7 Proper and Practical Ways to Take Good Care of Your Camera

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care of your camera

Precious moments are even better because cameras were invented. This is why investing on a top-notch DSLR camera is a must these days. Although phone cameras also gets better through time and innovation, nothing can beat the quality and clarity a state-of-the-art camera can produce.

Ways to Take Care of your Camera

That is why it is really important to also invest in the knowledge, time and even some resources to keep your camera clean and well-maintained at all times. You don’t want your hundred dollars (or more) to just go to waste, right? So, here are some of the basic ways to take good care of your valuable camera:

1.  Use Only Suitable Lens Cleaning Cloth

camera cleaning clothImage Source: Flickr

Important reminder: Your shirt or towel or paper napkins are not the proper cleaning materials for your camera lens. The lens always comes with a suitable cleaning cloth, same as your typical reading glass. Lenses require a fabric delicately specialized for its fragility. Other kinds of fabrics may leave little scratches on your lens that may not be visible (for now) on your point of view, but may manifest on the images your camera will produce.

2.  Carry it With a Camera Bag Only

camera bagImage Source: Pixabay

Another thing that is irreplaceable for a camera besides its cleaning cloth is its bag. If you want to take care of your camera, use the appropriate bag. Konica Minolta and other high-end brands have bags particularly created to handle a camera with care, which fits it in like a mold. Using a regular backpack for storage might damage your lens or the body itself during handling.

3.  Make the Caps Your Best Buds

This is simple: don’t be lazy and put on the front and the rear caps on your lenses when not in use. Also the body cap on your camera to keep it away from dirt, moisture and other harmful elements.

4.  Maximize Straps and Loops

Image Source: Needpix

When capturing images, be sure to have the handy body straps and wrist loops attached to your camera. Through this, you can prevent gruelling accidents of slips and slides to happen, if you know what I mean.

5.  Keep it Downward When Not in Use

Always place the camera downward or on a lateral position when not in use. Avoid putting the back of the body on top of the table while the lens is facing upward. Besides the danger of tip-over, it may also acquire dirt and moisture when placed this way.

6.  Be Prepared for Extreme Weathers

waterproof cameraImage Source: Pixabay

Cameras are delicate instruments which makes it vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. So invest in waterproof cases. Moreover, for severe cold weathers, a plastic bag and a couple of silica desiccant packets should do it to reduce moisture build up. Also, avoid pointing the camera directly to sun.

7.  Visit for a Regular Professional Clean Up

konica cameraImage Source: Maxpixel

It is always wise to have a professional check and clean your dearest camera at least once every quarter or twice a year. They may see what you may have overlooked upon cleaning and checking it yourself. Konica Minolta and other world-renowned brands have service centers that you can visit.

Availing a high-end camera is not just a wonderful privilege to capture moments. In order to make sure to freeze these precious times, you need it to always be in good condition. So take good care of your camera.

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