Best Smart House Moving Hacks: Streamlining Your Move with Smart Tips

Published On: April 23, 2018Last Updated: October 20, 2023
house moving hacks

Moving out can be an emotionally and physically draining experience. As if the thought of leaving your friends and neighborhood is not enough, you are left with the unfinished task of packing your entire house. The task may seem impossible at first and as the day of shifting moves closer you might start to panic. So, before you reach this state, I advise you to remain calm, collected, and most importantly organized. I have compiled a few hacks for you to make the whole process of moving out easier.

7 Best House Moving Hacks: Simplify Your Move with These Smart Tips

1. Make Lists

Making lists for even the smallest tasks can be extremely helpful. It will not only remind you of anything you are missing out on but will also help declutter your mind.

2. Pack Each Room Separately

Most of the time while packing we let the fact slip out of our minds that we have to unpack as well. A useful trick that will help you during the unpacking stage is packing up stuff for each room separately. This will save you the ordeal of going over countless boxes while unpacking.

3. Spare Boxes

No matter how many boxes you have at hand they will never be enough if your belongings are all over the place. If you could use some help, it’s a good idea to consider reliable movers. They will provide you with a group of trained people who will make your packing a breeze and provide you with free boxes as well!

4. Label Each Box

Label every single cardboard box you have put your belongings into. Also, since your boxes will get shuffled on the way, make sure you label them on the sides rather than on top of the box to avoid any confusion later.

5. Cling Film For Drawers

This is by far one of my favorite hacks. The idea is to wrap your dresser drawers with multiple layers of cling film while all your belongings remain where they are. This saves you the time and hassle of emptying and filling in your drawers again.

6. Plastic Bags

Giant plastic bags or garbage bags are your number one friend while packing, so make sure you have them in abundance around the house. You can shift your entire wardrobe by simply putting sets of clothes along with hangers into plastic bags. Secure the hangers with a band if you need to and you are good to go!

7. Wrap Your Chinaware In Clothes

There is nothing worse than seeing your favorite dishes break into pieces. Remember that your boxes could get mishandled on the way, so it is a good idea to wrap them with clothes to prevent any breakage.

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