Paddle boarding is an amazing summer adventure sport and is a personal favorite of many especially during the hot summers. A day out in the warm waters with your friends and family around and all of you cheering out loud is a perfect way to spend a summer holiday.

However, many people, despite their ardent love for roaming on the surface of water and paddling for hours, have been seen coming back from their day at the beaches without having fun. The only reason behind this is the lack of awareness and guidance that leads them to go for a paddle boarding day out without making the necessary preparations for it.

As someone new to the world of water sports and adventures, it might seem unreal to you but the importance of packing all the necessary stuff for a paddle boarding day out is undeniable. What if you end up coming back with a severe eye rash because of your consistent direct exposure to the sun or get all drenched in rain water right after reaching the beach? To avoid all such mishaps, it is important that you realize smaller details of a paddle boarding trip and give them the same amount of importance as is given by you to learning how to paddle board.

These smaller details that can make your day a well-spent one can be ensured if you have a checklist of all the items you need to take along with you to the paddle boarding spot. Don’t worry about making the checklist, we’ve done that for you here below.

Protective Gears and Supplementary Clothing:

Going without a proper protective gear and clothing to a paddle boarding sport is extremely careless. Therefore, make sure to have a variety of useful things with you other than just wearing a protective suit. The long list of items under gearing include a life jacket, a spare pair of pants and a shirt in case your clothes get extremely wet and dirty, rain-protective gear, a hat, flip-flops, etc.

Sun-Screening and Skin Protection:

Make sure to have your pair of sunglasses, towel, moisturizer, baby powder, itch-treating spray, insect repellents, and sanitizers in your bag.

Instant Medical Care:

It is a great idea to take along a small first-aid bag along with you having wound cleaner, some band aids, and a few pain-killers to fight any minor health issue posed during the course of adventure.

Other than these items, we strongly recommend you to take along a clip-able water bottle, some light snacks to munch on, some mints, and any documentation that may be required by your country’s water ministry for you to surf openly and without any trouble. Hope you have a good trip.

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