A New Era Begins: Introducing the Samsung Galaxy 8 Release

Published On: June 7, 2017Last Updated: June 23, 2023
Samsung Galaxy 8

Since the train wreck that was the Galaxy Note 7, both fans and critics of Samsung have been eager to see just what the Galaxy S8 would have to offer. The simple answer is everything, if only because even the critics can’t deny that it’s a gorgeous phone with tons of potential. There are quirks and issues, as with any new launch, but by and large, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Next Level of Mobile Technology: Samsung Launches the Galaxy 8

It Gets High Marks for Beauty

No one wants an ugly phone. Because most smartphones look more or less the same, however, and since many consumers immediately cover them to protect their investments, no one pays much attention to the appearance of a phone unless it comes in a fresh color. The Samsung Galaxy S8 changed all that. Both users and reviewers are in love with the way it looks, with CNET’s reviewer touting it as “without a doubt the most beautiful, polished phone [she’s] ever held.”

It isn’t just physically beautiful, however. The shape of the phone, which is tall and narrow, fits in the palm perfectly, while the curved edges give the phone dimension. Both the S8 and the S8+ feature this design, which users describe as touchable. You just want to play with it as soon as you get your hands on it.

The Screen Is Everything

Samsung Galaxy 8

The design of the phone is also a standout because of its effect on the screen, which became a huge selling point as soon as details about the new Galaxy began to emerge. To say that it has a quad-HD 5.8-inch Infinity Display is one thing. What you also need to realize is that it takes up about 83 percent of the face of the phone. That also means that the curved, tapered shape includes the screen, which has a sleek bezel, resulting in a smooth, glass-fronted phone that looks gorgeous.

That Infinity Display means that not only is the phone itself stunning, but so is everything you see on it. It’s AMOLED, and the quad-HD resolution is 2960 x 1440 pixels, so the display is vibrant and sharp. Furthermore, thanks to the Galaxy’s Mobile HDR Premium certification, you can stream HDR movies and shows from Netflix, Amazon, or the streaming service of your choice. Both the display and the back of the phone are protectively covered with Gorilla Glass, hopefully reducing the risk of cracks.

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Users Don’t Love the Price

There aren’t many complaints about the phone, but consumers aren’t crazy about the price, which is expensive. Unlocked, the phone costs more than $700. However, that doesn’t put it out of reach. For example, if you buy the new Samsung Galaxy S8 from T-Mobile, monthly payments on the phone get neatly and inexpensively bundled into your bill, allowing you to pay it off over time. There are other advantages of purchasing the phone through a carrier like T-Mobile, including your ability to connect to a fast, stable network and to make use of an unlimited data plan.

The Biometrics Need Some Work

Mobile fingerprint button

Newer phones feature a host of biometric security options. Unfortunately, that’s where users have the most issue with the S8. Instead of making the unlocking process more efficient, these features sometimes increase the time it takes to unlock the phone. The iris scan, which sounded futuristic during the phone’s unveiling, is hard to set up and full of issues. However, users adapt to the process with time, at which point it’s altogether faster. The facial recognition option is harder to deal with because it’s not easy to position your face correctly.

The fingerprint button causes most of the grumbling. Because the screen takes up so much of the front phone, there’s no space for a home button to scan the fingerprint. Instead, the fingerprint scanner is on the back. This forces the user to unlock the phone with one hand while they try to press their fingertip in the right spot. The positioning makes it all too easy to drop the phone.


The release of the Galaxy 8 by Samsung signifies the dawn of a groundbreaking era in smartphone technology. Boasting a cutting-edge design, an immersive Infinity Display, exceptional performance, intelligent cameras, and robust security features, the Galaxy 8 exemplifies Samsung’s unwavering commitment to innovation and user satisfaction. This flagship device not only surpasses expectations but also sets new industry standards, offering users endless possibilities for enhanced productivity, creativity, and connectivity. Once again, Samsung’s pioneering spirit shines through, cementing the Galaxy 8 as a testament to its tireless pursuit of excellence. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey with the remarkable Samsung Galaxy 8.

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