What does Refurbished Laptops Mean?

refurbished laptops

There are refurbished laptops in the stores and online stocks that you might have seen. This label has a special meaning that buyers need to know before they go for it. People are also looking for refurbished laptops at the stores. They are getting in trend and refurbished computers are eco-friendly. This article is all about the features of such laptops, benefits and the facts to decide should you have one?

Refurbished Laptops

It is a device that is either returned or refunded to the manufacturer or retailer or a computer that is came off a lease. Do not confuse them with the replicas; refurbished computers and laptops are original by the brand. Those are sometimes returned by customers as they haven’t find them suitable for their needs, or not meeting expectations, or may don’t have features that the customer was looking for.

Sometimes such laptops also have a minor defect that is repaired before putting it for sale at the shop. The laptops are ensured to perform properly and look and work just like new laptop. They are labelled by the name reconditioned laptops or refurbished.

It just don’t always have latest operating system or processors. It is because the laptops comes in market earlier and first repaired. As they are available for sale, a new processor or latest features are in market in this fast moving world.

Why they are Eco-Friendly?

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The laptops with defect or those returned to the retailers save the hardware for getting it wasted. This is the way the body of the laptop can be reused with a little improvement in software. Producing no waste is good for environment and ecosystem.

The Best Replacement of Brands

They are the best choice if you do not afford the brand. These are the bargain if you want to have a model but that is out of your budget. The repairing and reconditioning of the laptops obviously decrease the value but increase the demand. It is just like original and new laptop that also performs like new so it is a good option. Consumers can compare them with the new models and then make a deal. Here are the features for comparing new laptops with refurbished.

  • Price

The prices of the repaired device are about 10-15 percent less than retail price of that model. You can save a good amount out of the original price. What can be better than having original laptop in discounted price?

  • RAM

As they have features from previous generation, they often have random access memory that is not similar to the original laptop or the new laptop. You might find a laptop with 1GB RAM while the same new model has 4GB RAM. This feature is acceptable to many of the consumers according to their system requirement. Sometimes you only need light programs to run on laptop. Compare the RAM to get a laptop according to your needs.

  • Hard Drive

There might also be a difference of hard drive in a refurbished system. They usually have less memory than new one that also decrease over time. There can be a major difference also like you can get a repaired one with 60GB hard and the new one with 320GB. There is an option of up gradation of memory of the hard drive if you want to have more storage and memory. There is also an opportunity that you get the exact hard drive, so compare the hard drive carefully.

  • Battery

You might also need to compromise over the battery time. Battery time has a role in the performance of the laptop as it is a must for installing updates. You can neglect this if you only have limited budget and want to have one. You can later replace the battery to get the full charge time.

  • Others

There are also some other features to consider and compare. Typically they are not much different but does not have latest features and specifications. There can be notable difference between new and reconditioned but they also offer a few exciting features. They might have additional software installed, graphic cards, networking, and other specifications that you do not find in the new one. You can compare all the features with the new one, asking the retailer. Think and analyse on rationale basis and then decide to have one.

Should you Buy?

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It is a great choice if you are getting a good deal. You can only decide whether you should go for it or not after making a fair comparison on the logical basis. Though, most of the consumers are satisfied with the performance and their purchase of refurbished laptop but the experience can be any. During the year 2010-2016 7 to 8 percent laptops were found defected and returned. They were returned, repaired and then resold. The rate for windows laptops was 15%. The right sources for buying either new refurbished are the brand store itself or authorized sellers.

Where Do they Come From?

There are a number of ways they come to the retailers. It includes corporates that return their old laptops, consumers who did not find the laptops compatible and the retailers who return it to the manufacturers as they find it defected while showing it to the buying. They are sometimes used and sometimes not.

Quick Tips for the Purchase of Refurbished Laptop

You need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure you get 1-year warranty of the laptop to get repair and replacement service (in case you need it). Also, check the return policy the seller is offering.
  • Compare and examine the laptop carefully and attentively.
  • Note down the differences between new and reconditioned one to find if it worth the money.
  • Consider the seller as certified or the manufacturer itself.
  • It is perfect for the students and personal use. If you want it for the professional use you need to pick that is the least repaired and have maximum features of a new and latest model.

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