Distracted Driving in Texas

Published On: April 19, 2017Last Updated: July 27, 2023
Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving

Since the invention of the automobile, society has had to deal with the inherent dangers that come with them. As technology has evolved over the decades, improving the safety of the vehicles and in turn the drivers and passengers, the dangerous habits of careless drivers remain.

The great state of Texas is no exception. Nationwide, as motorists travel the highways, interstates, and local roads, they are beset by reminders on billboards and safety signage of the dangers of texting while driving. This falls into the category of distracted driving.

Not that long ago, the Mothers Against Drunk Driving movement made great strides in reducing impaired driving incidents. These lawless individuals are still prevalent on our roads today, yet thanks to the tireless efforts of many volunteer’s changes have been made in the legal system to help curb these dangerous drivers.

A Look Back

There is documentation that demonstrates the problem of distracted driving as far back as the 1910s. It was in the 1920s that society began to take action, as the National Safety Council began to assemble statistics to study the problem and come to a solution.

Naturally, what would proceed to develop is improvements in vehicle design, better training for drivers, and safer roadways. Seatbelts would become the law, vehicle construction improved, but the drivers continued their carelessness.

Talking and Texting While Driving in Texas

Imagine for a moment that you are driving at the speed of 55 miles per hour. A text comes in that you have been waiting on. So, anxious to read it you grab your phone. In the time that it takes you to read an average size text message, driving at 55 mph, you have traveled the length of a football field.

The Texas Department of Transportation classifies much more than talking or texting as distracted driving (for example adjusting a radio and eating). The abundance of accidents that are occurring daily because of our affinity for our smartphones has placed this at the helm of concern for safety councils.

One glance at the numbers for Texas will confirm this, as over 100,000 traffic accidents occur each year in the state as a result of distracted driving.

When You Are on the Receiving End

Frustration hits quick when you are the victim of someone else’s careless driving. Once the initial shock wears off, and law enforcement has issued the citations, reality begins to settle in. You may find yourself, and we hope not, in the back of an ambulance to get checked out.

If personal injury occurs to you at the hands of an at fault driver, the wise move is to seek legal counsel. Far too often individuals side with people pleasing, in their effort to not cause others “harm”. Take into consideration how difficult it is to deal with insurance companies.

Think through the long-term consequences often overlooked. How will this impact your future income and standard of living? You, and your family, deserve the best outcome possible. Let other’s help you achieve this.

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