Cool Wristbands Not Efficient Enough to Ward-Off Mosquitoes

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Cool Wristbands Not Efficient Enough to Ward-Off Mosquitoes

Cool Wristbands

Wristbands are becoming increasingly popular globally as they offer convenient and easier way to do things. There are various new technology companies that have come up with their own health gadgets and cool wristbands that allow consumers to collect data, measure their body statistics and gather multiple information that can be further used to keep consumer’s health in check. Recently, we have come up with a number of cool wristbands that claim that they can keep the mosquitoes at bay. Apart from these bands, there are other technological new gadgets that claim that they can keep mosquitoes away, but there is little evidence to say that these gadgets and bands actually work and deliver results. So, what kind of devices works when it comes to keeping the mosquitoes at bay?

Ultrasonic Repellants:

If you are spending your money on ultrasonic repellants to ward off the mosquitoes, you need to look for other options. Ultrasonic devices are not efficient enough to get rid of mosquitoes and therefore various studies including one done by The American Mosquito Control Association proves it. These devices have no repellency effect or value and therefore should not be recommended or used.

Repellent Wristbands:

While wristbands are becoming a part of lifestyle they are certainly not efficient enough to ward off the mosquitoes. While there are a number of mosquito repellant bands available in the market that claims to protect you from mosquitoes, but there is no evidence that they actually do. Even if they do, it has been found that they only protect the wrist area and definitely not the entire body. Most of the wristbands are usually waterproof gadgets and easy to strap which attracts more customers to it.

Clip-On Repellant Devices:

If you don’t like to spray, you would certainly vouch for clip-on repellent devices that are battery-powered and offer you a mosquito-free experience. Well, unfortunately, they work in the right conditions. These devices work only when you are sitting in one place and they are relatively expensive. These clip-on gadgets are useless when you are moving around or when there is too much wind which can minimize the effect of the device.

Planting the Right Plants:

Mosquitoes are not really bothered by plants in your backyard or garden, hence planting them does not really solve the problem. Some claim that crushing the leaf of plants like catnip, peppermint, and lemon balm can offer some relief, but natural plant oils evaporate quickly and therefore the effect may be short-lived.

Mosquito Trap:

Mosquito traps are designed to kill mosquitoes instantly, but they are not designed to keep mosquitoes at bay. Not all mosquito traps are efficient enough and can keep your home mosquito-free.

Repellant Candles:

Repellant candles made from citronella are considered effective and popular. However, as per the findings by the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association the candles reduces mosquito landings by 73%, but it was only in smaller enclosed spaces, and not across the entire home.

Repellant-Treated Clothing:

Permethrin-treated clothing can kill and ward off the mosquitoes, but as per the consumer reports it does not offer real-time protection and the repellant effect fades away with multiple washes. Secondly, only repellant-treated clothes with long sleeves and pants offer adequate protection.


While there are various cool wristbands and technological gadgets out there in the market that claim that they can ward off the mosquitoes the fact is that they are all inefficient and does not deliver the promises made. Some devices work partially in certain conditions, but not always. Hence, to combat mosquitoes bug spray is still considered the best option especially when you are heading to a place where you need to safeguard yourself from mosquito bites.

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