Top 5 Quick and Easy Fixes To Remodel Your Bathroom

Published On: May 16, 2017Last Updated: June 9, 2023

Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodeling any part of your house can be a daunting task if you jump to action without researching and exploring your options. You can save big avoiding unnecessary expenses and make right choices in accordance with current renovation trends. Out of all the rooms, bathrooms are most personal. Owing to their small size, they need intricate detailing and design to make up for their inherent constraints. Here we have listed our top fixes to remodel your bathroom and give it that chic look you always wanted, without spending a fortune.

1. Lighting: The First Impression

Lighting makes the first impression, so pay attention to the placement of lights. Always choose multiple points. If your lavatory has one or two spots with in-wall wiring, you can opt for out of wall wiring and conceal it beautifully with small fixtures and framing, at a minimal cost.

2. Vanities: For Quick Modern Look

Vanities can give your old and dull bathroom a chic facelift, while adding a ton of useful shelf space. If you have a limited space, go with corner vanity instead of limiting its size and always pay attention to its height, since changes after installation can be costly. Contrary to popular belief, they are fairly easy to maintain and won’t require any special treatment even after years of use, even if you go with natural wooden look. This range of bathroom vanities is classic, modern and affordable being available on discount.

3. Mirror: Go Big Save Big

bathroom mirror

Instead of going with specialized hanging mirror, get a builder-grade large piece and add framing to it. The bigger the better, as it will add the illusion of roominess.

4. Pipework: Don’t Touch it

One of the key points in keeping the cost low is to never go for massive redesign that requires you to change the pipework. Of course, you can swap sink with shower or seat, but getting pipes in new places will add in tremendous cost and complexity.

5. Be Classy: Spend Where it Matters

Since you are dealing with a very limited space, it’s advisable to spend above and beyond on some nice accessories to make yourself feel pampered. A pro tip;invest more on vanities, flooring or lighting. Investing on shower cabinets, bath tubs or seats will not always work in favor of improving looks.In most cases, you will end up compromising a lot of your bathroom’s precious space.

Apart from these tips, you should always pay attention to measurements; never leave anything unspecified and be precise. You’ll be using this remodeled space a lot, so it is in your best interest to pay due diligence in understanding and conveying the dimensions. Also hide away the toilet seat; the bathroom door should open to reveal a beautifully framed mirror and stylish vanity cabinet. And finally, add sprinkle of color to this personal space.

Most people avoid adding bright colors, but a pop of colors will do wonders to the overall look of your lavatory and will lighten up your mood as well. You can achieve this by adding colorful accessories like small curtains, seat cover, towels, a miniature plant, toiletries mirror frames etc.

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