Best Things to Do in Edinburgh | Exploring the City’s Hidden Charms

Published On: April 23, 2024Last Updated: April 23, 2024
Best Things to Do in Edinburgh | Exploring the City's Hidden Charms

Sitting next to busy streets and renowned landmarks are at the same time peaceful corners and hidden places that are rarely visited by a normal tourist. Visitors to this ancient Scottish capital will find terrific Edinburgh hotel deals which will be essential for those enthusiasts who want to have a chance to explore these discoveries. This article takes you on a voyage of discovery to unearth some of the city’s hidden treasures.

Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Edinburgh to Visit

1. The Secret Gardens of Regent Terrace

Right next to Calton Hill’s northern side, Regent Terrace boasts a magnificent row of Georgian houses whose rear gardens are hidden away from the typical wandering eyes. In these private retreats, the residents have an escape into the lush, green world of nature, in the middle of the urban space. The greenery is evident in the brightly colored flower beds and manicured lawns. These are occasionally opened to the public for special events such as “Doors Open Days.”

2. Dr Neil’s Garden: Tranquility by Duddingston Loch

Dr Neil’s Garden

Sometimes, not even the residents of the town notice it but the Dr Neil’s Garden is situated next to the pretty Duddingston Kirk behind the Arthur’s Seat. The ” Secret Garden” of Edinburgh is, in fact, the name that was given to this area. It was first planted in the early 1960s by Drs Andrew and Nancy Neil. Now, it hosts a spectacular kaleidoscope of indigenous and foreign plants, a peaceful pond, and breath-taking views across the loch – a spot which is ideal for quiet contemplation and leisure walks.

3. Discovering Cramond’s Roman Roots

A small drive from the city center and you are at the beautiful village of Cramond. Here, the traces of its history as a Roman fort and town display themselves through archeological digs. Visitors can tour the ruins and a museum nearby, which exhibits artefacts that demonstrate the place’s glorious historical development from Roman times up to the Middle Ages.

4. The Beguiling Wind Tunnels of Gilmerton Cove

The Beguiling Wind Tunnels of Gilmerton Cove

Delve into the depths of Gilmerton Cove where a network of hand-carved tunnels and chambers beckons the curious. The beginning of these tunnels is still a debated issue among historians – was it used for smuggling purposes, for the Druids or maybe for something else totally? Guided tours offer visitors a glimpse of the mysterious world under their feet, revealing another piece of the historical diversity of Edinburgh.

5. Tracing Literary Footprints at The Writers’ Museum

Located in a private cul-de-sac at the end of the Royal Mile, The Writers’ Museum is dedicated to the lives and achievements of the country’s famous writers—Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Inside, visitors are greeted with personal items, rare editions, and warm exhibits arranged in a lovely 17th century architectural building. It’s a sanctuary for the bibliophiles and the history students as well, bringing out the great literary figures of the nation who made Scotland what it is today.

6. Riddle’s Court: An Architectural Jewel

Riddle’s Court: An Architectural Jewel

Hidden amidst the lively Royal Mile you can find Riddle’s Court, an ancient tenement that documents the architecture development of Edinburgh. Dating back to the 1590s, which is a time when this building was built, it features amazing painted ceilings, elaborate plasterwork, and has had the most famous people like King James VI as its visitors. Following the most recent restorations, Riddle’s Court is now a cultural center that gives its rich heritage a place to be appreciated and recognized through tours and events.

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7. Edinburgh’s Veiled Charms

Edinburgh does not only mesmerise with the obvious and the spoken-about landmarks but also with the hidden and secluded gemstones as well. The city does not only have the peaceful gardens and the mysterious coves but also the literary treasures that are all around us. The city has a good number of lesser-known sites that are still waiting to be discovered.

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In conclusion, Edinburgh’s allure lies not just in its famous landmarks but also in its hidden corners and crannies. Each secret garden, historic tunnel, and literary corner offers a unique glimpse into the city’s soul. For the fearless explorer, these lesser-known spots provide a richer, more warm travel experience, truly capturing the essence of Scotland’s capital. So, venture beyond the guidebook and discover the hidden gems that make Edinburgh a city of endless discovery and charm.

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