7 Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

Published On: November 4, 2022Last Updated: June 27, 2023

Love traveling but don’t know how to afford it? You’re not alone. While many individuals around the world report having a love for travel and wishing to do it more frequently, most hopeful travelers cite financial concerns as the biggest hindrance to their plans.

Traveling the world can be expensive; and, costs aside can be difficult to do if you work a typical job that does not allow for much time off. While living a nomadic lifestyle and working remotely as you travel is not for everyone, it is one of the most effective ways to travel the world without stressing about finances or taking too much time off work.

Whether you work as a teacher or for a corporation like HSI, there are remote jobs that you can do while experiencing the joys of traveling. If you think this type of lifestyle might be for you, here are just a few examples of jobs that can allow you to earn money while traveling.

1. Travel Influencer

If you are tech-savvy and have a natural talent for social media, it might be time to consider working full-time as a travel influencer. Travel influencers are paid to travel the world and post content documenting their journeys, often while promoting certain businesses such as hotels or attractions.

2. Dog Walker

Every city in the world is home to pet owners who are at times in need of a little extra help in caring for their furry friends. Getting paid to be a dog walker is not only an easy and effective way to earn a little cash while traveling and experiencing new cities, but it is a guaranteed way to incorporate play time with adorable pets into your life! Use apps like Rover to find pet owners in need of a walker or sitter in any city.

3. Freelance Writer

If you are a skilled writer, many companies would like to pay you to write freelance content for their websites or social media accounts.

Freelance writers are often paid based on the amount of content they create per week or month, making this a job that you can do with ease at any time based on your particular schedule. Experts agree that freelance writing is one of the best (and highest paying) jobs to do remotely while traveling the world.

4. Travel Writing and Journalism

If you have strong writing skills and a knack for storytelling, consider pursuing travel writing or journalism. You can pitch your travel stories, articles, or features to travel magazines, newspapers, or online publications.

Many publications are willing to pay for well-written and engaging travel content. Additionally, you can create your own travel blog or contribute to existing travel blogs as a guest writer. Alongside traditional writing, you can explore opportunities in travel copywriting, creating content for travel agencies, tour operators, or tourism boards. Building a portfolio of published work and establishing relationships with editors and publications can lead to more opportunities and a steady income stream while travelling.

5. Work Exchanges and Volunteering

Engaging in work exchanges or volunteering can provide you with unique opportunities to earn money while travelling while immersing yourself in local communities. Websites like Workaway, WWOOF, and HelpX connect travellers with hosts who offer accommodation and meals in exchange for a few hours of work per day. This work can range from organic farming and eco-building to teaching, childcare, or assisting with guesthouses.

Volunteering with NGOs or local organisations is another option, where you can contribute your skills and time to meaningful projects while covering your basic expenses.

6. Tour Guiding and Travel Consultancy

If you possess in-depth knowledge about a particular destination or have expertise in planning travel itineraries, you can work as a tour guide or travel consultant. Many tour companies hire guides for various activities such as hiking, city tours, or adventure excursions.

Alternatively, you can start your own travel consultancy business, offering personalised travel planning services to individuals or groups. This can include creating itineraries, suggesting accommodations and attractions, and providing insider tips. By showcasing your expertise and marketing your services through online platforms or networking with local businesses, you can earn money while sharing your passion for travel with others.

7. House Sitting and Pet Sitting

House sitting and pet sitting are opportunities to earn money while travelling by taking care of someone’s home and pets while they are away. Platforms like TrustedHousesitters and Nomador connect homeowners with reliable individuals who are willing to stay in their homes and care for their pets.

In exchange, you receive free accommodation, which can significantly reduce your travel expenses. This arrangement provides a chance to experience living like a local in different destinations while enjoying the companionship of furry friends.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to earn money while traveling, allowing you to sustain your adventures and fund your journey. 

Whether you choose to freelance, start a travel blog, engage in affiliate marketing, teach online, pursue travel photography, or explore other avenues, it’s important to leverage your skills and interests to find the right opportunity for you.

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