Wet Shaving Benefits a Man Can Get

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Wet Shaving Benefits

If you’re wondering why so many guys are ditching their multi blade cartridge razors, then keep reading to learn about the wonderful world of wet shaving.

Wet Shaving

There are several reasons why wet shaving is beneficial, as you can see from the infographic below but today we are going to emphasize a few.

Saves Money

Multi blade cartridge razors may seem cheap at first because they have a low up front cost.
However, as you fly through the first couple of blades you will quickly realize that you are going to pay four to $5 for each refill.

When you purchase a safety razor or straight razor, you can use disposable safety razor blades which are much cheaper. You can usually find 100 packs for around $10 and we will let you do the math on that one. Now, you may end up spending around $30 for a decent safety razor but it will last you for several years if you take care of it.

Just make sure to wipe it dry in between uses to prevent corrosion.
Most of them are chrome plated which will prevent corrosion but nothing in life is perfect.
You can continue to use your basic shaving cream or gel if you like. However, most guys tend to start using craft shaving creams, soaps or skin friendly electric shavers.

Better Shave

Multi blade cartridge razors are actually too efficient at removing your facial hair.
Because of the way they are designed they can cut the hair below your skin surface.
This potentially allows the hair to grow back into the skin causing razor burn or bumps.
Many guys with thick or curly hair suffer from this from these multi-blade razors.
With a safety razor there’s only one edge so you can control how close you get.
If you require a completely smooth shave, you can perform three passes, one with the grain one across and one against the grain.

However, if you suffer from sensitive skin, you can simply perform one pass with the grain to get the look of a smooth shave but it won’t be so close to cause irritation.
You can also play around with different combinations of razors and razor blades. Some razors are more aggressive than others while some blades are sharper or smoother than others.

Most guys tend to stick to what shaving after the switch because it becomes a more enjoyable routine versus feeling like a chore.

Should you switch?

That is ultimately up to you however, check out the infographic to see many other reasons why it could be a good switch.

If you really don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can find a cheap safety razor for around $10.
Of course, you get what you pay for and you may end up upgrading to a nicer model anyway.

This could at least give you a feel for whether you think you have the extra time in the morning to get a better shave.
There are also several resources online like websites and videos that can help you learn the technique.

Wet Shaving Benefits

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