Rimac Nevera EV Becomes the Fastest Car in Reverse: Beating the World Record

Published On: November 10, 2023Last Updated: November 10, 2023
Fastest Car in Reverse

As electric hypercars chart new records, the Rimac Nevera has left everyone behind to top the list. On November 7, 2023, at the Automotive Testing Papenburg Facility, Germany, it created a new Guinness World Record for being the fastest car in reverse. Rimac has officially confirmed the news.

The Nevera became the fastest car in the world in reverse at 171.34mph (275.74 km/h), breaking the earlier record of 102.58mph achieved by a Caterham 7 Fireblade in 2001.

Coincidentally, there’s an underlying comparison between Rimac vs. Lamborghini. However amusing it sounds, the Lamborghini Mura had set the record as the world’s fastest production car in 1967, before the most expensive Lamborghini was created. It had achieved 170mph with its robust V12 engine. The Rimac Nevera did the same but in reverse, and that’s even more impressive!

The event was phenomenal as Rimac continues its unconventional feats this year as it charters new territories and creates new records for fun. Earlier in May, the Nevera Time Attack Edition had sprinted to a new world record at 256mph (412 km/h) top-speed run. On the same day, the automobile created 20 other records showcasing its supremacy in acceleration and braking stunts. Now, as the fastest car in reverse, the next on the list for the brand is the sideways speed attempt.

Rimac’s Remarkable Design & Engineering Helps It Achieve The Feat

Rimac Nevera EV’s triumph beats the question, “How fast can a car go in reverse?” The Rimac Nevera EV has the engineering capability to speed up in the forward direction from 0 to 100mph in 3.21 seconds. To become the fastest car in reverse, a couple of features helped it achieve the incredible. Thanks to the single-gear unique drivetrain, with all four liquid-cooled electric motors and a 120kWh battery, the EV was pushed to create this spectacular history.

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Even though the feat was not something that the Rimac-Bugatti team knew that they were entering unchartered territory; Matija Renić, the Chief Program Engineer for the Nevera, sums it up, “It occurred to us during development that Nevera would probably be the world’s fastest car in the world, but we kind of laughed it off. After all, the aerodynamics, cooling, and stability hadn’t been engineered for traveling backward at speed.” The truth is that the simulations had the car speed up to 150mph in the reverse.

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Officials from the Guinness World Records were present during the event, and the speed was measured and verified by Dewesoft.

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