms that are connected in series with each other. The bedroom has several beds, one of which reaches truly enormous sizes, bedside tables, wardrobes, and other functional furniture. Next comes the luxurious bathroom, which is hard to find in other RVs. There is also a kitchen and living room with large sofas, a TV, an audio system, and other valuable accessories. Professional designers decorate all rooms, so a minute’s stay in each will make everyone feel the comfort and atmosphere of a full-fledged home.

4. EarthRoamer SX

EarthRoamer SX

This custom model immediately stands out on the road. It is a vehicle that looks more like a massive SUV than a full-fledged motor home. This appearance of the EarthRoamer SX hides many internal secrets. The main one is the possibility of using this transport on extreme trips. In addition to increased cross-country ability, it is distinguished by a powerful solar battery, which will not leave travelers without electricity, even in places remote from civilization. It should also be noted that there are large tanks for transporting large amounts of fuel and water.

Due to its inherently small dimensions (compared to other luxury RVs), the EarthRoamer SX’s makers have included the ability to expand its interior space. With a simple transformation, users will have a pull-out kitchen and bathroom. The latter also has an open shower, which many call the most exciting feature of the model. The main room, where travelers will spend the most time, is not striking in its size. At the same time, it is as cozy and comfortable as possible. It contains beds, sofas, a TV that extends from the ceiling and other mandatory attributes of a full-fledged home. All walls are complemented by panoramic windows, which allow you to enjoy fantastic views during your trip.

5. Anderson Mobile Estates

Anderson Mobile Estates

This mobile home stands out for its dimensions. It is based on a full-fledged mainline tractor, complemented by a two-story superstructure. Its presence provides the owner with 366 square meters of housing, a record among all RVs. Naturally, such a space cannot be empty. It is filled with everything necessary for a comfortable stay and traveling long distances. The interior space is divided into many rooms so that each traveler can have his separate room.

In addition to space for relaxation and leisure, Anderson Mobile Estates has two huge bathrooms. They look so perfect that they can compete on equal terms with similar rooms in the most luxurious hotels in the world. The kitchen also looks very rich. It has all the necessary equipment and hundreds of required and optional items. Such a vast mobile home cannot do without a full-fledged conference room. It is decorated in a business style and is intended to hold negotiations during a trip. Anderson Mobile Estates is easily transformed. It has many sliding sections that expand the interior space and help turn the vehicle into a full-fledged home. Despite such dimensions and enormous weight, this RV is well-handled. It can also be called the standard of reliability. Anyone who has at least once driven a modern truck can handle the job of an Anderson Mobile Estates driver.

6. Newmar King Aire

Newmar King Aire

Built on a truck chassis, the Newmar King Aire is one of the most luxurious motorhomes. It has impressive dimensions, which become even more prominent thanks to the presence of retractable sections. The latter are located on the sides and allow you to increase the internal space. The latter is consistent with the status of this RV. It is replete with expensive interior items that create a cozy atmosphere and high comfort. For interior decoration, natural materials (marble, wood, etc.) are mainly used (treated with unique anti-allergenic compounds).

Inside the Newmar King Aire, travelers will find a variety of furnishings ranging from simple nightstands to a king-size bed. In addition, there is a refrigerator, electric stove, microwave oven, and a unique cooling device that acts as a wine cabinet. Both bathrooms are distinguished by a spacious shower and expensive plumbing fixtures, and the living room has a large amount of modern equipment. Operating the Newmar King Aire is simple and enjoyable.

The driver of this RV has access to various assistance systems that recognize road signs, monitor fatigue, and much more. In addition, this transport is considered one of the safest.


Nowadays, almost every vehicle looks incredible and deserves the attention of every potential buyer. Mobile homes are no exception. However, a few models stand out from the crowd and immediately capture the hearts of everyone who sees them. Such vehicles are filled with modern technological innovations and various equipment, thanks to which every passenger feels comfortable, even on some abandoned highway far from home.

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