How to Pass Your Driving Theory Test?

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Driving Theory Test

Tips to Pass Driving Theory Test

Passing your driving test is not just about acing the practical test. Before that, you have to pass the driving theory test. To enroll in the theory test, you need £23. Unfortunately, if you fail, you have to pay the fee again. Pass ‘N’ Go has these amazing tips to help you pass the theoretical test. If you don’t want your £23 go down the drain, you must pay attention:

Learn from your Driving Lessons:

Most people think the driving lessons have nothing to do with the theory, which is untrue. The driving lessons can assist you in learning your theory better. The theory and the practical lessons work together to help beginners discover everything about driving a car in a smooth way.

Keep the theory you’ve learnt in mind when you are out there getting your practical driving lessons and try to utilise the theory into your driving.

The best learners are the ones who ask questions. If you don’t understand something, don’t be shy and ask your driving teacher. It is their job to facilitate you, so you achieve maximum understanding. They might even be able to demonstrate the theory in real-time.

Driving Test

Get Your Own DVSA Theory Test Kit:

It will only cost you £5 to get your own DVSA Theory Test Kit. Download the kit from iTunes or the Google Play store to help you with your theory test. Here’s why you need this:

  1. All the 14 topics included in the theory test are described in detail in the app.
  2. Every topic has a questions/answers section to facilitate you judge your preparedness for the test.
  3. To see the practicality of theories, the app has case studies.
  4. To practice the test, there are mock examinations of every official DVSA car theory test.
  5. You can also check the ten official DVSA practice hazard perception interactive video clips in the hazard perception part.

Take Your Provisional Driving Licence with You:

Don’t forget to put your provisional driving licence in pocket before leaving for the examination centre. Without this, you’ll not be allowed to take the test.

Use The Allotted Time Wisely:

You will be given 50 multiple-choice questions. Try to finish each question within 60 seconds. Flag the question that’s taking more than a minute to solve. One thing to remember is that not all questions would require a whole minute to answer. In between, you should be able to solve 2 or may be 3 questions in a minute.

If you finish 50 questions in 50 minutes or less, you will still have time to go through your test again to find out and correct your mistakes.

The hazard perception portion of the theory test will include 14 video clips, each one minute long. One video will ask you to identify two hazards and the remaining will be about a single hazard to spot.

Between the two sections of the theory test, you will have three minutes to calm your nerves. Make sure you don’t stress over the test and relax your mind and eyes.

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