How to Dress a Window Without Curtains?

Published On: August 28, 2023Last Updated: September 2, 2023
How to dress a window without curtains

When it comes to window dressing, the first thing that comes into mind is curtains, as they have been in use like ever. But if you like to break free from the norm, there are several ways you can dress a large window without curtains. Moreover, if you incorporate these stylish and trendy window dressings, they can elevate the aesthetic of your home and give a personality to your living space.


7 Unique Ways to Dress Your Windows Without Curtains

Following is the list of trendy ways you can style your windows. Invest due time and thought into selecting the best option because Kelly Wearstler says,

“Windows are like framed pieces of art, bringing elements and colors from the outside in.”

1. Dress Your Windows with Frosted Glass Window Films

Frosted Glass Window Films

Frosted glass window films are the most stylish, elegant, and sleek options to go for. And it is the most convenient one if you want to let the maximum light in without compromising privacy. You can paste them easily on the glass windows and get different textures, designs, and styles. It is easy to clean.

As intended for military use earlier, it is still durable, inexpensive, and long-lasting compared to other options.

2. Use Vintage Feed Sack Curtains to Design your Windows

Vintage Feed Sack Curtains

If you love vintage aesthetics, the feed sack curtains are the perfect style to select. It can e created by using old linen or cotton fabric at home. Although you can use them at whatever window you want, it is ideal to hang them in the kitchen.

With just a few stitching, rings, and wires, you can design the most aesthetic and modern curtains for your home and replace generic window curtains.

3. Dress your Windows by Hanging Plants

Dress your Windows by Hanging Plants

Houseplants have therapeutic effects on mood, overall productivity, and mental health. So why not incorporate them to dress your windows?

Whether you love artificial pot plants or gravitate towards small cute plants, there are hundreds of options to go for. Here is a quick list of ideas for using hanging plants as curtains.

  • One of the most quick and easy ways is to hang the small pot plants on the existing curtain rods. For that, you can use macrame plant hangers, s-hooks, or any other decorative.
  • Use metal tension rods that don’t require a drill. They are perfect for small potted plants but not for heavy ones.
  • If you love natural elements in your room, the best option is mesh shopping bags. Pick the plants that have hanging branches and leaves and put them in mesh bags to make the window dressing unique.
  • This one is for DIY lovers. Just pick a rope or jute thread and some wooden shelves. Tie them together in a vertical manner and place plants on it. Finally, hang them as window privacy without blocking light.

4. Decorate Windows With Blinds

Decorate Windows With Blinds

When it comes to decorating your windows with blinds, there are unlimited options to choose from. Apparently, they look just like curtains (especially fabric blinds) when closed and blend with your room decor as well.

Here are some popular blind styles you can choose from

Venetian Blinds: These are made up of horizontal slats of wood material or tough vinyl. They maintain both light and privacy in the room, making them perfect for living rooms.

Roller Blinds: Roller blinds are the most aesthetic and canvas-like window dressing that indoor decoration enthusiasts use. They can design them with appealing patterns and colors in any way they want.

Roman Blinds: Roman blinds are the most classic and widely loved option to go for. Decorate your windows with different patterns and styles and give your room an elegant and compact look.

  • Vertical Blinds: These have a striking look that sets them apart from generic blinds. They can be easily positioned to control the light, making them perfect for huge glass doors and living room or lounge walls.
  • Illusion Blinds: It has sheer and opaque fabric that filters the sunlight, and that’s why looks fabulous in home offices and living rooms that are against patios.
  • Electric Blinds: This one is for the ones who love to automate everything. The sleek and aesthetic design adds up to the elegance. Operating it is very cool and quick.
  • Zebra Blinds or Day and Night Blinds: These are unique and stylish blinds made up of 2 different materials. It partially blocks the light and views from the outside.
  • Panel Blinds: It have a contemporary style that closely resembles vertical blinds. The main feature that sets it apart is its slats are wider and do not rotate on their vertical axis.

5. Faux Stained Glass or Imitation Stained Glass

Faux Stained Glass or Imitation Stained Glass

Faux-stained glass is perfect for making your window dressing a part of your upgraded home decor.

The thing that makes them different from traditional stained glass is that in traditional one, the colored glass of different colors are cut and mosaic together in intricate patterns. On the other hand, faux stained glass uses transparent paints, colored adhesive films, or liquid leading to get the same effect.

Why should you opt for faux stained glass as window dressing? They have unique properties of diffusing incoming light. It softens the sunlight and makes the room more ambient. Moreover, you can design the patterns and style in any way you want to enhance the look of your room, lounge, partitions, etc.

6. Decorate Kitchen Windows with Small Plants or Glass Shelves

Decorate Kitchen Windows with Small Plants or Glass Shelves

Small kitchen windows do not require full coverage. So acrylic or glass shelves with some small plants or decoratives can be the best option. It gives a natural artistic vibe to the space.

Following are some ideas to decorate the window shelves.

  • If you are a wanderlust, you can put souvenirs of different countries or cities you have traveled to.
  • Change the decor with season or festive occasions to make your home more trendy.
  • In case you have limited space in the kitchen, put the spices in stylish or minimalistic boxes to use as decoratives.
  • It can be the best space for book lovers to display their favorite magazines and books in a captivating way.

7. Use String Fairy Lights as Window Dressing

Use String Fairy Lights as Window Dressing

People use string fairy lights as the primary home decor. But it can also be used as window dressing in place of curtains (or even with them too).

Some cool ways to do that are wrapping the fairy light on the frame of windows or diffusing their radiance by hanging the sheer white fabric. Another way is to hang them in simple vertical or horizontal lines to create a minimalistic look.


It’s totally up to you what style you select to decorate your home windows without curtains. Use versatile blinds, hanging plants, or sack-style fabric to make window dressing unique and ditch generic curtains forever.

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