A Guide on How to Handle a Speeding Ticket

Published On: March 16, 2018Last Updated: June 9, 2023
speeding ticket

Speeding Ticket

You drove too fast and now you have a speeding ticket on your record. You want to ensure that you take the right steps to reduce the negative impact, which might include fines, higher insurance costs and the suspension of your license. The following guide imparts the best actions to take.

When the Officer Stops You

You want to start during the actual interaction with the police officer when you receive the ticket. You want to make sure to:

  • Remain calm
  • Act politely and unremarkable so the officer has less information to remember in court
  • Limit what you say, as this might be used against you in court
  • Inquire as to what method the officer clocked your speed

As soon as you can, write down everything you can remember about the entire incident. You want to have the time of day, the location, anything out of the ordinary, name and/or description of the officer and more.

officer stops you

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Paying the Ticket

Once you have the ticket in hand, you also want to read it to know any deadlines and other pertinent information. If you choose to pay it or attend a traffic clinic, then ensure you accurately fill out the information and make the payment in the methods allowed.

Taking It to Court

If you decide to fight the ticket, you want to make sure that you get ready as best you can. It helps to work with a speeding ticket attorney California. To prepare, you might:

  • Gather any and all evidence, especially anything that might prove you were not speeding
  • Research the method that the officer used to determine your speed and see if there are any reasons why it might be incorrect
  • Talk with witnesses
  • Delay the hearing if you need more time to build a case
  • Prepare any questions you might have for the officer
  • Consult an attorney

Working with an attorney makes things much easier for you. They can walk you through a checklist to ensure you take the appropriate measures. Visit The Ticket Clinic website for more information.

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