Health and Wellness Tips for Incoming Students

Published On: August 25, 2017Last Updated: May 29, 2023

Congratulations, you did it. You got the offer you wanted and the grades to take it. You are on your way toward life’s next chapter at college or university. It’s official; you succeeded, doesn’t it feel great? These wellness tips can be helpful in the next chapter of you life.

Student Wellness Tips

No doubt this next chapter will be a one full of challenges, not just academically, but in all kinds of other ways too. Maybe you’ll be living in a new place, making new friends, dipping your toe into the waters of adult life, along with the responsibility and independence that come with it. It’s time for crash-courses in how to use the washing machine, how to handle your finances, how to cook and eat well (most likely on a budget) and above all else; time to learn the real value of taking care of yourself.

A healthy lifestyle serves us all well. It might not always be the most exciting prospect, particularly for the young and newly independent student, but it’s important to have balance. Not just for health and wellbeing, but for academic success too. Of course, we have also been to university, so we know that diet and wellbeing might not be at the top of everyone’s agenda, but with a wide range of supplements available, that balance is possible, and very important.

When we think of supplements, we think of vitamins, minerals, and oils, to supplement the things we might lack in our diets, and that is important. But certain supplements can be used for other benefits; to support brain health for example and improve cognitive functions such as memory, alertness and concentration. This family of supplements is called nootropics, and for students and academics, they can offer a wide range of benefits.

Nootropics can be herbal or synthetic and the list of supplements that can be classed as nootropic is a long one, with more being discovered every year. Each carrying with them their own particular benefits and each can be chosen by you, for your own individual needs. If you are looking to strengthen memory and ease anxiety for example, you might choose Clitoria Ternatea, an Indian herb which may help with both issues. If you are looking to improve your sleep pattern and reduce stress, then passionflower is a popular herb that could help. Whether you struggle with concentration, memory, mental energy or attention levels, there are a range of nootropic supplements you might consider, all legal and all widely available.

As a new student, at college or university, you have worked hard to get there. Make the most of it, and give yourself every chance of fulfilling your potential. Get the balance right and look to address any issues beforehand, not just in your overall lifestyle, but academically too. If you don’t feel confident in some areas, nootropic supplements might just be able to give you the edge you need.

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