What to Look for in a Partner? Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Life Partner

Published On: November 14, 2023Last Updated: November 15, 2023
How to Find The Perfect Partner

No matter how much of a practical person is, when it comes to finding a real-life partner, we tend to romanticize the ideal couples. There are no said rules to find the best “husband material” or “wife material”. But still, there are some surprising ways that you can employ if you are on a journey to find your best match.

6 Tips to Find the Right Person

How to find the perfect partner

1. Know your personality

Before you can settle on the right partner, you have to understand your own personality. Figure out your interests and values so you’ll be able to identify when people match you.

You should also understand the emotional side of your personality. This is where your guide to perception becomes important. How you perceive yourself and your communications with others influences your relationships.

This will give you confidence and understanding of your worth. This self-respect and confidence are attractive qualities in a partner and can lead to healthier relationship choices.

2. Evaluate the relationship’s potential

Every relationship has a sort of rating as far as the likelihood that it can be a long-term fit for you. It’s important to understand the potential before committing in case the potential isn’t really there. This means you have to be able to evaluate that potential beforehand.

The first thing to do is look for any red flags or deal breakers. Red flags are warning signs that something might not be right. These can range from a lack of respect or honesty to more serious issues like controlling behavior.

Deal breakers are different from red flags as they aren’t usually a sign of something serious but there are certain traits that don’t align with yours and will cause relationship problems.

3. Go beyond the first impression

First impressions do matter, but sometimes things are not always as they seem. This means that you shouldn’t shut down a potential relationship based on your initial understanding of who a person is.

Being open-minded can also mean looking beyond physical attraction. While physical attraction is important, it’s the emotional and intellectual connections that sustain a relationship in the long run.

4. Settle on something common

It is a major factor when you are planning to make a person your life partner. Common hobbies, interests, and goals are the most important aspects that you both should agree on. Including but not limited to where you live, career paths, love of traveling and amount of children among others. This also fosters effortless communication that does not feel forced. In this way, you do not just live together but grow along with each other.

5. Do not compromise on respect

Mutual respect and trust are the building blocks of any relationship. So if your partner (or potential partner) does not respect you, your dreams, choices, or style, take it as a red flag. It is because, in many cases, it grows into more drastic issues later.

It should not be acceptable for any spouse just to accept the rude and disrespectful behavior of their partner. In these situations, the better option is to just walk out from it or avoid getting to it in the first place.

6. They should be a bit different than you in a good way

In simpler words, a partner with a little opposite personality than yours might be a good fit. If you are an introvert who can’t stand small talk, they should be there at the club to do that instead of you. If you love to hang out with friends and travel frequently, your spouse can have a more home-making nature. It creates a beautiful balance in life and allows you to experience the taste of both sides of the spectrum.


Many people feel pressure to find the right partner and settle down as they hit their youth. But in the real world, it can be challenging to meet the right match. However, exploring your own self and being genuine often takes you to the right person. You just have to look for some green flags in them, like their honesty, trustworthiness, and ability to make a mutual future with you.

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