5 Ways to Manage Chronic Back Pain at Home

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chronic back pain

Ways to Manage your Chronic Back Pain

If you are a victim of chronic back pain you may feel helpless and tortured. This type of pain can last for months as it comes and goes giving you occasional relief only to be disrupted by pain later on. If your back pain has left you feeling frustration without a clue of what you can do to find some relief, you have come to the right place. In this article we will share with you five ways to relieve and manage your chronic back pain from the comfort of your own home.

Relax and Breathe

A lot of pain comes from tension so it is important that you remain relaxed. When you feel the pain start to come on remain calm and do some deep breathing exercises to keep yourself from tensing up. There are many relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and meditation that can help keep you calm and reduce pain.

Diet and Exercise

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Diet and exercise have more to do with chronic back pain than people are aware of. Some foods are high inflammatory which adds to the inflammation putting you in pain. Trans fats, processed foods and refined sugars are great examples of what to stay away from.

Focus on moving and staying mobile. Aerobic exercises like walking, swimming and biking keep you and your back mobile which is important for building strength and maintaining a healthy weight which helps to keep extra pressure off of your spine. If you are not in the habit of a healthy daily routine already, starting one is easy. Begin by making minor healthy adjustments to your morning routine.

Sleep on the Right Mattress

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The mattress you sleep on could be affecting your back negatively and adding to the pain. There have been many sleep studies that suggest a medium-firm mattress could relieve much of your back pain by keeping your back supported and your spine aligned while you sleep. If you want a bed that will keep you comfortable and supported, get a mattress for back pain like this one, called The Ghostbed.

Stretch Regularly

Back pain has many causes that include tight or weak muscles in the back and core, muscle sprains, strains and more. However, some of this pain can be managed by stretching to support the muscles and tendons in your back which will give your spine more support. Stretching is a great strengthening technique and is key to managing and preventing back pain.

Modify your Lifestyle

As much as you would love to deny it, chronic back pain comes with limitations. It is crucial that you learn to adapt and accept these limitations in order to manage your pain and prevent it from getting worse. Listen to your body when it tells you it needs a break. Lifestyle changes could be as small and making more trips to the car when carrying in groceries or taking several breaks when moving your lawn. Make note of activities and exercises that make your back feel worse or that bring on pain and do your best to avoid them. This will help your back and prevent issues from progressing.

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