Best Places for Day Trips from Prague

Published On: January 5, 2024Last Updated: June 14, 2024
Day Trips From Prague

Traveling has been accurately explained by Ibn Battuta. What he said centuries back still holds, making travel moments one of the most unforgettable and fascinating classics ever. Does your heart skip at the thought of rustic and picturesque outback? If yes, then day trips from Prague are highly recommended for you.

While Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia, has lots to offer for residents and tourists, the magical countryside and the city’s outskirts are travel-worthy in every way.

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Of course, once you have completed the day trips, you can sit down at the gorgeous restaurants on the Vitava River to enjoy the scenic view of the Gothic Charles Bridge and the most expensive food in Czechoslovakia.

Delve deep and hold your breath as we take you on an exclusive trip across five outstanding places near Prague that will take your breath away.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Battuta

Top 5 Enthralling Day Trips from Prague

1. Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov

A medieval UNESCO World Heritage site, Český Krumlov, is about 142 km from Prague. It takes about 3 hours by road to cover the distance, which consists primarily of scenic bohemian trails across the countryside.

The entire place is no less than a fairytale. Be it the cobblestoned streets winding through the old Central European town, the horseshoe bend around the Vitava River, or the centuries-old architecture preserved beautifully and flawlessly.

While many other European cities have been unable to keep their distinct architecture intact, giving way to modern development, that’s not the case with Český Krumlov.

Some must-visit places include the 13th-century Český Krumlov Castle, the 15th-century Gothic-styled Church of St. Vitus, the Renaissance town hall at the Unity Square, or the historic quarter at Latrán.

2. Konopiště Castle

Konopiště Castle

Located in Benesov, Konopiště Castle is about 59 km from Prague. Either way, it takes about 40 minutes for this day trip from Prague. If you want to make the most of the trip, take the train from the central station in Prague – the slow S9 or the fast R17.

This massive fortress served as Archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este’s residence during the 20th century, though it was built during medieval times.

Despite being the heir to the Austrian throne, he chose to spend the majority of his life within the confines of this castle alongside his wife, deliberately avoiding Vienna.

Take a guided tour and explore the castle. You will be astounded by the charm and beauty of the family’s chambers, showcasing antique artifacts & art collections, boasting the mesmerizing lake & hunting grounds, and welcoming tourists & visitors to explore the Rose Garden and other spectacular chateau gardens.

3. The Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezin Concentration Camp

You cannot simply miss the Terezin Concentration Camp. Just 45 minutes from Prague, about 67 km by road, this camp is a chilling reminder of Jewish prisoners of war in World War II. They were humiliated terribly by the Nazis.

A visit to the camp also includes the museum, the Jewish cemetery, the Magdeburg Barracks, and the underground corridors.

They all serve as proof of the cruelty faced by thousands of people. It is extremely shocking that approximately 35,000 people are deemed to have died here, while a staggering total of 140,000 are deemed to have been brought through this camp.

4. Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland is one of the best day trips from Prague that you must head on for. This excellent place is just a few hours from Prague.

It is a must-witness spot for nature lovers, campers, hikers, and adventurers. Dotted with pine forests, majestic rock formations & towers, picturesque villages, deep valleys, sandstone cliffs, and farmlands, Bohemian Switzerland will offer you everything!

A few of the exciting places to stop by in Bohemian Switzerland National Park are:

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5. Tabor


A beautiful town south of Prague, Tabor is about an hour’s journey from the Czech capital. If you are attracted to history, Tabor is the finest choice.

The town was established in 1420 by Taborites or Radical Hussites. Since they were considered separatists by the Catholic Church, the Taborites set up their own on a hilltop.

Thus, the small town is an idyllic place to satiate your senses with the mesmerizing views of the rolling hills below. Other than the beauty of the hilly countryside, the place is also known for its underground tunnels and the beer museum. The train journey of this Prague day trip to Tabor takes approximately 75 minutes!


Prague, or the City of a Hundred Spires, is a lively capital city of the Czech Republic. It is Famed for its captivating architecture & rich history.

The presence of Czechoslovakia’s national parks, medieval castles, and picturesque countryside further takes its allure to another level.

Be it Prague or other locations suitable for day trips from Prague, you will have a lot to cover on your bucket list.

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