Top 7 Mobile Safety Apps: Safeguarding Your Device in a Digital World

Published On: August 3, 2023Last Updated: August 2, 2023
Mobile Safety Apps

As smartphones become an extension of our lives, the need to secure them against digital dangers grows exponentially. Join us as we unveil the seven must-have apps that fortify your smartphone’s defenses, empowering you to browse, communicate, and transact confidently.

7 Best Security Apps To Secure Your Smartphone Now

1. LastPass

Mobile Safety Apps (LastPass)

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We all habitually apply the same password for various websites and applications. It’s understandable, as not everyone knows how to build strong passwords, and the recovery process can be quite inconvenient. However, this practice exposes you to a significant vulnerability. A compromised password jeopardizes all your social media and email accounts.

LastPass serves as a reliable password management and generation tool, securely storing your personal data within an encrypted vault. Moreover, it offers the convenience of automatically updating passwords for specific websites at regular intervals.

2. Avast Security

Mobile Safety Apps (Avast Security)

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Avast has established itself as a widely recognized brand in the antivirus software industry and for valid reasons. Avast’s dependability, efficient performance, and cost-free accessibility make it a popular user choice.

Antivirus is an essential requirement for smartphones, and Avast goes beyond just that. While there are certain distinctions between the Android and iOS applications, both deliver enhanced security and privacy for users. Avast’s mobile apps exhibit the same level of quality as the company’s desktop software.

Avast Security for Android offers more than just antivirus protection. It provides the ability to safeguard personal photos, keep an eye on compromised passwords online, and secure specific applications. On the other hand, Avast Security for iOS is equipped with a range of features, including secure browsing, malware detection, account supervision, Wi-Fi defense, and additional functionalities.

3. Duo Mobile

Duo Mobile

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Adding an extra level of protection to your online accounts, authenticator apps prove to be invaluable. While numerous options exist, one particular app that stands out from the rest in terms of excellence is Duo Mobile.

A security tool created by Cisco Systems, it combines robust protection with an incredibly user-friendly experience. Setting up your accounts is a breeze, taking just a few moments. Once you’re all set, any new login attempts trigger instant notifications, empowering you to approve or reject the requests swiftly. With a simple tap, you can effortlessly safeguard your accounts while saving valuable time.

Duo Mobile offers a convenient restore function that proves invaluable during smartphone upgrades or account recovery. One noteworthy aspect is its impeccable security record, as the app remains impervious to breaches. Furthermore, Duo Mobile prioritizes user privacy by refraining from requesting unnecessary permissions, abstaining from data collection, and refraining from any sale of user information to external entities.

4. SAFE Me


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SAFE Me sets itself apart from traditional smartphone protection software by taking a unique approach. It prioritizes cyber awareness over conventional tools such as antivirus and VPN. Rather than relying on those features, it focuses on scanning the dark web for any email breaches.

Additionally, it verifies the functionality of your phone and provides a risk assessment accordingly. It motivates you to implement essential measures to protect your smartphone.

Lastly, you can participate in diverse educational programs focusing on the secure application of laptops, smartphones, and tablets, tailored specifically to their respective operating systems.

5. Jumbo

Mobile Safety Apps (Jumbo)

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Jumbo is your trusted companion in navigating the current treacherous online environment while ensuring uninterrupted online experiences.

Its core function involves thoroughly examining your email address used for signing up and identifying any compromises on the dark web. Moreover, it promptly alerts you of any potential breaches, empowering you to safeguard your information proactively.

At its core, this software hinders the tracking mechanisms utilized by various applications, ensuring the protection of your sensitive information. Moreover, it offers the convenience of automatically erasing your search history on popular platforms such as YouTube, Google, and Gmail.

Did you know that Jumbo offers a fantastic feature for deleting your outdated social media posts? But what truly sets Jumbo apart is its pricing structure, featuring a perpetual free plan that scales based on individual needs.

6. Find My Device

(Find My Device) Mobile Safety Apps

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An exclusive application developed by Google, it functions similarly to the popular “Find My iPhone” feature. It aids in locating your Android device if it goes missing or enables you to deactivate it if you suspect theft. You can effortlessly access location details and even activate a sound alert if your device is nearby.

In case your phone goes missing, you have the option to display a contact number on the screen using the application. So, if a kind-hearted individual encounters it, they will face no difficulties in giving it back to you. What’s best, this service is entirely free to use on the web and mobile.

7. AppLock – Fingerprint & Password

AppLock – Fingerprint & Password

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SailingLab’s App Lock is a comprehensive app locker that offers more than just app protection. Alongside the conventional PIN, Fingerprint, and Pattern security, it boasts additional functionalities like a photo vault and an intruder selfie feature to deter unauthorized access attempts. Furthermore, it includes message security for discreetly managing chat notifications from sensitive apps. However, while App Lock also provides a privacy browser, I advise caution in employing this particular feature.

At first glance, AppLock appears to be a comprehensive app locker that effectively safeguards your private conversations and sensitive applications from unauthorized access. Moreover, it offers a variety of themes for the lock screen, adding a touch of customization. However, advertisements on the lock screen can occasionally be bothersome. To summarize, if you seek a reliable solution capable of locking apps and concealing multimedia files on your Android device, App Lock by Sailing Lab presents itself as a viable option.


Securing your smartphone is crucial in today’s digital era with increasing cyber threats. The highlighted apps provide effective solutions for safeguarding personal data and accounts. LastPass offers secure password management, while Avast Security provides comprehensive protection against viruses.

Duo Mobile enhances account security with an easy-to-use authenticator app. SAFE Me focuses on cyber awareness and dark web monitoring. Jumbo ensures online protection and erases digital footprints. Find My Device helps locate and secure lost Android devices. AppLock by Sailing Lab offers app protection and additional privacy features. With these apps, users can confidently navigate the digital world and ensure a safer smartphone experience.

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