Should You Try Getting Back Together After A Breakup

Published On: July 29, 2021Last Updated: May 30, 2023

Could the theories of love lost forever and individuals scorn be true? Does it mean that once it’s over it is actually over, there is no return, no coming back, no refunds? Could love be that vengeful of a mistake of words said in the heat of the moment, we as incurable romantics think not?

Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where you aren’t sure what has happened, all you know is suddenly you are sleeping alone at night, only one cup of coffee steaming on the counter, and the meals for one are becoming a regular occurrence.

But is this the be-all-end-all, because this feeling that has slowly been getting stronger of perhaps it was a mistake doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon. Is there such a thing as a gut feeling, does it guide us on the right path and to make the appropriate choices, or is that too a myth?

Listen to the voice.

For a while now that gut feeling ex will come back the notion that has been weighing on your mind seems to be getting the better of you, and you either want it to go away so you can somehow try to move on with your life, or to act on it. The letter being the preferable option.

So what exactly is this gut that everyone seems to rely on to make life-altering decisions? Well, scientists believe that it has to do with the chemical balance in the brain which triggers a bacteria of sorts in the gut and sends a signal via the bloodstream to the brain telling it to be cautious.

We have all had that feeling once in our lives, meeting someone new and instantly you didn’t click with their vibe, or a scheduled event didn’t seem as appealing as it should or usually does, these are all triggers that could in most cases ‘save’ us from a bad experience or unfortunate encounter.

But it can also have a positive aspect, that it could ring true to your thoughts and if it weren’t for that gut feeling you may never have taken the leap of faith needed to make a change.


Should you act?

You have decided to do something, to make a move, but would the feelings and actions be reciprocated? Is there some signal to look for that will indicate that you are doing the right thing, thankfully there are a few tips on what to look out for and help make the process that much easier.

  • Communication. Usually when you are done with someone or something you do everything to be rid of them or, if your ex hasn’t blocked you on social media accounts and checks in from time to time then there is still hope. Means they have had you on their mind and want to make sure you are ok.

See what others think about this here and if there is any relevance to your situation, we can always learn from the advice or mistakes of others.

  • Dating. They are still single and haven’t been with anyone since you broke up amidst the pleas you have heard from your mutual friends. If they aren’t interested in anybody else then it could mean they are not ready to move on.
  • Events. You both show up at an event that you initially got invited to as a couple but assumed the other wouldn’t go for fear of feeling awkward but went in case they were there even if just to see how they are or perhaps even with someone.

Love rekindled.

Often when we spend time apart it gives each person space to think, it could mean a mental break or a physical time out, but in both cases, a re-evaluation is usually advised.

You could assess where or when the breakdown began, the causes, and what you could have done differently had you the chance, see this link for some tips to get things back to the beginning when actions were easy and free.

There is always a silver lining to every dark cloud you just need to keep the focus on the end goal, put a plan into place, and get the love of your life back for good.

About the Author: Danial Nasir

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