Easy Ways to Save Money on Fuel Costs

Published On: January 25, 2019Last Updated: June 9, 2023
Save Money on Fuel Costs

Save Money on Fuel Costs

Depending on how much driving you do, fuel costs can eat up a substantial portion of your monthly living expenses. Although many of us have simply written this off as an unavoidable part of life, there are a number of effective ways to save money on gas — most of which are well within the abilities of anyone who’s willing to put forth a little effort. Anyone who’s tired of spending a small fortune on fuel costs each month can put some extra money in their pocket by utilizing the following tips.

Sign up for Fuel Rewards Cards

Savvy consumers will be pleased to learn that buying groceries, clothing and other essential items can help save you money on gas. In recent years, many grocery chains and big box stores have begun offering fuel rewards cards to loyal customers. The exact details vary from store to store, but many of these cards provide people with a predetermined amount of points for every dollar they spend. These points can subsequently be used to purchase fuel at participating gas stations. In many cases, these gas stations are owned by same parent company as the store. So, if you spend a fair amount of time at your favorite grocery store or big box chain, every purchase you make could help decrease your fuel costs.

Use Ride Sharing Services

No matter where you are based, ride sharing services can be a cost-effective alternative to driving everywhere. This is particularly true for people who don’t do much driving. For example, if the vast majority of your time in the car is spent going to and from your job, taking advantage of a ride sharing service stands to save you a bundle. Ride sharing services are also strongly recommended for people who live in big cities and major metropolitan areas, where keeping a car is often costly and unnecessary.

Drive at an Even Pace

Keeping your speed in check when operating a vehicle isn’t just beneficial to your personal safety — it can also be a boon to your finances. Consistently driving at high speeds can burn through fuel at a rapid pace. Suddenly pressing down on the gas and increasing your speed instead of gradually accelerating can have a similar effect. With this in mind, make a point of maintaining a smooth, even pace when operating your vehicle. Preserving your safety and saving money on fuel is a definite win/win.

Invest in a Fuel-efficient Vehicle

To many people, buying a new car to save money seems counterproductive. After all, if the goal is to save money, why invest in something as large as a new vehicle? While such reservations are perfectly understandable, it’s important to think long-term. Buying a fuel-efficient vehicle stands to save you hundreds of dollars per month, and these savings will quickly add up. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of your existing car(s), either. For example, if you own a pickup truck, you can hang on to it and simply use it on an as-needed basis instead of making it your everyday vehicle.

Stick to a Regular Maintenance Schedule

It’s no surprise that fuel-inefficiency is often synonymous with poor maintenance. Because they’re afraid of incurring hefty repair bills, many people don’t have their cars looked at until a problem becomes impossible to ignore. Ironically, this approach is far more likely to result in substantial repair costs. As such, it’s strongly recommended that you have your vehicle professionally examined at the first sign of trouble. Furthermore, make a point of having your oil changed as often as the manufacturer recommends. Although this varies from vehicle to vehicle, most cars require a full oil change and inspection every 3,000 miles.

Fuel costs constitute a sizable percentage of most Americans’ monthly budgets. Since car ownership is practically essential in small towns and rural areas, many people feel as if high gas costs are an inescapable facet of adulthood. Fortunately, saving money on gas doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. With a little bit of determination and follow-through, lower fuel costs are attainable for virtually anyone. So, if you’re tired of spending a princely sum on gas every month, take care to consider the previously discussed pointers.

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