What Is Aromatherapy Massage? Benefits, Techniques, and Essential Oils

Published On: June 20, 2024Last Updated: June 20, 2024
What Is Aromatherapy Massage?

Massage is one of the most popular methods for relaxation, and combining aromatherapy with your massage session is a great way to add extra benefits. Aromatherapy has long since been used to create relaxation, relieve stress, and deal with pain or anxious moods, and when aromatherapy is combined with massage, you can reach a deeper state of relaxation and pain relief. Our article gives you more details on the benefits of aromatherapy massage.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is something that has been around for centuries, with popular aromatics playing a historical role in medicines and various treatments. Plants and their properties, the source of essential oils that are used in aromatherapy, are also incredibly popular in traditional medicine to this day, giving credit to the many benefits of aromatherapy.

In today’s modern world, the most popular way to engage in aromatherapy is by diffusing your favorite blends of essential oils in a diffuser and allowing the aroma to envelop your home. Aromatherapy can help create energizing moods, inspire focus and concentration, or alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety, depending on the oil or blend of oils you choose to diffuse.

You can consult the oils you are interested in for more details on how each aroma can bring benefits to your mood and stress levels.

Aromatherapy and Massage: A Relaxing Combination

Aromatherapy is often used as part of massage to encourage a more relaxed state, as the aroma of many different oils can help individuals with pain relief and encourage the release of stress. If a person is feeling anxious about their massage or otherwise experiencing negative moods, aromatherapy can help create an environment of ease and comfort.

Additionally, some essential oils can be combined with carrier oils to create a massage oil blend that helps to soothe pain topically and provide soothing and revitalizing aromas during the massage session.

If you are curious about aromatherapy use during your next professional massage, you can speak to your masseuse about your concerns and learn which oils they may be able to incorporate to try your specific conditions.

How Do I Use Essential Oils During a Massage?

Massage Oil

Using essential oils during a massage is fortunately not too difficult, though you will need a diffuser and a set of your favorite essential oils. We recommend creating a soothing atmosphere for your massage by playing relaxing music, dimming the lights, and adding your chosen essential oils to the diffuser. You can incorporate two or three oils to create the most beneficial blend, though you should be sure not to overdo the aromas or choose clashing scents.

Additionally, you can take a carrier oil and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils into it, blending them carefully before using the mixture during the massage. This is especially helpful if your chosen oils have helpful aromas and topical benefits for relieving pain and sore muscles.

What Are the Best Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Massage?

There are many different essential oils out there that you could use in aromatherapy massage, though some options offer more benefits than others. We recommend choosing relaxing and stress-relieving essential oils for the best aromatherapy massage experience. No matter which oil you choose, make sure to purchase from a supplier who offers high-quality oils that have been quality-checked, like Wholesale Botanics.

The best essential oils for aromatherapy massage include:

  • Bergamot
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Tea tree

If you have a specific preferred essential oil with certain benefits you wish to use, speak with the professional administering your massage to see if you can incorporate it into your session.

Aromas For a Relaxing Massage

Aromatherapy massage is one of the best ways to encourage a deeper state of relief, relaxation, and peace. The aromas provided by essential oils not only smell great, but they allow individuals receiving massages to have a great sense of pain relief in addition to relieving anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions, depending on the oil used.

If you are curious about aromatherapy massage, schedule a session with a professional today or purchase a diffuser and get a loved one to give you an aromatherapy massage so you can start receiving the many benefits it brings.

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