How to choose the right caterer for your wedding

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During your preparations for a wedding, the catering on the big day is one of the factors you should most strongly consider. In fact, food and drink will likely account for the greatest proportion of your wedding budget, the Brides site notes.

So, how can you choose the most suitable caterer for your needs?

First, determine your catering budget

You should do this before even starting to get in touch with caterers. When you have a specific budget in mind, you can narrow down your choices by disregarding options outside these boundaries.

Furthermore, knowing your budget can be helpful to the caterer you eventually choose, as it will enable them to propose favoured meal options that are within your financial reach. This can significantly streamline your decision-making process.

Consider what is available at the wedding venue

You could opt to book a wedding venue that features onsite catering facilities. In France, we run a luxury venue, Château Bouffémont, that can be booked for weddings and other occasions.

Should you indeed select us for chateau rental in France, you would have 24-hour access to a fully-equipped guest kitchen and a complete service team including a chef, butler and housemaid. Our dedicated staff can also make refined cuisine for the pleasure of your wedding’s attendees.

Reach out to catering companies

Even if you do book our elegant, stone-built residence for your nuptials, you can still choose to source catering staff and supplies from elsewhere. Sourcing in this way does not have to be tricky; our fairytale building is just 30km from Paris and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

However, you should contact just five or six catering firms at the most, as advised on the Bridal Guide website. Reaching out to many more companies than this could hamper your focus on picking the right one.

You should also be careful about which questions you ask each caterer you consider. For example, it might be wise to ask whether they can meet vegetarians’ specific culinary needs. Some caterers might also be able to arrange tenting – perhaps even in our beautiful manicured French gardens.

Ask what dining essentials they can supply

Besides the food and drink, there are particular items thatare essential to a pleasing dining experience, such as tables, chairs and dinnerware. However, you also shouldn’t overlook linens, and sure enough, fine fabrics are a major feature of our appealingly secluded château.

Indeed, you might find that much of what you are considering is already available at your chosen wedding venue. However, if it isn’t, you know what to ask potential caterers…

Pay close attention to reviews

If you are strongly considering a particular caterer, don’t start signing on that dotted line until you have learned what previous clients think about their services.

On the subject of reviews, Château Bouffémonthas attracted many positive testimonials of its own; our château’s refined interior decor, large private grounds and prestigious facilities all count heavily in favour of this noble 19th-century residence as a wedding venue.

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