How to Avoid Common Errors While Filling The W-7 Form

Published On: February 18, 2018Last Updated: August 29, 2023
W-7 form

If you’re applying an ITIN application then make sure to avoid these common mistakes made by people so you don’t have to do it all over again to get your tax identification number.

Ensure that you have all the required information and documentation before filling the W-7 form to apply for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and do read the instructions carefully to ensure that you are doing everything required correctly.

Common Errors While Filling The W-7 Form

We have pointed out some common mistakes that people make while filing for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number so you don’t have to face any undue hindrance.

1. Misspelled or Incomplete Names:

As silly as it may seem, but this is a common mistake made by people while filling out the W-7 form for ITIN. Spell all names listed in the form exactly as they are spelled on their identity card/ passport to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

2. Date Format:

The IRS ITIN form has a very specific format for dates; MM:DD:YYYY. Do acknowledge that on the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number form the month comes before the day, and the date comes before the year. It is a very common mistake made by people to put the date before the month while filling the date on the form.

3. Missing or Incomplete Numbers:

Often people fail to recheck the numbers filled on the form and hence, flounder to provide necessary information for the acceptance of the form and for the issuance of the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Don’t make this mistake and be sure to recheck the filled numbers.

4. Providing Documentation:

We insist that you read the instructions to fill the W-7 form for the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number so you have the essential documentation for applying. One thing to note is that you do not need to submit photocopies or notarized copies of the original document but the original document itself.

5. One form for One Person:

It is frequently observed that bread earner of the family applies for the ITIN, but it should be noted that to claim the exemptions on taxes for all of the family; each individual of the family should apply for the ITIN with separate W-7 forms.

6. Stating your Citizenship:

This mistake is generally recognized with people holding dual nationalities/ Citizenships. If you fall in this category of people with dual nationalities then you should state both your citizenships on the W-7 form.

7. Proof of Identity:

You do not need multiple proofs of identification while applying for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. All you need is one authentic proof of identification like an original passport picture; it is enough of a proof.

8. Delegate/Guardian:

While filling out forms for children under the age of fourteen, the guardian must state his/her name, relation (on the right side), and sign the form under the section “Name the delegate”.

9. Missing Signatures:

Anyone above the age of fourteen is to sign his/her form themselves. An unsigned form is like an unsigned check; it is not valid. Be sure to sign your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number forms before submitting them.

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